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this is my proposal for my major assignment to get me started in the right direction.

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  • And keeping my presentation small as possible covering the main points in 5 minutes.
  • Point 1 - So this makes it a perfect topic to research.
    Point 2 – I have my own personal blog and a film review blog and obviously the micro blog twitter, so having experience with blogs I’m interested to research it.
  • Point 1 - Many people don’t actually know what blogging is, like some of you before this module hadn’t used a blog or knew what one was. So I will define what it is looking at how Retberg and Gauntlett say.
    Point 2 – For example, political, vlogs, entertainment, personal etc.
    Point 3 – tools you can use.
    Point 4 – why people blog, for example to get noticed, or recreational and what kind of people do like politicians and normal people.
    Point 5 – then evaluating it, I will look at where it all started.
    Point 6 – future, how many more there will be, could it take over traditional media. Compare the two, how its progressed. Coming together of traditional media and new media.
    Point 7 – impact of blogging, it has had on industries, politics and people.
  • Point 1 – coming together of traditional and new media. For example now TV industries use twitter as well.
    Point 2 – Gauntlett. “making is connecting” making and sharing connecting culture of everyday creativity. sharing things online, reviews, photos, videos etc.
    Point 4 – personal conections and social communication such as twitter. Can spread the word, which can be good, sharing a new story and news and bad ie riots.
    Point 5 – how does it contribute to our social life in our spare time and work, for example, looking at classes for mums, blogging during work or for lesiure. change in culture with new technology,
  • Point 2 – from using questionnaires I can gather statistics and facts and that should help me come to a conclusion and help with my research.
    Point 4 – Can get a definition from here and look at points and evaluate them. And also another book that was in library but only available for 7 days so didn’t take it out, on case studies like politics
    Point 5 – looking online for other case studies, examples and more information.
  • Point 1 – like my minor assignment but with more media assets.
    Point 3 – my own or find one online, but probably online.
  • My Proposal

    1. 1. Is on…….
    2. 2.  It’s a development of social media and network culture, in that people come together online and share their views and opinions and acts as a way of online social communication.  Having experiences with blogging I'm interested to research it. Why I chose this for major assignment?
    3. 3. What will I research?  First I will define what blogging is  What different types of blogging there are. Examples.  What it offers  Social interaction, Why people blog and its community.  Where it all started.  The future.  The impact of blogging. Week by week, these are what I will work on.
    4. 4. I will link back to:  Convergence culture  Participatory media culture  “making is connecting” - Gauntlett  Social media culture  Network technology in everyday life
    5. 5. How will I research?  Primary research:  questionnaires answered by you, Andrew, and some friends and family.  Secondary research:  books: Blogging by Rettberg, Making is connecting by Gauntlett. another book in library with case studies in  Online, looking at case studies
    6. 6. How I plan to produce my research  IDEA 1  Series of blog posts on a blog I will create  Consisting of at least one video  Text posts  Slide share presentations  IDEA 2  Hyperlink interactive essay.  photographs  Videos  Word documents/blog posts
    7. 7. Any questions?