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Fashion Flash AW09
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Fashion Flash AW09


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Published April 2009 to the international press through Matches seasonal press day.

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Fashion Flash AW09

  1. 1. IN TRO DU CING... FASHION FLASH - the all new Matches press preview. Let us be your guide to A/W09. We’ve hunted down our prize picks from UP TOWN New York, London’s hip EAST END and the BOUTIQUE SALONS of Paris & Milan. We’re bringing you the HOTTEST new talent, finger on the pulse fashion stories. In a nutshell, the BEST OF THE BEST this season! So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. BURBERRY.COM 2 WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM
  2. 2. EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOuT IT! NEWSFLASH HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA SHOOTING Sophia is our Greek GODDESS and STARS we are thrilled to celebrate her decade of Fall for shooting stars PETER PILOTTO and style… with the pick of her stunning 10th partner Christopher De Vos - we were the first ANNIVERSARY A/W09 collection and with to pick up the AMAZING print duo and this an intimate Matches BIRTHDAY BASH in season we snatched the most beautiful, the most her honour. PILOTTO runway exclusive. It has all their At Matches from the very beginning Sophia’s hallmarks - otherwordly, intergalactic in a big birthday collection features a selection of her bang red! most iconic designs over the years. Displaying What was your inspiration for A/W09? THE BEST OF THE BEST of her wonderful Our fascination with natural phenomena continues, brand of Grecian femininity and London rock. this season drawing upon the awe and wonder of the Big Bang theory - an optimistic new beginning. “I like to have an element of the What’s your favourite birthday Describe the Peter Pilotto girl? dress in the collection? dark side in my clothing; I don’t like The black tulle dress; it's very festive, We love that there are many different types of girls that wear Pilotto and that the girl herself will anything too pretty, pretty!” but also graceful! have many different sides. SOPHIA KOKOSALAKI What are your inspirations? What comes first silhouette or print? Arts and crafts, my Greek heritage It always comes parallel and always enhances SYKE IT uP! These DIVINE black and gold birthday dresses and living in London. each other... are not pretty dresses these are EDGY, SEXY, - SALAKI dresses. Which are… yes, you’ve Who is the Sophia girl? What do you love about London? guessed it… only available at Matches! Someone who is cool, confident, sexy There are so many things at the same time. It can be in and different! equal measure the most conservative and the craziest place. It is totally multicultural like only the greatest Why do you love London? We love Sykes! Take one look at her look “I don’t imagine my clothes as big statement metro-poles are. It's the centre of anything that has book shoot and you'll be hooked. It’s easy to pieces on the catwalk. I imagine it within an to do with contemporary culture. see why we can’t get enough of her LUXE intimate context on real women.” BASICS which are simple yet have a rock JOANNA SYKES chick sensibility. Where does your divine inspiration “Sykes is all about the iconic wardrobe staple come from? you want with every season. We all need a new The clean lines of the architect John classic basic every season and that’s what I do. Pawson. MÉCHANTE I create classics in their most perfect form, with meticulous attention to cut, finish and detail.” JOANNA SYKES Describe the Jo Sykes girl? I’d have to say my stylist Vanessa Reid OF LONDON For A/W09 Jo worked with a leaner someone who is understated, cool and silhouette, longer line jackets and waistcoats, who wears clothes in a very kicked back deep chunky knits, triangular shaped relaxed way. tailoring and tons of black. All integrated with silk pieces that reveal her trademark With a background in fine art, London girl and tulle inserts, flashing a sexy window of skin You love London because? MÉCHANTE designer Deborah Lyons treats in unexpected places, like a true understated Because its home! Also there is something each shoe as a work of art creating strong shapes, rock chick. Jo creates clothes for the modern extraordinary about the way Londoners towering heels, bold platforms and peek-a-boo woman that make us look and feel amazing. mix serious luxury with a rock attitude. pumps