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Business analysis interview question and answers


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Business Analysis is the process of understanding business change needs, assessing the impact of those changes, capturing, analyzing and documenting requirements and then supporting the communication and delivery of those requirements with relevant parties.The person who carries out this task is called a business analyst or BA.

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Business analysis interview question and answers

  1. 1. BA(Business Analysis) Interview Questions With Answers By: P2CINFOTECH Register For A Free Demo (USA)+1-732-546-3607
  2. 2. +1-732-546-3607 1) What is the importance of a flow chart? The flow chart gives a clear graphical representation of an implemented process. This makes the system simple to understand for all persons involved in the project. (2) Explain briefly the use case model? The use case model requires a use case diagram. It describes the business environment. It’s primary goal is to show the series of events and actions within any given process that will be performed by an actor. (3) What is UML modeling? UML in full means Unified Modeling Language. It is the industry standard language for constructing, visualizing and documenting the different components within a system. (4) What is the significance of using an Activity diagram? The activity diagram is important because it gives an outline of the work flow within the business as well as the activities and action completed.For instance with a company, there is likely to be more than one department. In such a case each department, will have different access levels to the system. So if there’s a Medical, HR and Accounts team they will only have access to screens that relate to each.The activity diagram will highlight the differences within the departments which will be very helpful for developers when they are designing and coding. (5) What are the different types of diagrams and what do you know about them? Use case diagram (see answer above), activity diagram (see answer above), Collaboration diagram. A collaboration diagram, also called a communication diagram or interaction diagram, is an illustration of the relationships and interactions among software objects in the Unified Modeling Language (UML). The concept is more than a decade old although it has been refined as modeling paradigms have evolved. (6) Tell me what you understand about an alternate flow in use case? This is the flow that will come into action, when there is a failure in the use case system where the expected results haven’t come to fruition. BA Interview Questions and Answers
  3. 3. +1-732-546-3607 (7) What is an exception flow in a use case? This is a flow that accounts for an unexpected or unusual result within the application process. The exception will be handled according to its designed flow. (8) What are extends and includes within a use case? An include is where a specific action has to take place. An extend is an action that may not necessarily take place. (9) What documents are used for use cases? There are 2 documents: FRD (functional requirement document) SDD (system design document) which can also be called TRS (Technical requirements specifications) (10) What does a Business Analyst do, what are their Roles and responsibilities? The most important responsibilities of a business systems analysts are as a communication conduit between the stakeholders and the team (11) What are some of the common tools that a business Analyst uses? The common tools that can be used by a business analyst are MS Visio, MS word, MS Excel, Power point, Quality center/test director MS Project. There may be tools that are client specific also, but these will be supplied the client. (12) What documents should be delivered by a Business Analyst? The documents that a business analyst should deliver are “functional specification documents, technical specification documents, Requirements traceability, BRD (business requirements document), Use case diagrams and Business flow documents. (13) What is a Use Case diagram used for? The use case diagram defines the role of each actor that is associated to a particular role or system. A use diagram is also a behavioral diagram and a part of UML. BA Interview Questions and Answers
  4. 4. +1-732-546-3607 An example of this is an “Order Management” as the main function, in such a case the person that is given the order is an actor. Download the questions and answers here right click save as. You can read them on your tablet, mobile phone, e-reader device or anything else that can read PDF documents. (14) How do you normally gather Requirements from end user? If there are a lot of end-users, then a workshop method can be used for the requirements collection. The business analysts can carry out face-to-face interviews if there are not a lot of end users. (15) What is the difference between Business Analyst & System Analyst? The business analyst must understand IT and also has to understand the stakeholders needs. A systems analyst has the ability to look at a program or utility and see the code. They can go in and pinpoint where changes need to be made. (16) Can you tell me difference between Business Analyst and Business Analysis? A Business Analyst acts as a liaison between business people who have business problems and technology people who know how to create automated solutions. (17) What is the key differentiating factors that you have, that makes you eligible? This question sounds like again asking strengths but you need to answer smartly. You need to portray your Business Analysis skills, team player skills, domain knowledge and strengths. The overall Idea is to know how you stand out from other candidates. (18) Do you know SDLC / Explain SDLC in brief? You need to be perfect for this question. I have already written on SDLC you can go through or if you have referred some other books as well, it is fine to say that answer. Important point is reading the SDLC in books if different and understanding the SDLC is different. So understand SDLC properly it will help you in interview. BA Interview Questions and Answers
  5. 5. +1-732-546-3607 (19) Name different types of SDLC models? Waterfall, Iterative Methods, V-Model, Spiral Model, Prototyping, Agile methods You can be asked to explain any particular SDLC model or can be asked to explain the difference between any of the SDLC models. Please refer Google or any standard books for this else the page you are reading will become 100 pages J . (20) What are the roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst? I have written article on this (in same website – you can refer) or if you have different information on this question you can go ahead with that. (21) Do know QA or testing cycle? I have written article on this (in same website – you can refer) or if you have different information on this question you can go ahead with that. (22) Name the skills which Business Analyst should have? Good Listener , Quick & continuous learner, Analytical skills, problem solving approach, thinking beyond the box, tech savvy (can keep updating what are the latest technologies released in market and how those are important). Team or people management, solid communication, documenting skills (written English), team player, devising new solutions, market research etc (if know some more you can add). (23) You can be told some scenario and asked to act as Business Analyst and collect requirements (interviewer will act as client). This will be scenario based question like, I am running xyz business and I want to build software, as a business analyst what do you suggest? So you need to be prepared for these sorts of questions. (24) You can be told some scenario or business case and asked to write possible requirements on a sheet of paper. Again, this depends on scenario so be prepared for this. Preferably with requirements plot use case diagram, activity diagram. (I will write about use case, use case diagrams, activity diagrams, and data flow diagrams very shortly. For now you can search in Google you will get results) BA Interview Questions and Answers
  6. 6. +1-732-546-3607 (25) What do you think about challenges faced by Business Analyst? Change management is the biggest challenge because this happens in real time as well. After requirements stage when development is started client will come-up some changes or enhancements. Cross departmental or cross team management – like conflict management between teams. Also individuals. This requires soft skills and smartness. Communication problems – In real time this can happen. You might be good in speaking and understanding the English language. BUT sometimes it happens like Different people across the globe speak different style of English. In USA itself Mexico people speak English differently. Romans speak different English. So at initial level to understand the accent can be a challenge but after some time you will become perfect. (26) What is your understanding on – Risk and Issue? Risk is something which can be forecasted and can be handled by formulating mitigation plans. Risk which happened is called Issue. There will be contingency management or issue management to solve issue. Basically we will be not solving the issue but will try making Damage control and take it as learning for other projects. (27) What would you do if you haven't received all the required signoffs on phase documentation submitted for approval? Highlight risk management process - how to flag these? Resolution - of such scenarios, by working alongside PM (28) Some managerial sort of questions will be asked to test your management skills. a)you had a project delivery and your team was not able to meet deadline. How do you handle the situation? b)one of your team member is not punctual due this your team is facing the problems. How will you handle? c)Also do not forget the Interview basics. Be dressed well. Guys with Formals, neatly shaved, have wrist watch. Switch-off your mobile phone, Have pen with you. BA Interview Questions and Answers