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Cm cost management


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Cm cost management

  1. 1. Cost Worksheet 101 Steve Kelly President / Consultant Pro Management Systems, Inc. (USA) BluESP Management Systems (Pty) Ltd (South Africa) stevek@promanagementsystems.comn ID #84770
  2. 2. • Who am I • Who are you • Basic Information – Ask Questions – Don’t leave – Ask more questions – If you leave….. Introductions
  3. 3. Typical reactions to the Cost Worksheet... • What is it? • Why should I use it? • What does it tell me? • It looks complicated. • My Accounting systems tells me the costs. • I’m an executive, this is a lot of detail. • Bla bla bla
  4. 4. Details of the Cost Worksheet • Categories (there are 4+) • Cost Codes • Original vs Pending vs Procured vs Committed vs Actual vs ???
  5. 5. BUDGET Cost Code Original Budget Approved Revisions Pending Budget Revisions Current Budget Adjust- ments Estimated Budget Revisions Projected Budget Contract ApprovedChangeOrders RevisedContractAmount OwnerNOC(est) NotUsed PendingChanges EstimateatCompletion HISTORY
  6. 6. COMMITMENT Cost Code Original Contracts Approved Revisions Pending Contract Revisions Current Contracts Adjust- ments Estimated Contract Revisions Projected Contracts EAC Contract ApprovedChangeOrders RevisedContractAmount OwnerNOC(est) Forecast/Trend PendingChanges EstimateatCompletion HISTORY
  7. 7. Advanced Cost Worksheet • Trends • Forecasting • Seeing potential cost overruns • Manage Contingency • Roll up reporting • Multi-Project (executive) reporting