in a palette of mixed media. We’re dancing up a storm for BOUDECCIA, her midnight blue python sandal, DITA ROSE PYTHON her ME TARZAN YOu CHRISTOPHER curvaceous black and gold court and ELEKTRA her stunning rose python ankle shoe-boot. KANE PREEN Check out cheeky monkey Christopher Kane’s new WITH ENVY line of unisex t-shirts, a continuation of his hot hit monkey print dresses from SS/09. “I had lots of male friends asking for the Gorilla PREEN PREEN PREEN it. Everyone is going to be t-shirt version for them to wear… so it was a green with envy when you rock out in Justin and Thea’s perfect start for a small t-shirt line - a look which POWER dress, especially since it's only available at is great on men and women.” Matches. The oversized coccoon jacket is our buyer Bridget's darling piece. Only this talented Scottish boy could make What is your Autumn Winter inspiration...? Gorilla prints this covetable! Brighton, the attitude and style of the Mods and rockers from the 60’s era. The Preen girl/woman is…? Strong, independent and sexy with a rock and roll attitude. You love London because…? It’s THE best City in the world for creativity and new ideas. 2 WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM 3
  3. 3. A INTELLECTUAL WHOLE FASHION What do we REALLY need in our wardrobe? Freda solves this conundrum with a collection of NEW the most PERFECT basics every woman needs- the FLAWLESS Without turning all sports jackets and horn rimmed spectacles on you we’ve spotted an interesting trend that puts the beautifully crafted and fitted shirt, the throw on SIMPLE FREDA wonderful design we have always championed into focus. We call it shift dress, the well cut trouser INTELLECTUAL fashion. Meaning? A move toward designers who are and EFFORTLESS cashmere almost couture led with avant-garde concepts at their heart. The designers knits. Who better to pare back the of OUR intellectual fashion pack are BOUDICCA, HELMUT LANG beautiful basics for Freda A/W09 and ANGLOMANIA. These guys are creating the heirloom pieces that than JOANNA SYKES, our ALL will live on for generations. We think there’s a whole lot of intelligence in NEW head designer. fashion that is inspired, special and enduring! Look no further fashionista’s, the everyday pieces you’ve been searching high and low for are here for A/W09. “We have re-aligned the brand with its core philosophy. The ANGLOMANIA most perfect version of simple pieces that slot into your wardrobe, in the most beautiful finish and fabrication, yet with a hint of Freda femininity and a PARISIAN DOLLS clean sporty edge.” Some would say he’s best described as the ‘LACROIX JOANNA SYKES OF LONDON’, as Erdem wowed us with his richly printed, doll-like dresses. His show at London Fashion GENTLEMAN Week was personal favourite of our fashion director BOuDICCA Bridget Cosgrave. She said it was absolutely fab, really grown up PARISIAN CHIC, located in the most GANGSTER gorgeous setting of Somerset house. Models painted with scarlet lips and divine done-up hair sashayed to live French cafe music. Overall it had a wonderful young chic spirit a look every girl will want TRAIN OF Looking for jewellery for the DECADENT and DISSOLUTE next season. the VILLANOUS and ELEGANT or maybe just the WILD and UNTAMED? Look no further, we’ve got just the thing for you! Presenting THOuGHT the all new and wonderfully unique jewellery designer Hannah Martin. A sinister Russian gangster named Vincent is the muse for Hannah’s collection. A man who is charming yet brutal, an oligarch of cold-war Russia. This sense of danger is interpreted in a collection of graphic gold Skip around town in, Lanvin’s cool new take on the ballerina, these super cute trainers BACK TO jewels with talismanic and Russian insignia. We are at vincent's mercy for the IMPERIAL EAGLE ICON rings, and our personal favourite the with contrast patent leathers and signature grosgrain ribbon laces are totally A/W09! RAW FACET SIGNET SEAL RING in 18ct gold. Mysterious, sexy and THE FuTuRE like no other - pay homage to this shadowy patriarch with jewellery from Hannah Martin. P.S. We loved it so much we styled it with our all new Freda photoshoot. The wait is finally over for fans of Clements Ribeiro’s finely crafted and season-less designs, WE WERE FIRST in line to snap up their DELECTABLE and deliciously soft knits as they unveiled a full ready-to-wear collection this HELMuT LANG London Fashion Week (their first since spring 2006) YES! CLEMENTS RIBEIRO ARE BACK with a vengeance and with two-, three-and four-ply cashmere cardigans with opulent trimmings such as cameo, jet and crystal buttons, pearls, passemanerie froggings and grosgrain epaulettes its definitely been worth the wait. 4 WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM 5
