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Amsterdam MBA, Innovation Management class final assignment idea.

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Final assignment v07

  1. 1. Innovation Management Final Assignment Gladys, Samir, Fatih, Gulcin, Yifu , Kivanc
  2. 2. No ODDS
  3. 3. Underground organizations… Hurt Sports…
  4. 4. Betting Company
  5. 5. Legal feasibility Conflict of interest issue between “Commercial” and “Integrity” (Gambling and Sport betting industry vs. International and national sporting bodies) No issues with obtaining an operation license in EU: Some EU member states have monopolistic public or private operators with exclusive right (e.g. ToTo in the Netherlands). Others have established licensing systems for more than one operator.
  6. 6. Orthodoxies of betting You can only bet against betting companies. You can only bet on certain sport events which are selected by betting companies. Betting companies define the odds. Some winners and some losers, but betting companies always win! No license fee required for betting on events.
  7. 7. How to? Managed Process: Betting is embedded into cable TV offering Strategic Alignment: Awareness of viewers, partnerships with cable TV providers and content creators. Industry foresight: Source:
  8. 8. Digital TV Provider Network • White team wins • 5 Euro • +31207783610 • White team wins • 5 Euro • +31207783620 • Accept? Or reject? Accept 0207783610 020778362 0
  9. 9. Digital TV Provider Network Invoice 80 euro Invoice 80 euro 75,30 euro 85,00 euro 0,30 Euro
  10. 10. Why is this an innovative project? Game changer in terms of process and service by cutting middle man out Embed in an economic system and an industry. Easier and cheaper to create a platform or an ecosystem and have trials as pretotypes Creates significant value by presenting more effective product, process and service Right technology for existing desires Bet anytime you want; Self confidence , fun and convenience Bet for whoever or whatever you want; Freedom of choice and freewill Win or Lose, no 3rd option; Higher emotional satisfaction Bet at any cost you like: No middle man, odds or suprises involved
  11. 11. Dimensions touched Finance -> Networking: Each household with cable TV Process -> Enabling process by cutting middle man Offering -> Product performance: Any TV show which has potential to bet -> Product system: Through cable TV, online, live -> Service: Online, live, very low cost Delivery -> Channel: Infrastucture that cable TV providers have -> Customer experience: Unique, entertaining, effortless This innovative project touches 7 dimensions out of 10.
  12. 12. Global sports betting vs. other gambling gross win in €bns (2004-2012) Cognitive emotional side: Betting on sporting events is appealing to consumers, hence a product in demand
  13. 13. Benefits Increase of client base Enhanced competitive advantage Good Timing : 90 days left for the World Cup 2014 A digital network provider social platform that people enjoy by fair and fun betting Via service provider you can earn/spend point like airlines. Subscribers will use the feature by checking monthly invoice. You can share your bet results and monthly bet balance on Facebook, twitter.
  14. 14. “I want people to understand, gambling is not a bad thing if you do it within the framework of what it's meant to be, which is fun and entertaining.” Michael Jordan “A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned. ” Paul Newman