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It technology used by terrorist


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how terrorist get information via satelite phone

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It technology used by terrorist

  1. 1. InformatIontechnology used by terrorIsts Presented by - Pravin Devkar
  3. 3.  The word terrorism was first used in France to describe a new system of government adopted during the French revolution.(1789-1799). Theirintention was to promote democracy and to write-off the revolution of its enemies and there by purifying it. However , the oppression and the violent excesses the revolution and transformed it into the feared instrument of state. From that time on, terrorism has had a decidedly negative connection. 3
  4. 4.  Terrorist is not new, and even though it has been usedsince the beginning of recorded history it can berelatively hard to define. The strategy of terrorist is to commit act of violence,which draws the attention of local population and therespective government.
  5. 5. A Terrorist group commits actsof violence to:- Produce wide spread fear. To capture the attention of the media. Harass, weaken, or embarrass government security forces. Steal or extort money & equipment to fulfill their operation of their group. Destroy facilities or disrupt lines of communication.
  6. 6.  Discourage foreign investments, tourism, or assistance programs that can affect the target country’s economy and support of the government in power. Influence government decisions, legislation, or other critical decisions. Free prisoners.
  7. 7.  TO carry on a mission that is a terror attack the terrorists require a lot of fund. Saudi Arabia remains the worlds leading source of money for Al Qaeda and other extremist networks. Furthermore, terrorist organizations have created links with the Russian Mafia, Colombian drug cartel, and a number of other international criminal organizations. These links of politics, money, geography, and arms create a mutually beneficial relationship that allows both the terrorists and the criminal organizations to prosper.
  8. 8.  Drug trafficking, an estimated $2 trillion market per year, has become the best weapon for terrorists. Beyond helping terrorists to finance their wide range of illegal activities, the drug market has also allowed terrorist organizations to undermine targeted countries both politically and economically. Terrorists also generate money from criminal activities such as extortion, prostitution rings, video pirating, and drug trafficking which gives them $2 trillion per year
  9. 9.  Satellite phone Google earth
  10. 10. World Trade Center : 11th September 2001
  11. 11. Mumbai : 26th November 2008
  12. 12. Lahore :Pakistan
  13. 13. In all such terror attacks Information Technology hasbeen extensively used(or rather misused)In fact the terrorism is day by day becoming more &more techno-savvy without which it may not achievethe expected resultsFor Example --------
  14. 14.  Satellite phone is the greater invention in IT Technology. The greater advantage of satellite phone is that, the instrument can be used in any where all around the world. IT does not require any sim card facility ,it is directly connected to the satellite. Thus Due to which it helps them to communicate easily. Thissatellite phones was used by terrorist in this recent Mumbai attack.
  15. 15. Among the other objects found in the boat usedby the terrorists, satellite phone, a model, wasdiscovered which could be the key to find moreinformation about the terrorists“On 2008 Nov. 18, Indian intelligence alsointercepted a satellite phone call to a numberin Pakistan known to be used by a leader of theterror group, Lashkare Taiba, believed to beresponsible for the weekend attack”
  16. 16. Among all the commercial technologies used by theterrorists are GPS and SATELLITE PHONESLocations were pinpointed by using GPS veryaccurately during Mumbai attackThe terrorists used them to monitor the situationusing British mediasIt appears the terrorists proclaimed their identityby sending various forged emails to news outlets byusing a REMAILERS
  17. 17. French counter-terror experts leading an internationalinquiry into the attacks discovered that a facility, set upthere by Abu Musab al Zarqawi, al Qaeda’s late Iraqcommander, had developed the new design which worksthrough Internet messengers like Skype or MSN.Network-connected mobile phones can remotely detonateover the Internet simultaneous explosions hundreds ofmiles apart, anywhere in the world
  18. 18. Google Earth providesfree Internet satellitepictures to sensitivelocations in India, whichare being misused byterror agents.
  19. 19. CONCLUSIONInformation technology is a very high techsystem It provides lots of knowledge to the newgenerationIt should be used for the welfare and theprogress of the society …..… let us hope it will be used for the benefitsof the mankind only