  4. 4. MENSFLASH JOIN THE COMMONWEALTH You'll be entertained with our ALL NEW MuST menswear brand Commonwealth utilities. A flick onto their website reveals the design duo’s particular sense of ZIP OFF humour with a flash presentation of a gentleman dressing and undressing online, check it out! The creative team is Anthony Keegan, a Canadian and Richard Christiansen ROCK NOW AFTER HOuRS an Australian who 'both hail from the commonwealth’ hence the name! How's this for credentials Anthony is ex-Armani, CREATIVE RECREATIONS has arrived Donna Karan and previously creative with an inspired range of bridge-the-gap director of Kenneth Cole. Richard is formal/casual footwear. the founder of creative design agency What do rock stars wear after they've hung up Chandelier Creative. These guys know their guitar and peeled off their leather pants? Stacey Smith (menswear buyer) thinks that what the modern man wants with their JOHN VARVATOS that’s what! these are the coolest pair of kicks she’s contemporary tailoring and brand of His range of unstructured tailoring, distressed denim and seen this season and definitely a wise style masculinity. It’s our first season with tongue in cheek t-shirts are perfect for the off duty rocker investment as they provide that formal flavour the boys and we are delighted to have and John always has a band in mind when designing. to accompany both jeans, shorts and wait for them all to ourselves in the uK. That’s John Vavartos fan and menswear buyer Stacey highlights it, here’s the best part TROuSERS. If that isn’t right gentlemen you can get all dressed the stars of the show, an alpaca hand-knit cardie with enough we have their made in Italy range up in this garb – ONLY AT MATCHES. horn toggles, a pulled Prince of Wales check trouser and which have cool zip off SERIOuSLY COOL waxed, leather and canvas spectator high tops that boots. It's only rock and roll but we like it! transform into a deck shoe. Pure genius. Rock-stars take note: John Varvatos PRE-COLLECTION ONLY AVAILABLE at our gig. OFF THE CuFF MAP IT OUT "It's Champagne, it's Caviar, it's Dunhill!" You can’t argue with a French man who hails Your favourite designers? Dunhill has been synonymous with luxury from a family of drapers that goes back for Yves Saint Laurent for perfect cuts since the 1950s. Creative director Kim five generations! We give you – Marchand and precision. Jones has brought the truly English sense Drapier. A second season en famille our Martin Margiela for good basics. of luxury that Dunhill is famous for into menswear buyer Stacey Smith loves creative Paul Smith for fun and happiness. the twenty first century. director Bendoit Carpentier’s mix of old style We present this season THE BEST of tailoring combined with contemporary styling, What are you rules when designing? their PERFECT TAILORED outerwear and especially their traditional shirts in beautiful To be refined but very masculine. jackets, the POINT OF DIFFERENCE fabrics with unexpectedly decorative detailing. To be elegant but not boring. my friends, is that the Mackintosh is La vie est belle. finished JuST FOR MATCHES with a What key details are Marchand Drapier printed STREETS OF LONDON LINING, signatures? marked with the specific location of The red embroidery logo on shirts and each of the Matches stores. Wonderful the measurement tape on flies. attention to detail and it's handy if you lose your way on route to our stores! Which English gent would you love to dress top to toe? Robbie Williams. What’s next for Marchand Drapier? To be number one in England! 6 WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM 7
  5. 5. FINE & DANDY Patrick Grant of Norton & Sons, Savile Row has revived the old sporting and military tailor E-TAuZ that dressed the likes of the Duke of Windsor, Churchill and America’s pre-war elite with a new line of highly traditional, high-quality, ready- to-wear menswear. All sourced from tiny traditional artisans around the u.K. Knitwear from Shetland and Southern Wales, even hand-made bow-ties as far a field as Stoke Newington! The collection isn’t too tweedy - more a hybrid of the kind of clothes men like Churchill would wear with a fun contemporary twist. What does e.Tautz stand for? E. Tautz is Edward Eautz, royal tailor in the mid 1800’s. What’s the best sartorial advice that you have been given? Take a little time to