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Case study on Tumblr measuring the impact of blogging

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Tumblr questionnaire results

  1. 1. QuestionnaireBy Mike Ham
  2. 2. Introduction• I have produced a questionnaire on quicksurvey.com. Find it here at: http://kwiksurveys.com/online- survey.php?surveyID=LJJEHK_804d813bI•Primary research = getting involved, more marks, own work• Closed questionnaire = Quantitative data, easier to collect information and produce graphs from to show impact.
  3. 3. About my Questionnaire• Over 2 weeks• Spread the word on Twitter, Tumblr, Mixt to get participants• Received 45 results.• Consent of their privacy given to them. (only I will see what they put)
  4. 4. Gauntlett on publishing online.Gauntlett asked his twitter followers why they made things and shared themonline. His summarised 30 responses were:• So others can learn or be entertained• a desire to share thoughts and creative endeavours• to chronicle my existence• to add to the information on the Web• to be an active participant in the discussion of things,• to be a media maker and not a consumer• self-promotion/to show off• to get feedback• as a way to collaborate• contributing and being part of a community of peers and friends• a sense of being heard
  5. 5. Why Tumblr is used• I asked Tumblr bloggers why they blogged and got similar results, to Gauntlett.• My results show that Tumblr bloggers mainly use Tumblr for personal uses.• Other reasons included to socialise as a community and to chronicle their existence.• Compared to Gauntlett my results are more accurate as I gathered more responses and got a greater understanding which is clearly shown with Tumblr being used for personal use.
  6. 6. Why Tumblr is used results
  7. 7. Why Tumblr is used, evaluation• Because I did a closed questionnaire, it is unclear to why Tumblr users use it as a personal blog. But the results clearly show it is mostly used for personal purpose
  8. 8. Tumblr Community
  9. 9. Tumblr Community evaluation• Results show that Tumblr is very popular amongst the younger generation. This suggests that the impact of blogging is popular with the young.• Bloggers do meet other bloggers online, which shows it has a large online community, However approximately only half of bloggers communicate with each other. This shows that half the bloggers just blog content and do not interact.• With the large community on Tumblr, there isnt a lot of abuse found meaning a safe environment, is there.
  10. 10. Continuity of Tumblr
  11. 11. Continuity of Tumblr evaluation• The impact of blogging on Tumblr is still relevant.• It has only been around for less than 5 years and Bloggers are continuing to blog using Tumblr.• The 0% show that Tumblr bloggers have not been around since the beginning at 2007. So it was slow to take off• But majority of bloggers on Tumblr are new as clearly shown (58%). This shows that new people are joining Tumblr and blogging and that the impact of blogging hasn’t died as bloggers continue to use Tumblr.
  12. 12. Tumblr PopularityBlogs used before Tumblr Tumblr Preferred 7% 49% Yes Yes51% No No 93%
  13. 13. Tumblr Popularity evaluation• Blogging has been around for almost a decade now, so bloggers have used other blogs before Tumblr came out. But 93% of Tumblr bloggers prefer Tumblr to other blogs. This shows that, Tumblr is popular and has had a greater impact than other blogs.• Tumblr is still preferred and popular meaning that Blogging has still made an impact on bloggers, and despite other blogs being not as popular, people still blog, so there is still an impact.
  14. 14. Duration on TumblrTime of day Tumblr is used Week duration 0% 2% 7% 15% Never School/college/uni/work Once a week 49% Spare time Every day51% Every other day Both 76% Day duration 18% 31% less than an hour 1-2 hours 15% 2-4 hours more than 4 hours 36%
  15. 15. Duration on Tumblr evaluation• Tumblr bloggers go on Tumblr both in and out of working hours. People feel the need to blog during working hours. This may be because they are bored, addicted, or using Tumblr for work. Blogging therefore, has an impact if it is being used in work as well as socially.• The amount of time used during the day is spread out, this suggests that blogging is well used. But when it comes to how often bloggers blog during the week, a high percentage (76%) are on every day. Meaning that blogs are used very often and almost certainly every day. It is becoming part of a day to day routine. Which shows that there it still has an impact on people today.
  16. 16. Time on Tumblr
  17. 17. Time on Tumblr evaluation• The amount of time spent during social time is spread out. This suggests that blogging is well used and people do blog.• Quite a high percentage (22%) are on for more than 4 hours. This shows that bloggers can spend a lot of time blogging and that it can become part of their every day life, which is an impact of blogging.• During work times, Bloggers blog a small amount, which suggests that, blogging isnt taking over their work, but bloggers are still finding time to blog, even at work when they shouldn’t really be doing so.
  18. 18. Participation of Tumblr
  19. 19. Participation of Tumblr evaluation• Although it varies, each Tumblr Blogger follow many other blogs. Bloggers participate a lot which shows the impact.• But of these followed blogs, not many are visited often. Simply because there are too many too follow, so bloggers only visit their favourites. Certain blogs have bigger impacts to bloggers. Much like other blogs on the web.
  20. 20. Attraction to Tumblr
  21. 21. Attraction to Tumblr evaluation• Tumblr is seen as a personal blog. So that is why bloggers are attracted to the Tumblr bloggers.• Tumblr Bloggers are interested in other peoples blogs and what content they show. The blogs they follow and reblog from, have a personal meaning to them. It catches there eye and they feel the need to share it with others.• Most of which are Photos.
  22. 22. Figure 1 Figure 2 • Screen shots of Tumblr Dashboard , taken on 06/03/2012
  23. 23. Examples of Reblogged content• These examples some examples that are personal to the blogger. Notes indicate, how popular one post is. The more popular it is, the more meaning the post has to bloggers.
  24. 24. Figure 3 AnimalsFigure 4 Music Film Figure 5 • Screen shots of Tumblr Posts, taken on 06/03/2012
  25. 25. Places Figure 6Figure 8 MEMES Games Figure 7 • Screen shots of Tumblr Dashboard , taken on 06/03/2012
  26. 26. Questions I missed out.• I didn’t ask where people were from or what gender they were, but as a user I can confirm that most blogs I find and follow are female rather than male.• Tumblr bloggers are spread throughout the world. Some people I have been in contact with are from USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland as well as the UK.
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