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Alternatives to 141b in Insulating Foam


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Alternatives to 141b in Insulating Foam

  1. 1. Alternatives to 141b in Insulating Foam z
  2. 2. Honeywell – a History of Innovation KYOTO PROTOCOL MONTREAL PROTOCOL EU LEGISLATION CFC HCFC F-Gas Regulation Phase-out Phase-out CFCs HCFCs HFCs HFOs1900s 1990s 2000s 2010s Ozone Depleting Non-Ozone Depleting Low-Global-Warming and Very High Global but High Global Warming Potential and No Ozone Warming Potential Potential Depletion Effect Innovating to Enable Customers to Comply
  3. 3. Designing Low GWP HFC Replacements F C Honeywell +122 +50 Development 365mfc Solvent +104 +40 Applications Polyurethane +86 +30 Foam Chillers (LP) (Liquid BA) HFO +68 +20 245faBoiling Point +50 +10 32 0 14 -10 Polyurethane Foam 227ea XPS Foam (Gaseous BA) Aerosol HFO-1234ze -4 -20 Propellants 134a Mobile A/C -30 HFO-1234yf -22 Commercial Refrigeration -40 -40 22, 407C 404A Stationary HFO Blends A/C -50 -50 410ALow Global Warming Products for A Broad Range of Applications
  4. 4. Next Generation Solutions Auto Air Conditioners Aerosols HFO 1234yf HFO 1234ze• Environment: GWP of 4 vs. 1430 • Environment: GWP of 6 vs. 1430• Performance: Same Cooling Efficiency • Performance: Meets all Requirements• Safety: SAE International Approved • Safety: Dramatically Safer than HCs• Cost: Near Drop-in Replacement • Cost: Economic in Use Today Commercialized; Plants Being Built Commercialized; Capacity Expanded 3x Blowing Agents Stationary Air Conditioning HFO 1234ze and HBA2 HFO 1234yf and 1234ze• Environment: GWP of 7 vs. >1030 • Environment: >50% GWP reduction• Performance: More Energy Efficient • Performance: Same Energy Efficiency• Safety: Dramatically Safer than HCs • Safety: Dramatic Improvement vs. Flammable Hydrocarbons• Cost: Lower Capital and System Costs • Cost: Solution by Application Commercial In Select Applications Customer Trials; Positive Results Pipeline of 4th Generation Products Being Commercialized
  5. 5. Solutions for Foam• Extruded Polystyrene - 1234ze Commercialized in 2008-09 - Plant Expanded - Customer Contracts Signed• One Component Polyurethane Foam - 1234ze Commercialized in 2008-09 - Customer Contracts Signed• Two Component Polyurethane Foam - 1234ze and HBA2 in Trials in 2009-11 - Successful Spray Foam Field Trials - Successful Appliance Trials Several Solutions for Foam Being Commercialized
  6. 6. Polyurethane Foam: Blowing Agents Comparison HCFC Hydro HFC Performance HCFC Hydro HFC HBA2 141b 141b Carbons Carbons 245fa 245fa HBA2 Energy Efficiency t Cost effective Adoption Capital/ Ease Bes 2 – ll HBA vera O ion Lower Cost/Unit S olut Global Warming Impact Environment (direct and indirect) Ozone Depletion Impact Volatile Organics Flammability Safety Toxicity Meets requirementsHBA2: Lower-cost, Most Efficient and Environmentally-superior* Specifics will vary by energy efficiency standards and type of refrigerator
  7. 7. Performance: Efficiency % Energy Efficiency Improvement Comments (refrigerator trial1) • In refrigerator trials, compared to 245fa: • Cyclopentane 8-10% less efficient Hydrocarbon HBA2 • HBA2 2% more efficient (in un-optmized (Cyclopentane) solution; likely to be higher than 2%) (Un-optimized)Baseline 2% 2% • 245fa, HBA2 better than hydrocarbons:(245fa) • Better low-temperature efficiency  saves energy costs 8-10% -10% • Expect similar peformance for spray and panel foam 12% • Lower end-of-life management costs – 6- ient A2 HB e effic r mo an CP th m ste e r sy C P Low t than cos1) commercial refrigerator trials; unoptimized formulation of HBA2 HBA2: 10-12% More Energy Efficient and Likely Lower System Cost Than Cyclopentane
  8. 8. Environmental / SafetyLifetime (yrs) Global Warming Potential (GWP) 13.0 1,300 9.3 Very 930 Low Global 7.6 Short-lived 725 Warming 0.1 11 7 CP 141b 245fa 134a HBA2 CP 141b 245fa 134a HBA2Flammability Volatile Organic Compound (VOC/ POCP) FLAMMABLE NOT FLAMMABLE VOC NOT VOC • 141b • 141b • Cyclopentane • Cyclopentane • 245fa • 245fa • 365mfc • 134a • 134a Permitting issue • HBA2 • 365mfcHigher cost/ risk to Higher cost operate • HBA2 HBA2 Offers Best Environmental Performance
  9. 9. Transitioning from Blowing Agent 141bCurrent: Transition to: Assessment Future Impact Performance • May not meet emerging Cyclo- Cost-effective energy standards and may require a 2nd transition to pentane Environment 245fa or HBA2 Today Safety • Solution available today Performance • Will meet energy efficiency Cost-effective 141b 245fa Today standards Environment • Can transition to HBA2 in Safety future to meet GWP 2013+ standardsArticle VCountries Performance • Most energy efficient blowing agent with very low Cost-effective GWP (7) puts you in the HBA2 Environment best position now and in the future Safety245fa and HBA2: Low Capital and Cost Transitions From 141b
  10. 10. Transitioning from CyclopentaneCurrent: Transition to: Assessment Future Impact Performance • While better positioned to Cost-effective meet new energy 245fa Environment standards, GWP may be an issue down the road Safety Today Cyclo-pentane 2013+EUChinaBrazil Performance • Most energy efficientUS blowing agent with very Cost-effective low GWP (7) puts you in HBA2 Environment the best position now Safety and in the future 245fa and HBA2 Offer Better Solutions Than Cyclopentane
  11. 11. Summary• Honeywell is commercializing a broad pipeline of - Automotive A/C, stationary A/C, foams, solvents - Customer contracts in place - Plants being built• Honeywell already has commercial offerings in Foams - Extruded Polystyrene - One component foam - Spray foam - Appliance foam• HBA2 showing extremely positive results in trials: - High energy performance - Lower cost solution (capital and operating costs) - Best environmental balance - Safe: non-flammable and non toxic• 245fa and HBA2 represent the best transition solution away from 141bLower-cost, Higher-performance, Environmental, Safe Solutions