enjoy dressing each morning; it may be the only moment for quiet reflection that you get all day. What do you wish men wore more of? Neckties; wool, cashmere, cotton, silk, bow, i don’t mind, but MODERN you are never fully dressed without a tie. Who’s the best dressed man of the moment? I have to agree with esquire, prince charles never looks anything BLOCK other than beautifully dressed. Describe savile row in 3 words? Elegance, craftsmanship, civility. LIFE IS SIMPLE TONY MELILLO Another Savile Row-er, Nick Hart of Aquascutum Ltd. references the sharp iconic silhouette of 1960s modernist British tailoring. The look is a mix of meticulous attention to detail, tradition and Guys don’t think about clothes much right? A shirt, a pair of directional design with a simple and disciplined pants, a jacket if it’s chilly. Life is simple, uncomplicated, easy. approach. Our menswear buyer Stacey Smith But wait …which shirt, which pair of pants, which jacket? loves the A/W09 tailored overcoats, natty shirts Ouch! This was supposed to be easy, that’s where TONY and practical yet stylish Aqua-Macs created on MELILLO comes to the rescue. What shirt? The shirt that fits like the coolest modern block. an old Italian tailor made it. What pants? A pair that fit like your favourite jeans. Which jacket? The jacket that you can throw over the aforementioned shirt and pant and go pretty FORMULA much anywhere in the world and be the best dressed person in the room. This is the Tony we know and love every season and A/W09 continues to hit the spot. ONE We caught up with Tony in LA to get the low-down on his little black book and more. WHAT IS YOUR FASHION? LOVE Deliciously soft fabrics, Italian knits and cuts inspired by the That fashion is always changing so if you make a established Savile Row tailor Edward Sexton all worked with a mistake it's gone tomorrow! hint of the glamour and zip of the Formula One racetrack. Put it HATE together and what have you got - FORM - Petra Ecclestone’s Not so into the trendiest things in fashion... new MENSWEAR range catering to a man who wants to they never really make people look confident. look smart but relaxed. We think it’s totally on track and a sure MuST HAVE winner. Select styles only at Matches. Good basics...they make any outfit more real. MISTAKE When ever you feel uncomfortable it’s a mistake so change rather then regret the look all day long! TONY MELILLO'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK, ON WHERE YOU GO IN... WOOLRICH WOOLEN MILLS NEW YORK Corner bistro for the best sirloin burgers in NYC. LONDON The seeing all the newest shows and dinner at The Ivy. PARIS ‘We love imperfection; we love something that doesn’t The Picasso museum is really a favourite even though look like anything else.’ says Daiki Suzuki the creative I've been so many times. director of Woolrich Woollen Mills, and we couldn’t agree MILAN more. Our first season with the brand which recreates St Ambros for coffee and people watching... the tried and tested American classics with a Japanese the older women look so amazing in Milan. aesthetic. A/W09 brings their own particular mix of functionality and simplicity to the fore with boiled wool jackets, waistcoats and plaid shirts, truly authentic clothes that are designed for guys who like their clothes to have a silent exclusivity. 8 WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM 9
  6. 6. C.R.A.F.T SPY NEWS LEFT DENIM BANK Think about the name C.R.A.F.T, the initials stand not only for the handcrafted details of their sexy jeans, but for cantrememberafxxxingthing COOL Isabel Marant embraced a tougher - an ode to the drunken conception mood this season epitomising of the project. The story goes like everything we want to wear for R AG AND BONE this; boys have big night out, boys A/W09. A favourite collection of notice a cool girl with great style, next our spy buyer Georgie who loved morning boys can't remember, except the rocky printed rabbit fur coats, of course the girl with a HOT pair of super sexy over the knee boots, JEANS and hey presto you have a hot rock chick studded fold down ankle women's jean collection. boots and on trend leather leggings. So ROCK AND ROLL the Rag & We caught up with the guys from Rag Describe your New York It is truly a collection which leaves Bone pair Marcus Wainwright and and Bone to ask them a few questions. meatpacking showroom? You've gotta LOVE C.R.A.F.T's us a little weak at the knees. David Neville had Radiohead's front Two London guys, why the It’s just one giant loft floor. It used to be irreverent