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  1. 1. Introduction Catalyzing emerging business models through CONSULTING | RESEARCH | STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT | TRAINING
  2. 2. Who we are? Utility •Power Distribution •Water Distribution •Waste Management Clean Technology •Solar •Energy Efficiency and ESCO Infra •PPP models Education •Higher Education ICT •ITO/ITES/BPO expansion in emerging locations Health •Out Licensing and Outsourcing A Management Consulting boutique, focusing on improving end-services delivery and viability of emerging businesses that involve masses Consulting Research Stakeholder Engagement Training catalyze emerging business models for big and small businesses in high growth, developmental sectors, through… . . . 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. Core Strength Consulting Information Products & Training Business Research & Analytics Stakeholder Engagement Strategic Planning & Facilitation Business Effectiveness Assessments Customer Experience & Revenue Assurance Management Investment Feasibility Thought Leadership Consulting Business Performance Management Customer studies Community Management What we do? Consulting, Research, Stakeholder Engagement, and Training Knowledge Networks Industry landscape reports Process Audits & Improvement Portals, Social Media Conferences & Workshops Training 3
  4. 4. Business Performance & Customer Experience Market Development Informed Decisions & Internal Growth How does it help our clients? C IPT R&A SE 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. You probably know what you already do very well You either want to improve your business, grow it or create it new… Discover Define Drive What you have? What the market needs? what you can do and how? the change within your organization So that you can, Improve Scale-up Create or diversify So that you can set and achieve business goals and improve business value So that you can map your resources optimally to the market demand So that you can leverage it to unlock strategic and operational value to do “what you do” and “what you can do” more effectively So, you are here! Our Approach – We partner in Knowledge and Implementation 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 5 Our commitment As your “extended arm” we partner with you to drive change pManifold Key Service Business Analysis Market Analysis Strategic Planning Implementation Key Output Strengths,Weaknesses Opportunities, Threats Roadmap, Scorecard Business Value (top line or bottom line impact) You decide STEPS >>
  6. 6. •Dr. Ashok JhunjhunwalaProf. IIT-Madras •DineshJainFounder AgaamiInc, USA •Anil ParakhPartner VKSCA •Dr. M. VidyasagarProf. Univ. Texas Dallas Our team Management Team •RahulBagdia–Co-Founder. Leads the Utility & CleanTechPractice at pManifold. Earlier, he led the PE fund in Rural Energy for IFMR Trust, Chennai (supported by ICICI) and also the R&D for a German automotive component supplier BHTC Inc. in North America. He holds dual Masters (Mech. & EECS) from Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor; and a BE (Mechanical) from VNIT Nagpur •FaizWahid –Co-Founder. Leads the ICT and Emerging Markets Practice at pManifold. Earlier, Faizworked in Product Marketing for NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips) Netherlands and also led global Banking- Technology consulting assignments for Cognizant in Switzerland & India. Faizholds an MBA from HEC Paris/Univ. of Virginia USA, MS (Software Engg) from BITS Pilani and BE (Electrical) from VNIT Nagpur. Advisory Globally connected, Locally immersed, functionally diverse, Knowledge driven … Business Partners pManifold maintains links with established business partner consultants who have strong domain experience and their own teams to deliver upon assignments of larger magnitude. 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 6
  7. 7. Our Clients 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 7 Diverse Clientele including Corporate, Multilateral, Boutique consulting firms, PE firms, Institutes, R&D Centres, SMEs, Startups, Not-for-profits
  8. 8. CONSULTING PRACTICE Service Offerings and Select Project Examples 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 8
  9. 9. CONSULTING AREAS DELIVERABLES Our Consulting Services Offering Aim: To help clients meet their unique consulting needs and discover, define and drive their strategic initiatives within their time and budget constraints. Entry Strategy •New market and deal identification •Market and demand sizing •Market segmentation by revenue, geography, customer type, end-user market, technology etc. •Insights on the timing of key market and technology transitions •Investment Analysis Planning & Facilitation •Org Design including structure and processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs). •Building Roadmaps •Strategy Workshops for consensus building •Portfolio Analysis and Rationalization •Partner Identification Performance Management •Aligning of performance framework with overall strategic plan •Business Unit, Individual Scorecard •Integration with MIS •Design of Business & Performance Report, Dashboards Enterprise Positioning •Establishing thought leadership online through publication of whitepapers, success stories, communities of practice and through active use of social media. •Positioning through effective engagement of high-profile stakeholders via specially designed events Diversification Strategies Opportunity Analysis New Market Entry Due Diligence Balanced Scorecard MIS Performance Framework Operational Improvement Influence Key Stakeholders Web & Social Media Strategy Engaged Stakeholders Standard Operating Procedures Competitive Advantage Strategic Plans 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 9 Org Structure
