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QA interview questions 2013


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quality assurance latest interview questions
These are frequently asked software testing interview questions.

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QA interview questions 2013

  1. 1. P2CINFOTECH Contact : +1-732-546-3607 Email IT Online Training and Placement (QA, BA, QTP, JAVA, Mobile apps..) Mock interviews. 100% job Placement assistance. Free Training for Opt/MS Students. Placement with one of our Fortune 500 clients. Live Instructor Led Face2Face Online Training.
  2. 2. QA SKILL TEST  2-tier architecture and windows based applications, similarly 3 tier architecture and web based applications are the same? Not always, the tiers is usually nothing to do with the windows or web apps Tiers are at for software design.  I want to know about the delivery and maintenance phase in spiral model? Delivery will be done at end of each spiral/or few spirals. The project goes to maintenance only after the complete software is developed, deployed to production and accepted by the client. it starts after the end of the project.  One of the disadvantages in waterfall and v-model is no prototypes are produced, what is it mean? Prototypes are the samples or models of end application. but in the waterfall & v- model the application s available to client only after its completely done
  3. 3.  Pre production environment is this optional environment or is it must in every SDLC model? A must  Can we do static testing and dynamic testing in any SDLC model? We should do it in all models.  Who involves in alpha and beta testing? Tester who tests the app. in a company is that same person can do beta testing and alpha testing or else some other person belongs to customer? User (from customer/client side) tests and IT project team need provide the assistance that they require  Is QA can do white box testing without knowledge of coding? Are they use any tools for doing whitebox testing? white box testing cannot be done without programming knowledge so QA cannot do it INDEPENDENTLY, but he associates himself with the development team and participates with developers to do white box testing. Yes the tools and techniques are avail- like statement coverage, branch coverage etc (USA) +1-732-546-3607
  4. 4.  What is code review? Code review -- Review the program files  Reasons of regular interactions between tester and developer? Static testing, defect fixing, understanding the application, white box testing etc  Difference between unit and integration testing done by developer and QA? Unit & integration testing are done by the developer which is directly on the code./program.  What is the difference between QA and tester? Both are same-different titles but same roles & responsibilities.  What are the differences we can find while testing an Java application, C/C++/C# and .Net application? no difference as a tester because u test the end application. The technology/programming language used should hardly matter to us (USA) +1-732-546-3607
  5. 5.  How we will select reasonable tests to be applied on a project? Depends on various parameter like windows or web, testing duration, type of app, purpose, budget, risk involved etc.  How can we measure the quality? Number of defects, user- friendliness, portability, robustness, how close its to the given set of requirements etc.  Who involves in verification part and in validation part? -- Tester & developers.  Responsibilities of a person in verification part and similarly in validation part? Verification is quality control process where in the modification in code/design/reqquest can be done. validation s quality assurance wherein we decide whether the feature is PASS/FAIL without involving in taking corrective action. (USA) +1-732-546-3607 Try our FREE DEMO today..!