sense of humour and sexy man curating their soundtrack for their New York move? Mathew Barney's art studio...there aren't fit. It is the HOTTEST denim A/W09 fashion show. We love these any walls in it so it’s really just a very label of the moment and with all modern English gentlemen for their Two fairly straightforward reasons....the large creative space. We do everything new DIRECTIONAL silhouettes attitude and style. Based in New York weather and a girl! It’s the most inspiring from pattern making, sample sewing, evolving with each season they are their unique brand of British tailoring city I've ever been to, anything is possible, fitting, design and sales in the same room. the ONES TO WATCH. We've meets New York cool is exactly where it's literally. Even two untrained Englishmen earmarked the Hells Angels style, as an AW/09 must have, a biker style that is totally on trend. C.R.A.F.T at for A/W09. We've nabbed their pick of the crop, with the SEXIEST biker starting a fashion brand. Fall inspiration? What’s been Rag and Bone’s finest hour to date? CIAO BELLA! leggings, boyfriend shirts and classic Winning a CFDA Award but I think that are THE jeans experience that is military embellished blazers for the girls, Fall was largely inspired by a trip to may have been overtaken by opening our going to rock your world! and quirky tailoring for the boys. Rag & Japan and a visit to the Metropolitan first store last year. Having said that there Bone's understated yet wearable clothes Museum's Samurai armour collection. have been a lot of great moments along the WHAT'S GOOD are without a doubt, COOL. That coupled with the cores Rag & Bone aesthetic of English tailoring fused with way, we are very lucky, we love what we do and it’s a lot of fun. A little bit kitsch, a little bit quirky. Bella Freud rocks out THE COOLEST and FOR THE the American work and military-wear CUTEST knitwear we’ve seen for A/W09. GOOSE aesthetic and of course New York City. our pick has to be the fun TONGUE IN CHEEK black and white sweaters. AMERICAN Girls there's nothing stopping you from packing up and heading for Mount Everest in our ALL NEW VINTAGE collection of  ARCTIC PARKA COATS (yes they’re for the snow).  The ski goddesses amongst you have probably been wrapped up in your boyfriend’s CANADA GOOSE jacket all winter long but here's a collection just for you. We love the fact that each Our ALL NEW collection of beautiful cotton basics is suprisingly not American, it's actually French! AQUA-MAC Aquascutum have solved the perennial fashion jacket is HAND-MADE in the snow The collection is inspired by soft American cottons, problem for nearly 155 years - how to look good capital - Toronto. mixed with a touch of French femininity. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven. It's our PRIZE PICK when it starts raining cats and dogs. So, as you of A/W09, especially with their feather light weight can imagine we trust that these guys know a long sleeved tops layered in the most sophisticated thing or two about rain-wear. IT TAKES TWO PRPS melange of colour. Vive la France! For A/W09 we bring you the AQUA-MAC. A brightly coloured innovative rain jacket which rolls into its own self contained bag sewn into the lining. Perfect for the tiniest of clutches and They’ve done it again! Actresses- The ultimate, perfectly fitted, ready to wear at the first splash of rain. turned-fashion icons Mary-Kate HANDMADE jean from PRPS. and Ashley Olsen present Elizabeth This season we're championing the and James, the diffusion line of their BOYFRIEND and THE SKINNY mainline collection, THE ROW. These jean. These are my jean-loving friends, girls know how to fuse downtown edge in JAPANESE DENIM with serious with uptown aesthetics. We love their attention to detail and a great fit. relaxed take on the tuxedo jacket, stripy slouchy t-shirts and rocky rabbit fur “I just love the wash on the skinnies gilets. It’s HOT OFF THE PRESS and the studs are super cool. The and TOTALLY New York. boyfriend has a great check lining on the inside of the waistband, an intimate detail just for you!” GEORGINA GAINZA 10 WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM SPY BuYER WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM 11
