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Different types of blog available

  1. 1. DIFFERENT TYPES OF BLOG AND HOSTS AVAILABLE• This is not a presentation• So dont expect pictures and a nice layout.• I tired to paste a table from word onto Tumblr, but it just came up as text.• So i am using slideshow to create the table with my research results/evaluations and putting each blog on a separate slide.
  2. 2. Blog Site Information Number of users Type Tools offered (what makes (the more (does one blog different to the users, the more the blog other) popular, greater reach its impact on expectati bloggers) ons of type of blog?)Blogger.com Started by Evan No exact figures As a blog A Google account is required Williams and Meg but millions of hosting to make a blog on this blog Hourihan at Pyra Labs blogs are site it hosted site. With other blogs this is not needed you just in 1999 it was one of created using offers all sign up to the blog or site. It the first major blogger.com types of offers the typical blogging blogging host making it a blogs. tools available to bloggers sites, encouraging the popular host to such as changing the css code push button create blogs on and posting photos and text publishing. It was posts. It has an interface for largely responsible post editing and improved for bringing blogging image handling. New features include post stamping where to mainstream you can add your location. culture by enabling many bloggers to create a blog.
  3. 3. Blog Site Information Number of users Type (does the Tools offered (what (the more users, the blog reach its makes one blog more popular, expectations of different to the other) greater impact on type of blog?) bloggers)Tumblr.com Available to Tumblr says as of Media Like social networks it the web in February 19th 2012 it type/tumblelog. has put the like and 2007 by had 45.1 million Yes as the blog follow feature in. Bloggers can share all David Karp, blogs (wikipedia 1) has many post types of media from and and As of July 2010, type features usual photos and video, emphasizes the site receives tumbled into to different featured its ease of 25,000 new users one, which is the tools like chat where you use by each day according purpose of a can blog a conversation posting as a to Siegler, MG. tumblelog. This is you had. With this blog, short form (wikipedia 1) These unlike traditional bloggers are able to be blog stats show that it is a blogging services, anonymous and ask questions to other (tumblelog) fast growing blog which have a tumblr users. Reblogging and widely used so one-size-fits-all posts are the main there is a great post format. feature which doesn’t impact. feature in other blogs.
  4. 4. Blog Site Information Number of users Type (does the Tools offered (what (the more users, blog reach its makes one blog the more popular, expectations of different to the other) greater impact on type of blog?) bloggers)Wordpress.org Released to As of December Corporate and This blog offers many the web in organisational themes, like Blogger 2011, the 2003 by Matt blog/filter does. It enables Mullenweg. wordpress blog/topic driven plugins that allow the As a control download management blog/personal blogger to go beyond counter had 65 system blog. As a control the basics features million management and widgets that you where users can share downloads system it enables can drag and drop and (wikipedia 2) so many kinds of making it easier to contribute to that’s a lot of blogs to be made change the content of stored data it which has the your blog. It is users, meaning is that it is popular. ability to be any available on mobile so Collaborative .It is also built type of blog. that you can edit your by hundreds blog from there, most of blogs don’t do. community volunteers.
  5. 5. Blog Site Information Number of users Type (does Tools offered (what makes (the more users, the the blog one blog different to the more popular, reach its other) greater impact on expectatio bloggers) ns of type of blog?)Boingboing.net Launched as Users are able to Filter blog. Offers the reader videos a blog in subscribe to it and it It does and photo’s to look at 2000, it is is also available over reach its along with articles with collaborative twitter (121554 expectatio hyperlinks that link to as a group of followers) and ns as it has other websites and blogs. people Facebook. (29569 many Reader is able to create the likes) with this many different subscribe with an RSS blog and followers and likes links linking feed and an archive with then readers we can presume that to different the popular topics is read it. it has many users blogs and shown. Blogs usually that read the blog websites provide an archive to regularly. Not as and show everything that they many as popular as contains a have posted but other blog sites but wide range sometimes they don’t is still successful as of topics. show the most popular has been around posts for example Tumblr. since 2000.
  6. 6. Blog Site Information Number of Type (does the Tools offered (what makes users (the blog reach its one blog different to the more users, expectations of other) the more type of blog?) popular, greater impact on bloggers)Thoughts.com Benjamin Ogden Unclear to how Personal blog, It connects you to others launched it in many users, but Bloggers are able from the very first post. This 2007 with the its community is to create their is unique and not seen in purpose of narrowed down very own other blogs, as normally you evolving and to those personal blog. are recommended what blogs creating a unique interested in However the to follow. Bloggers are meant blogging thoughtful and participation in to write the blog and the site community that meaningful groups and provides the audience. It encourages social topics such as discussions. It contains multimedia tools conversation and love, divorce, breaks the that allow the blogger to connects like- poems, boundary of share photos and videos with minded people relationships traditional ease, much like all blogs do. through its friends and personal blogs by Bloggers are able to connect community family. (Has being able to and discuss topics by creating forums and live many tags of discuss their groups, similar to social discussions. this) expected experiences in a networking sites. from a personal group blog.
  7. 7. Blog Site Information Number of users Type (does the blog Tools offered (what (the more users, reach its makes one blog the more expectations of different to the popular, greater type of blog?) other) impact on bloggers)posterous.com Launched in Cannot find stats Media type/micro Like the typical blog, 2008, of how many users blog. Seen as this it allows you to posts Posterous online, but a blog type of blog, photos text and video post on July 2011, allows however its content and people can a blog on bloggers to posterous called is much larger than comment and like set up a jailcloud said: “This that of other micro them. simple blog morning we just blogs such as through passed the twitter, but still email, and 500,000 (half a reasonably small in then submit million) users terms of content in content milestone for a post compared to Jolicloud” this either the typical blog. suggests that there through their are a lot of users email or by using this blog and online editor. using posterous so that they can view the blog.
  8. 8. Blog Site Information Number of users Type (does the Tools offered (what (the more users, blog reach its makes one blog the more popular, expectations of different to the other) greater impact on type of blog?) bloggers)Dailykos.com An American The site says it has Topic driven Posts are seen as dairy political blog, with 2 million blog. Yes this is posts that in a high founded in 2002 by unique visitors per a topic driven amount of detail. The Markos Moulitsas. month and 300,000 blog as it blogger can also post It was once a news registered users. organisation For one topic based focuses a lot on a comic reflecting on a community. Among around politics this topics such as point they are trying luminaries posting is a lot of users, but politics and the to make, much like diaries on the site compared to the news in a strong those that are seen in are President Jimmy total number of amount of traditional papers. No Carter, Senator bloggers together detail as it is an other blogs allow Barack Obama, and and to number of American comics to be posts, other senators and bloggers on other political blog. but they do allow governor’s. blogs this can be Hundreds of seen as a small images to be posts so thousands of number. It is smaller they are fairly similar. Americans that than other blogs use Daily Kos to because this blog is shape a political purely focused on world . political topics.
  9. 9. Blog Site Information Number of Type (does the Tools offered (what users (the blog reach its makes one blog more users, expectations of different to the other) the more type of blog?) popular, greater impact on bloggers)musicarcades.com A music Looking Genre specific On it is an archive and genre blog through his blog. It focuses on it is arranged as set up from posts there music as a genre calendar with the 2005-2011 weren’t many but in particular pictures of the music by David comments at the music he has art associated with Jennings. It all. This shows listened to and the song he listens to. contains a little makes a reflective There are also links reflective participation account on it. This available to places like account of in the blog could be seen as a amazon where you what he felt and so a small personal blog too. can buy the song he is when he amount of talking about. It is listened to a bloggers. mainly text based particular with a lot of links. song on his playlist on a day.
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