  10. 10. Select Project Examples in Strategic Planning and CEO advisory Client Client problem Solution pManifold Value Proposition Results Medium sized IT company with USD 8 million turnover and 200+ employees with sound domestic business in India The client needed to buildits exports business •Discoverin-house capabilities and assets that can be leveraged for international business. •Also, assess competitive landscape to identify what competitors are doing in the international space. •Based on the above, develop roadmap for international business including strategic priorities, focus areas, potential partners and more. •CompetitiveAssessment •Business Assessment •Strategic Planning •A strategic roadmap in consensus with the vertical heads and top management was built which was reviewed and approved for implementation. CEO of an Environment management company with 10 business verticals CEO wantedto execute a structured exercise for the company’s long term strategic planning involving 10 business unit heads to align individual business unit goals with organizational goals, structure and policies. •Understand the CEOs prioritiesand performSWOT on individual business unit areas through executive interviews. •Shadow quarterly review session and conduct team workshop on portfolio analysis and drive a consensus building exercise to narrow down on the strategic plan with policies and priorities. •SWOT •Portfolio Analysis •Strategic Planning •Leadership Workshops •Individual strategy roadmaps and scorecards for each business unit aligned with company goals was developed with consensus of the entire team on the strategic plan. 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 10
  11. 11. Select Project Examples in Org Design & Managing Change Client Client problem Solution pManifold Value Proposition Results TopManagementof a largegroup of educational institutions with over 25000+ students and 17000+ alumni Hadtwo new section 25 companies (alumni and career foundations) butrequired capable team to define objectives and operationalizethem. •Work with the steering committee to define strategy, systems and structure for two new section 25 companies and handhold the pilot implementation until group wide rollout. •StrategicPlanning •Org Structuring •Systems design •Change Management •Stakeholder Engagement •Operational companies with people, processes and systems in place rolled out group-widewithin 6 months. CEO of anInfrastructurecompany with over 3000employees and 38 projects across India The employee had non-clarity in job roles and accountability was explicitly missing. Company wanted to internally organize better for future growth •Work with client workforce at all levels to analyze client org structure and related processes to first build the as-is structure, process maps and job descriptions. •After performing a gap analysis, make organizational re-design with role based structure and specific job descriptions to bring about clarity, accountability and efficiency in the organization. •Work with client managers and support them in adopting the change. •Business Analysis •Competitive Benchmarking •Gap Analysis •Org Structuring •Job Descriptions •Shift from Individual to Role based organization •Clarity ofrole among employees at all levels •Increase in Management Bandwidth to focus on Growth and Expansion. 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 11
  12. 12. Select Project Examples in financial modeling and bid advisory… Client Client problem Solution pManifold Value Proposition Results A large manufacturinggroup with over 1500 Cr in turnover from Chattisgarh, India. Clientwanted to enter the solar thermal power generation space and was looking for optimizing costs to win position in the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission Phase 1 •Perform focusedfinancial modeling of the 50 MW solar thermal power plant and identify opportunities for optimizing costs. Identify and work with partners to identify synergies and opportunities for indigenization to lower costs. •Test scenarios and perform sensitivity analysis to recommend an optimum bid strategy for the investor. •Financial Modeling •Global vendor sourcing •Cost optimization •Bid strategy recommendation. •Theclient bid in the recommended range and was one of the successful bidders in the JNNSM Phase 1 solar power plant bid. A mediumsized construction company from Orissa, India Client wanted to bid for solar PV powerplant license under the JNNSM Phase 1 program. •Develop technical and financialfeasibility studyfor the location identified by the client. Develop the financial model with interactions from various vendors and EPC partners. Educate the client on the terms, risks and benefits. Support the client in bid application at various stages. •Feasibility Study •Financial Modeling •Bid strategy recommendation •The client wasselected to submit the bid in JNNSM Phase 1. A large engineering services & Energy Mgmt. company from Delhi, India Client wanted to create a financial modelfor bidding in Power Distribution Franchisee projects in Madhya Pradesh •Develop a financialmodel for estimating the optimum input bid prices that should be offered in the bid based on estimating the operational and capital expenses. Advise the client on bid strategy by recommending a bid range. •RFP analysis •Financial modeling •Bid range recommendation •The client’s team developed a deep financial understanding of the power DF model. 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 12
  13. 13. RESEARCH PRACTICE Service Offerings and Select Project Examples 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 13
