Conclusion on Social Film and The Inside Experiance


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My conclusion on the inside experiance and social film, with links to my research.

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Conclusion on Social Film and The Inside Experiance

  1. 1. By Mike Ham
  2. 2. Conclusion After researching The Inside Experience and Social film for the past 10 weeks I have concluded that… The Inside Experience is a hybrid of lots of different trans media, film, web TV, interactive film and other mediums. It is an experiment that involves the audience to see if Social film works and because of this it will have a small future. These are my arguments:1. Inside is not a social film it is interactive.2. Inside is a collaborative film.3. Inside it just a big advertisement.4. Inside is not a social film, it is a hybrid of different types of film and TV.5. Social film has a small future.
  3. 3. Where can you find all of my research? All of my research was posted as blog posts on the mixt network and slideshows on Slideshare. Here are the contents of my research. – quotes from the makers. – my response to watching Inside. – What is social film and the Inside Experience? Looking at who took part, what they did, how long it lasted for, what it involved, and its definitions of social film. – What was the first social film? Looking at past examples like Him Her and Them and LonleyGirl15. – Library Research and quotes. – Pre Publicity. – some Primary Research sampling some Facebook comments and likes. - Slideshow debating if Inside is social film or interactive. - Slideshow debating if Inside is a social film or a film or different type of TV. – Could there be a future for social film. – Table of my arguments and evidence.
  4. 4. Inside is not a social film it is interactive. Participants are participating as a game using the clues found in the scripted full motion videos to help Christina out. 45/24,523 people like this clue photo. 43/ 24,523 comments left about the clue.Further research here:
  5. 5.  Company based (Intel and Toshiba) to draw in consumers.sampling about the laptop in the inside experience on Facebook 29/56,115 participants of the inside experience Facebook page, liked the link posting to the inside experience website about the laptop on 15th August. 14/56,115 participants of the inside experience Facebook page, commented on the link posting to the inside experience website about the laptop on 15th August. From these results, I can conclude that not many people showed an interest in the laptop as not many comments or likes were produced as a huge amount of participants did not comment. Also this was posted before a finished film was produced. So it shows that not many people were interested.
  6. 6.  Encourages participants to create Facebook pages and broadcast themselves online to win a cameo role in the film. Rachel Leyco – Winner of the completion. Ahead of the films start on the 25th of July, the team has opened up an on-line casting call for would-be stars who would like to be involved. Running until the 20th of July, the call asks for videos to be submitted via YouTube with one being selected for inclusion into the film itself. Read more:
  7. 7. Inside is a collaborative film. Connects people together via social networks to help Christina out.People have joined groups on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Facebook56,118 ‘like it’ – photos of behind the scene, episodes of the film, reviews, videos to Christina.24,523 ‘like’ the main character. Info on her, photos of her, wall photos of when she was kidnapped of which comments anddiscussion for clues are discussed, videos uploaded to her saying they will help and find her there ideas on clues.Twitter:4,564 followers to the inside experience. Toshibas updates to videos, interviews, questions.3041 follow the main character. Her tweets during and after the film.YouTube1355 subscribers to the inside experience. Comments about it.4189 subscribers to the main character. Comments to her. Participants are sharing their ideas and answers to the clues online together.Further research here:
  8. 8. Inside it just a big advertisement. Inside advertises the Laptop and Intel processor in a more entertaining way. Christina uses it to connect to everybody and even for a torch. Inside uses pre publicity to gain more viewers.Inside did have pre publicity to promote theirexperiment. Papers, magazines and websites allmentioned the experiment and what it would involve.Mentioning the companies and the laptop.Further research here:
  9. 9. Inside is not a social film, it is a hybrid of different types of film and TV. Does have cinematic values like director, actors and cameras. Final film is only 50 minutes long. Episodes are 2-9 minutes long like other web episodes. Releases episodes over a certain time. There is interaction with the audience Advertises as well, pre publicity was given. It is an event, once over it cannot be enjoyed to the full capabilities it was meant for.Further Research here:
  10. 10. Social film has a small future. Other projects taking place like Kill Cam Live. Successful Film and TV shows have millions of viewers, but there are only thousands or even hundreds of participants. Very time consuming, people would not take part. People would get frustrated with all the Trolling.Further Research found here: