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Hands-On With Amazon Web Services (AWS) - part 4


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Slides used for the workshop "Hands-On With Amazon Web Services (AWS)" in December 2012.

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Hands-On With Amazon Web Services (AWS) - part 4

  1. 1. HANDS-ON WITH AMAZON WEBSERVICES (AWS)PART 4 – HANDS-ON SESSION8-Dec-2012Pavan VermaFounder, P3 InfoTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
  2. 2. Session Agenda• More EC2• EBS Snapshots• S3• CloudFront• Exercise – Cost Estimation
  3. 3. More EC2• Create an Elastic IP for your EC2 instance• Create an AMI image from the first EC2 instance• Create a second EC2 instance from the AMI image• Move the elastic IP from first EC2 instance to the second EC2 instance
  4. 4. EBS• Create a Snapshot• Create an AMI from the Snapshot
  5. 5. S3• Create an S3 bucket• Upload files to your S3 bucket• Make the files public• Access files using their unique URL
  6. 6. CloudFront• Create a CloudFront deployment from theS3 bucket
  7. 7. Exercise – AWS Cost Estimation• Compute the monthly cost for hosting an app with the below requirements. Make assumptions as appropriate. • 2 medium EC2 instances • EC2 instance #1 has a 10 GB EBS volume and EC2 instance #2 has a 50 GB EBS volume • 100GB of data in S3 • 10,000 pageviews per day, each of 100KB • Each pageview results in 10 GETs from S3 • Each pageview results in 1 I/O on EC2 instance #1 and 10 I/Os on EC2 instance #2
  8. 8. Exercise – AWS Cost Estimation•