  14. 14. RESEARCH AREAS DELIVERABLES Our Research Offerings Aim: To help clients meet their unique research needs and take informed decisions within their time and budget constraints. Markets •Market structure •Size & segmentation •Profile of players •Distribution channels •Value chain & pricing •Trends, Drivers , Challenges & Risks •Regulatory Environment •Key industry/trade associations •Analysis of emerging value chains •Go –to—Market, Entry strategy Opportunities •New market and deal identification •Market and demand sizing •Market segmentation by revenue, geography, customer type, end- user market, technology etc. •Insights on the timing of key market and technology transitions •Investment Analysis Customers •Survey Design & Primary Interviews •Survey execution •Analysis of Customer Records & Data •Customer insights •Trends, Seasonality, Segmentation •Customer opinions , preferences and satisfaction measurement Competitors •Competitive Benchmarking •Business Model Assessments •Competitor tracking for New developments , Product, Customer, Technology, Alliances, Investments, M&A •Pricing •Distribution Channels •Business Strategy •Business performance Benchmarking Industry Reports Trend Analysis Entry Strategy Demand Sizing Deal Trackers Financial Model Customer Studies Satisfaction Survey Behavior Studies Company Profiling Partner Research Competitor Tracking Go-to Market Competitive Landscape Assessment Due Diligence Opportunity Analysis Report 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 14
  15. 15. Select Project Examples of Consumer-side Primary Research Client Client problem Solution pManifold Value Proposition Results Strategy team of a large Technology Infrastructure Management company catering to over 4 Lac consumers through Power DistributionFranchisee business model The client needed to understand their customers to design services accordingly •Methodological and objective measurement and analysis of customer’s opinions, preferences and satisfaction across 28 key performance areas covering 1000+ utility customers. •Primary land based field survey •Survey Design •Methodology •Field Data collection, •GIS Mapping •DataAnalysis •TopManagement Reporting •Profoundunderstanding of customer’s opinions, preferences and satisfaction allowed client to validate and make significant changes to their rollout plan to address key customer issues first. An Environment consulting company Client needed to collect energy consumption profiles of hotels and hospitals across various segments for qualitative analysis and creation of benchmarking system for commercial buildings in India. •Interact with Hotels and Hospitals in its designated areas of Central and North EastIndia to understand and compile their electricity consumption profile alongwith supporting documentation for validation. •Identification of information sources •Prospectingand generating Participation •Field Data collection •Validation of data •TopManagement Reporting •pManifold’steam voluntarilyimproved the client’s process of data collection and also delivered highest numberof data-points across 10 national teams, in the shortest time 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 15
  16. 16. Select Project Examples of Custom Research & Dedicated teams Client Client problem Solution pManifold Value Proposition Results Strategy team of a large engineering equipment manufacturer having a portfolio of over 40 products Client’s Corporate Strategy Team need to support multiple Business Units with market information across multiple sectors •Managed research supporting client’s corporate strategy team •Managed research for cost-effective and fast turnaround of multi-sector studies •Demand Forecasting •Corporate Strategy team was able to quickly get-up-to-speed in verticals like Telecom, Oil and Gas, Railways sector and advise internal business units on strategic decisions. A boutique strategy consulting company in Life sciences, based in US Client needed India focused market research to help their clients with Market Entry strategy in India •Set up a dedicated and competent team to research on market segments including biotech, pharma, medical devices etc elaborating on market size, competitive landscape,market analysis and monitoring of companies in such domains •Secondary Research •Analysis •Report Preparation •Industryprofiling •Clientconsultants can focus on client relationships and strategizing while the research, analysis and content development is taken care offshore by pManifold team. 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 16
  17. 17. Select Project Examples of Syndicated Research Reports Client Client problem Solution pManifold Value Proposition Results A largecompany establishing presence in a new market Clientwanted to establish thought leadership and position itself as a major partner in their target city’s growth. •Release of whitepaper at a high level NASSCOMconference bringing together key opinion leaders and stakeholders and sharing knowledge for attracting other businesses to a tier-2 city. •Fast turnaround within a week leveraging pManifold’sknowledgeand networks in the target space. •200+ printed copiesof the 38 page report authored by pManifold was released at the conference and published online. MultipleClients New entrants in the emerging market of power distribution franchisees wantedto educate themselves about the new market from the perspective of competition, historical bid analytics, challenges, operating model, financial model and decide upon their entry strategy. •Preparea comprehensive report on power distribution franchisee market in India along with a detailed financial model and educate the new entrants by addressing their custom queries. •Syndicated Research available off the shelfat a reasonable cost. •Clientswere able to learn about the industry in a short time and take informed market entry decisions. 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 17
  18. 18. Let’s get in touch… Join us in our conversations at, Power Distribution Franchisee AT&C Efficiencies True Distributed Generation Power Distribution Franchisee Community of Interest Connecting talent & Making Local companies discoverable pManifold Insights Premium & Free Reports, Presentations, and more… pManifold Community Blog Articles, technical notes. Talk to us or drop by… Faiz Wahid +91 88056-55069 Rahul Bagdia +91 95610-94490 India (Head office) 741 Byramji Town Opposite Marina Residency Byramji, Nagpur - 440013 Maharashtra, INDIA Other Offices: Pune, New Delhi, Canada USA 2020 Calamos Ct., Suite 209 Naperville, IL 60653, USA Mr. Dinesh Jain +1 630-853-3520 Let’s deploy our insights and actions for your business to improve and grow! Water Sector Reforms - India Community of Interest 9/1/2014 © pManifold. All rights reserved. 18