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P6 as cost management system - Oracle Primavera P6 Collaborate 14


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Source: Collaborate 14

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P6 as cost management system - Oracle Primavera P6 Collaborate 14

  1. 1. REMINDER Check in on the COLLABORATE mobile app P6 as Cost Management System Prepared by: Patrick O’Connell Project Control Group Lead Georgia Transmission Corporation Budgeting and Integrating Costs Into P6 From Finance System Session ID#: 15459
  2. 2. Georgia Transmission Corporation ■ GTC - owned by 39 Electric Membership Cooperatives (EMCs) in Georgia ■ Build, operate and maintain Transmission Lines and Substations ▪ Not only for the EMC’s but also for the ITS ▪ ITS – shared transmission system in Georgia with 4 members: GTC, GPC, MEAG and Dalton ▪ That means we have access to any Station or Line ▪ Very good reliability for our members
  3. 3. Project Teams ■ How we do it: ▪ We are a matrix organization — PM Group — Functional Managers supplying team members ▪ Divided into Project Teams — North, South and Bulk teams — Some resources hard matrixed to a team — Others assigned based on availability ▪ Project Reporting (PR) supports not only the Project Managers but also Planning, Environmental, Land Acquisition, Design, Construction and Maintenance ▪ PR also works with Accounting, Finance and IT and almost everyone else including HR and others
  4. 4. Project Control Specialists ■ Assigned to a SS and TL Project Manager ■ Estimate, Maintain and Closeout ▪ Approximately 400 - 450 active projects ▪ 100 mile Transmission lines to small substation modifications ▪ Schedule updates semi-monthly ▪ Responding to schedule and cost variance reports for EMC, ITS and BOD ▪ Responding to PM, timesheet users, functional managers
  5. 5. Capital Projects - Projects in Primavera ■ All capital projects and some others for timesheet users ■ Schedules created from standard templates ▪ Provide standard lead times for common projects ▪ Proper coding for time, contracting and invoices ■ Resource loaded ▪ Timesheet users may be assigned in template or — Assigned by their matrix assignment or — Assigned by department ▪ Expense codes for payments — Consistent across all projects ■ Project schedule has all cost – BAC, AC, ETC, EAC ■ One Stop Shop (almost)
  6. 6. Primavera Tools ■ Client ▪ Power users ■ Timesheets ▪ Time entry and status activities ▪ Time entry only ▪ Status activities only ■ Web Access ▪ Admin users ▪ Function Managers ▪ Project Managers
  7. 7. Primavera Supplemented by: ■ MS Access / SQL Server ▪ Standardized and ad-hoc queries ▪ Backbone for reporting ■ Excel ▪ Daily Digest ▪ Waterfalls for FM and PM ■ Business Objects ▪ Cost reporting from Lawson (accounting) ▪ Contract reporting ▪ Validation of cost load ■ TPOP ▪ Planning Dept legacy web tool, where projects start
  8. 8. Primavera Output from a Program Perspective ■ Prepared from Primavera ▪ Annual Budget for Capital Projects — Major Expenditures — Workforce planning ▪ Capital Projections — Major Expenditures — Variance Reporting ▪ Semi – monthly resource waterfalls — FM and group leads have ability to provide feedback — Construction — Other – Quality Assurance, As-Built Tracking, Performance reporting
  9. 9. Primavera Interfaces ■ Employee data from Lawson HR to Primavera resources — Contact info, payroll codes, etc — Including contractors using the Timesheet tool ■ Primavera Project activity structure and resources to Lawson Activities — Activity one to one — Resources become sub accounts (expense codes) ■ Actual cost from Lawson GL to Primavera Activity / Resource ■ TPOP to Primavera ■ Primavera to TPOP ■ Timesheet to Lawson Payroll (ON DEMAND) ▪ By resource assignment
  10. 10. Primavera Timesheet Primavera Project Manager Lawson Payroll IntelliPlant Lawson G/L & Activity Ledger Lawson Requisition Lawson Inventory Project data Lawson Procurement Lawson AP Contract Line Items by CU & Activity Issued Materials Allocated Materials Lawson HR Journal Entries Invoices by CLI/CU/Activity Completed Timesheet On demand MsAccess voucher validation against activity data Payroll Data Employee Data WO Charges by Activity Project Status & Man‐hours TPOP Primavera  Web Access Request Accounting Project Nbr Built in Primavera Functionality Project Activity  Structure
  11. 11. Capital Projects - Projects in Primavera ■ Schedules created from standard templates ▪ Proper coding for time, contracting and invoices ■ Resource loaded ▪ Cost Resources — Assigned to LOE and WBS summary activities — LOE allows us to stagger cost (we don’t accrue) ▪ Man-hours — Roles and hard assigned resources — Standards and some with plugged hours
  12. 12. Capital Projects - Projects in Primavera ■ Schedules created from standard templates ▪ Proper coding for time, contracting and invoices ■ Matrix for all departments ▪ Contracts — Construction, survey, environmental consulting all use the correct activity ids ▪ Payments — Voucher validation using the P6 database – Payments from invoices matched against resource assignments – Contractors using timesheets – Import files for AP after signature
  13. 13. Primavera Reports ■ We generate from the client first then go to other tools as needed (which is a lot) ▪ Estimates ▪ Current Cost / Man-hour Status ▪ Scope Changes ▪ Closeouts ■ Publish ▪ Activity Layouts – somewhat of a savior ▪ Project Websites – very painful (for my coop) ■ Data – for the web ▪ Think of P6 Web as a reporting tool for the PM
  14. 14. Client Demo ■ EPS / Projects – cost roll up ■ Activities ▪ Show Admin Hammock ▪ Show LOW / WBS ■ Resource Assignments ▪ Estimate ▪ Closeout ■ Reports – Closeout ■ Globals ▪ Save RPE ▪ Save Scope Change ▪ Closeout Fill in the blanks
  15. 15. Please complete the session evaluation We appreciate your feedback and insight You may complete the session evaluation either on paper or online via the mobile app