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205230 primavera installation walkthrough

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205230 primavera installation walkthrough

  1. 1. enterprise talent cloud mobile Primavera Installation Walkthrough Ian Rottman Software Engineer Partners Consulting
  2. 2. Topics • Primavera and the Red Stack • Obtaining Software • Many Branches of the Decision Tree • OS/Database • Security • Installation Walkthrough
  3. 3. What is the Red Stack? Primavera WebLogic
  4. 4. Primavera and the Red Stack
  5. 5. Obtaining the Software • Create Oracle account • • Multi GB in size- need bandwidth!
  6. 6. Decisions! Chip x64 x86 OS IBM AIX HP Linux Windows Solaris Database SQL Server Oracle Which Version? Which Version? App Server WebSphere WLS Which Version?
  7. 7. More Decisions! P6 Web Pro. Accounts LDAP Native OSSE Content Repo Oracle ECM SharePoint Which Version? Java Sun Java JRockit Which Version? Both Files/URLs Access LDAP/SSL http/https Integration PCM BIP Installed Data Sample Data Empty Migration/Upgrade
  8. 8. Enough Decisions - one example path • Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 • SQL Server 2008 • Native Accounts • http • BIP – one account option
  9. 9. Demo <Shown Separately>
  10. 10. Summary • Many options to choose from • Depends on Company Standards • Seek support early and often
  11. 11. Questions? Ian Rottman Software Engineer