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Perception360 consulting


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Perception360 Consulting Pvt Ltd is one of its kind consulting in the niche arena of Employer Branding. We offer end to end Employer Branding solution from Research & Strategy to executing the communication plan.

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Perception360 consulting

  1. 1. Perception360 Consulting Envisage Execute
  2. 2. Employer Branding
  3. 3. It’s about creating a superior BRAND  When 70 per cent of corporate value is from intangible assets (Source: Accenture) being an attractive employer is critical to keep competitive advantage  Strong brand value helps in attaracting & retaining valuable employees Changing Paradigm Low Employability Engineers : 4.2 % for software product firm MBAs : 23% Talent war for small pool of talent & Therefore employee is the new king Are you visible to this talent pool ? Employer Branding We offer end to end Employer Branding Solutions.
  4. 4. Market : Employer Branding’s Perspective Spot light Aware Unaware Negative /Neutral Positive Loyal Not Loyal S c a t t e r E M P L O Y E R B R A N D I N G
  5. 5. Employer Branding P360 Offerings
  6. 6. Communication Design 6
  7. 7. The P360 Edge 1. Unparallel Quality 2. Hassle free Services 3. Allows you to make effective & strategic deployment of your key resources Communication Design Communication is reflection of your Brand. Effective communications can change minds & challenge perceptions Internal Communication External Communication Communicate new initiatives in organization Have a Talk with prospective employees We Offer Magazines, Posters, Mailers, Newsletters, Banners, Videos, Letter from CEO etc Memorable induction materials, Corporate Videos Higher Employee Morale Increased Productivity First impression on prospective employees Helps attracting talent
  8. 8. On Campus Branding
  9. 9. The P360 Edge 1. Understanding the current class of students 2. Close association with the student bodies On Campus Branding College Students : Most important Demographics for organizations No brand loyalties : Opportunity to make a lasting brand identity Campus Branding Campus Events Make them Aware : Announce your presence & leave your mark Make them your Followers: Engage your future employees We Offer Recruitment Material, Corporate Presentation, Corporate Films Case Study Competitions, Simulation Games
  10. 10. Social Media Branding
  11. 11. The P360 Edge 1. Young, vibrant and dynamic team : Social Media Execution Specialists 2. Technology based monitoring Not just informative, It’s interactive Professional & Social Networking Keep your prospective employees informed about the latest in your organization Increase your visibility in employer market We Offer  Creation/Management of your social & professional networking profiles  Monitoring the behavior and reactions  Calculating various Matrices to measure the impact of campaign Social Media Marketing
  12. 12. Our Approach Define & Strategize Create Social Identity Engage Track & Monitor Determine the objectives • Branding • Traffic on web Set SMART goals % increase in • mentioning of your brand • share of conversation • Click Through Rates from Social Media Platform Create your social media presence Choose the relevant channels Web/blog/networking /news/document sharing create personalized pages Manage your profiles actively Put Spot light on users Use “Do-good” networks Use Message Boards/Forums Connect with issues Key is the content that provides a stimulus to evokes a response Use aggregators, social search engines & web/desktop tools Measure Reach Conversations Mentions : Strength, Sentiments, Passion Key Influencers Benchmark with competitors 12
  13. 13. Why P360
  14. 14. Why P360 Expertise through Multi-dimensional Approach Know How of this niche branding Understanding of the students psychology Right mix of professionals to cover all dimensions  Human Resource  Marketing  Public Relations End to End Employer Branding Solution hassle free solutions : From Strategy formulation to Execution Cost Advantage Save precious time of key resources Get the advantage of outsourcing