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web service testing interview questions


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frequently asked questions web service interview questions.latest web service interview questions

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web service testing interview questions

  1. 1. P2CINFOTECH Contact : +1-732-546-3607 Email IT Online Training and Placement (QA, BA, QTP, JAVA, Mobile apps..) Mock interviews. 100% job Placement assistance. Free Training for Opt/MS Students. Placement with one of our Fortune 500 clients. Live Instructor Led Face2Face Online Training.
  2. 2. WEBSERVICE SKILL TEST  What is WebServices? It is a middleware developed in XML. Exchange the data between multiple platforms.  What is web services? It is middleware technology developed in XML to exchange the data between multiple platforms and languages.  what is rest protocol ? REST stands for Representational State Transfer. (It is sometimes spelled "ReST".) EST is a lightweight alternative to mechanisms like RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) and Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, et al.). Later, we will see how much more simple REST is. Despite being simple, REST is fully-featured; there's basically nothing you can do in Web Services that can't be done with a RESTful architecture. REST is not a "standard". There will never be a W3C recommendation for REST, for example. And while there are REST programming frameworks, working with REST is so simple that you can often "roll your own" with standard library features in languages like Perl, Java, or C#.
  3. 3.  In Interviews they ask do you have work experience in web based applications, does that mean having experience in web services in SOAPUI ? Ans: NO  What is synchronous web services? -- get response immediately.  What is asynchronous web services? --Response will be sent when the service is available.  What is SOAPUI? It is a tool to test the WebServices.  what is xml schema?-- XML schema is well defined xml structure. It is w3 standards.  In Interviews if they ask do you have work experience in web based applications, does that mean having experience in web services in soapUI? Ans: NO. +1-732-546-3607
  4. 4.  If any application accessed through internet/ using browser , that is web based application?  Not every Web based application required web services. Now a day’s most of the web based applications are using WebServices.  How do we know the project has WebServices? Ans: You need to know the application architecture which is explained by your team. You need to login to the servers and see if any wsdl files, WebServices running on the server where the application is deployed. Check for the process running the server.  What is end point in WebServices? Ans : End point is IP Address of the server where the WebServices are running. for example: if the WebServices are running on the Linux machine ip address: Port number: 8080 WebServices WSDL name is: ATTBilling +1-732-546-3607