  7. 7. ROCK THE SEE IT IN JEWEL PRINT OUR Alice Stone of LILY & LIONEL is in design wonderland, just featured in this month's Vogue and NOW a capsule collection for yours truly. Her ethically sourced and truly one-of-a- kind scarves are GORGEOUS and come in THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HERO We are captivated by MONIICA COLOURS and animal prints. ONLY VINADER jewels and you will be AVAILABLE in our SPY stores in DAZZLED too when you take one look at Notting Hill and Wimbledon. her semi-precious gold and silver rings and bracelets inset with deep coloured gemstones – each are unique and tell a story of Monica’s exotic adventures. PIECES Everybody loves a hero – the crowd pleaser that makes our PERFECT hearts skip a beat; put simply THE BEST OF THE BEST. HARMONY Get ready to be swept off your feet with our buyers delights Ebony and Ivory is the brainchild of model for A/W09! and television presenter Bianca Vaitl. The beautiful long scarves are in a myriad of colours and hand sewn with love all along the BRIAN ATWOOD seams. In fact, no two scarves are the same! SEND THE MESSENGER Spread the word, WE LOVE TILA MARCH. The ex-Elle editor knows her stylish accessories and take NOTE, NOTE, NOTE the messenger bag, which we have in two glorious colours is our buyer Georgie’s TOP PICK. BE THE Sigersen Morrison’s sister diffusion line BELLE is getting bigger than her grown- We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Brian Atwood’s BELLE up siblings boots.  We’re just charmed by crystal stiletto! A shoe fit for a New York City the FUN FLATS with Mexican good luck discothèque queen and made for the spotlight charms, deep purple suede boots and sexy with its multi-coloured flashing gems. GLADIATOR high heel sandals. These babies are only at Matches! 12 WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM 13
  10. 10. pETER pIlOTTO AlExANdER MCquEEN NATHAN jENdEN ERdEM GUNS N ROSES bAlENCIAgA Take me down to paradise city where the girls are pretty in print YET tough in motorcycle jackets, knuckle duster clutches and studded up ankle boots - We all know the decade SOpHIA kOkOSAlAkI TWENTy8TWElvE but its not as you know it…sssh don’t say 1980s. AlExANdER MCquEEN dIANE vON FuRSTENbERg RupERT SANdERSON dIANE vON FuRSTENbERg ERdEM OSSIE ClARk lANvIN pREEN AlExANdER MCquEEN 18 WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM 19 CHRISTIAN lOubOuTIN
  11. 11. 3.1 pHIllIp lIM ISAbEl MARANT HERE COMES... STEllA MCCARTNEy yvES SAINT lAuRENT WElCOME TO THE JUNGLE It’s a jungle out there, so layer up and look chic against the elements in mixed up animal print and enveloping, heart-warming furs. yvES SAINT lAuRENT STEllA MCCARTNEy bAlENCIAgA dIANE vON FuRSTENbERg CHlOÉ THE blOuSE ISAbEl MARANT dIANE vON FuRSTENbERg Follow your feminine wiles and get blousy for A/W09. MAlOlES 20 WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM 21
  12. 12. MAdE IN HEAvEN bOTTEgA vENETA MIu MIu lANvIN MISSONI THE ROW pATRIzIA pEpE 40’S TIlA MARCH FORTE “Listen very carefully we will say this only once…” be classically feminine in glamorous forties silhouettes and go all out Veronica Lake with flashes of fur. All AMERICAN Walking that walk in GIRL Chloe’s hiker boots, talking that slick talk in MiH road-trekkers, ROkSANdA IlINCIC loving that plaid shirt, bOTTEgA vENETA we’re liking this ALL American girl look. CHlOÉ yvES SAINT lAuRENT quEENE & bEllE lANvIN CElINE CElINE WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM 23
  13. 13. dIANE vON FuRSTENbERg dIANE vON FuRSTENbERg STEllA MCCARTNEy THE NEW CA-pONCHO! “...a new shape, my word for it is the ca-poncho – an innovative mix between a cape and a poncho!” bRIdgET COSgRAvE MATCHES FASHION dIRECTOR MATTHEW WIllIAMSON SOpHIA kOkOSAlAkI lANvIN ROUGH CUT CHIC MATTHEW WIllIAMSON yvES SAINT lAuRENT Molten, riveted, studded and encrusted metal embellishment has a jewel purpose adding street edge to refined dressing. MISSONI IN THE MOOd FOR SNOOD CHRISTIAN lOubOuTIN AlExANdER MCquEEN ISAbEl MARANT Wrap it, drape it and layer it in snoods, scarves and wraps – a glamorous game of hide and seek in deep MAlOlES cashmere and floor skimming chunky knits. MISSONI 24 WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM 25
  14. 14. lANvIN FOOT lOOSE bRIAN ATWOOd & FANCy FREE WOW have we got a seductive selection f shoe treats or what! Bedazzle in Brian Atwood’s glimmering dancing shoes, get high in Chloe and Celine’s devilishly heeled ankle boots and without a doubt, the IT SHOE for A/W09- get ready for the over-the-knee boot. CHRISTIAN lOubOuTIN AlExANdER MCquEEN CHRISTIAN lOubOuTIN vAlENTINO CHlOÉ MAxMARA STEllA MCCARTNEy HAlSTON HAlSTON REd HOT MIu MIu CElINE STEllA MCCARTNEy bRIAN ATWOOd Fire up your wardrobe in Autumn’s head to toe red. Stand out from the crowd in CHRISTIAN lOubOuTIN AlExANdER MCquEEN rouge, tomato and flashes of crimson. AlExANdER MCquEEN WWW.MATCHESFASHION.COM 27