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Employer branding

  1. 1. Perception360 Consulting<br />EMPLOYER BRANDING<br />
  2. 2. Changing Paradigm for Indian Employers<br />HIGH GROWTH PROJECTIONS<br /><ul><li>IMF raised the projection for growth rate by 1.3% points to 7.7% for 2010.
  3. 3. The Indian government growth projection : 8.75%
  4. 4. Nasscom : IT exports to rise at 15%, to $57 billion </li></ul>2<br />www.p360consulting.com<br />LOW EMPLOYABILITY<br /><ul><li>Engineers : only 4.2 % for software product firm (Source : Aspiring Minds)
  5. 5. MBAs : only 23% (Source : RocSearch)
  6. 6. Nasscom estimates : shortage of 5, 00,000 knowledge service workers in IT sector by 2010.</li></li></ul><li>High Growth Projections<br />3<br />www.p360consulting.com<br />Intense Talent war <br />Low Employability<br /><ul><li>Gap in Demand & Supply leads to talent war for small pool of talent
  7. 7. Talented employees/students have plenty of choices </li></ul>SOME OF THE EMPLOYERS WILL HAVE TO RECRUIT UNEMPLOYBLE EMPLOYEES <br />
  8. 8. Strong Employer Brands will win the war<br />Accenture Consulting<br />4<br />www.p360consulting.com<br /><ul><li>When 70 per cent  of corporate value is from intangible assets being an attractive employer is critical to keep competitive advantage
  9. 9. Strong brand value helps in attracting & retaining valuable employees </li></li></ul><li>Employer Branding Benefits<br />BENEFITS ARE NOT LIMITED TO ATTRACTING TALENT ONLY<br />5<br />www.p360consulting.com<br /><ul><li>Increased productivity & profitability
  10. 10. Increased employee retention
  11. 11. Increased level of staff engagement
  12. 12. Lower recruitment costs
  13. 13. Shorter recruitment time
  14. 14. Employees recommending organization as a “preferred” place to work
  15. 15. Ensured long-term competitiveness </li></li></ul><li>6<br />www.p360consulting.com<br />Marketing<br />“Marketing is the process by which companies create customer interest in goods or services. It is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships and create value for their customers and for themselves.”<br />Employer Branding<br />Employer branding is the process by which an organization differentiates itself from its competitors in order to attract prospective employees & retain current employees.<br />Employer Branding is capturing and communicating organization’s culture, systems, processes and value proposition to employees and prospective employees.<br />Kotler, Philip; Gary Armstrong, Veronica Wong, John Saunders (2008). "Marketing defined". Principles of marketing (5th ed.). <br />Perception360 Consulting Pvt Ltd<br />Employer Branding : New Perspective<br />
  16. 16. Market : Employer Branding’s Perspective<br />7<br />www.p360consulting.com<br />Spot light<br />Scatter<br />EMPLOYER BRANDING<br />Aware<br />Unaware<br />Negative/Neutral<br />Positive<br />Loyal<br />Not Loyal<br />
  17. 17. Employer Branding Foundations<br />8<br />www.p360consulting.com<br />
  18. 18. Employer Branding : Two Fronts<br />Internal Branding<br />Aimed at existing employees<br />Also known as employee engagement<br />To motivate and retain employees<br />Internal Communication, Induction, Internal Events etc<br />External Branding<br />Aimed at potential employees<br />To attract talent<br />Communicating EVP to external stakeholders<br />Campus Events, Recruitment, Use of Social Media etc<br />9<br />www.p360consulting.com<br />
  19. 19. P360 Offerings<br />Communication Design<br />Employer Branding<br />Campus events<br />Social Media Marketing<br />10<br />www.p360consulting.com<br />
  20. 20. Why P360<br />11<br />www.p360consulting.com<br />
  21. 21. Why P360<br />12<br />www.p360consulting.com<br />
  22. 22. Thank You<br />13<br />www.p360consulting.com<br />