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Registration of Operators and administration of refrigeration circuits, IT based logbooks


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Registration of Operators and administration of refrigeration circuits, IT based logbooks

  1. 1. Registration of Operators andadministration of refrigeration circuits, the IT based logbookImplementation of the ODS and Fgas regulations in Hungary Mr. Attila ZOLTÁN, managing director HMBC UNEP Thematic meeting on HPMP, Budapest, 19-21 October 2011
  2. 2. Personnel Registration,Assessment fee paid, Operator yearly control ownerPersonnel only to becertified Refrigeration registered “Licensed” circuit if more service database than 3 kg!! companiesCompany in fourcertification technical (later MAC categories: data, label, too!! leakch, HLH-I, -II brake in,Realtime IT admin... Stakeholderscertification! MAC-I, -IILegal, to be admin registered putTechnical, Refrigerant on the market,Procedures a management use, reclaim, dispose,CERTIFICATION MONITORING refrigerant Hungarian Monitoring and Certification structure, Oct, 1011, Budap
  3. 3. Hungarian wayREGISTERED COMPANIES (All the stakeholders, except certified!) – Semi-certified (wholesalers, distributors), – Operators of installed 3 or more kg charge,, – Operators of mobile (transport) refrigeration circuit 3 or more! – Use refrigerant (R&D, manufacturers, schools, ..) – Reclaiming and disposal facilities
  4. 4. Hungarian wayTasks and responsibilities of REGISTERED COMPANIES Semi-certified (wholesalers, distributors), – To employ certified Category III. – To control the certification’s validity of certified company at selling refrigerant, – Administration of sold refrigerant(list of buyers, types and quantities – Yearly Report about the imported, sold, exported and
  5. 5. Hungarian wayTasks and responsibilities REGISTERED COMPANIES (All the stakeholders, except certified!) Operators of installed 3 or more kg charge, – Registration both of sites and refrigeration circuits, – To pay fees (6-7€/circuit, year + 0,1 €cent/kg – Find and appoint certified partners – Permanent control of administration – Yearly report (check and acceptation of data made by partners)
  6. 6. Hungarian wayOperators of mobile (transport) refrigeration circuit 3 or more, similar as mentioned above – from 1st og January 2012, if ?!Use refrigerant (R &D, manufacturers, assessment places …) – Yearly reportingReclaiming, demolishing and disposal facilities
  7. 7. Hungarian way, history Registration of operators, monitoring the refrigeration circuits• Neither operator, nor circuit registration – period until 2007• HRACA system since 2007, only circuits, and by certified companies, • Pre-certified companies with certified personnel for leakage- checking (orange card, 150 companies), • Labelling, minutes with data to be reported, (about 2500 equipment),• Mandatory equipment (3 or more kg) registration system, since 2008 about 15-18t refrigeration circuits have been registered by the operators, at the authorities,• And in the end 2009 start with the Body’s IT system!!
  8. 8. . Start: Equipment label until 07.2009 by HRACA
  9. 9. .Leakchecking labeluntil 07.2009by HRACA
  10. 10. And now the Body’s IT systemHungarian Monitoring and Certification Body for installed and mobile Refrigeration, AirConditioning and Heatpump sector, appointed by the Minister responsible for the Environment on the 29th of July 2009 Hungarian version, English later!!
  11. 11. The homepage Környezetvédelmi Felügyelőségek Fórum– KvVM 2009. szeptember 30.
  12. 12. Company certification, registrationHLH- I, HLH-II - installedMAC-I, MAC-II- mobileHLH – IV – operators withown category IVpersonnelRefrigerant dealer –direct-indirectK – outside HUKF – R&DManufacturerR – reclaiming pointS – disposal pointBT – application operator Környezetvédelmi Felügyelőségek Fórum– KvVM 2009. szeptember 30.
  13. 13. Operators, refrigeration circuits• registration circuit by circuit (no equipment, no application) , installed and putting into operation,• very first registration by the operator: company data, sites, name of equipment, not more!!,• appointing certified companies by the operator, as service partner(s), to register real data by circuits and make services needed
  14. 14. Operators, refrigeration circuits• LABEL – the only printable one• Mandatory minutes: – leakage checking, after-repairs too! – use-recovering refrigerant – circuit-repair – control installed leakage checking equipment• Ability of storage all other, additional documents needed – Leakage checking documentation (mandatory), – Minutes of putting into operation, commissioning, – Additional remarks, service documents, operational manuals,..• a proper, absolutely paperless e-logbook!!
  15. 15. Operators, refrigeration circuits• Ready for data-evaluations, reporting,• information source for public, body, authorities,• mandatory for 3kgs and up (only installed),• Voluntary for less then 3(6) kgs installed and + MAC,
  16. 16. Registration data of refrigeration circuitby Certified person of Certified company Környezetvédelmi Felügyelőségek Fórum– KvVM 2009. szeptember 30.
  17. 17. . Result is a refrigeration CIRCUIT LABEL of HMCB - with all the data needed - barcode for ID -”hidden” proof of mandatory leakage checking - ……………- can be printed onsite..
  18. 18. Registration of refrigeration circuitby Operator/Owner, appointing Certified company Környezetvédelmi Felügyelőségek Fórum– KvVM 2009. szeptember 30.
  19. 19. Use of minutes, protokols byappointed Certified person of Certified company rolling menus, predefined data control of refrigerant charge vs filled/recovered quantity history retrofit Környezetvédelmi Felügyelőségek Fórum– KvVM 2009. szeptember 30.
  20. 20. Results since ..• The HMCB&IT operating started on the 6th of July 2009• Since than a lot of corrections fluently, but it works• 7800 HRACA registered/ 2300 interim/final certified persons• 1800/1400 certified companies,• Close 31.000 IT registered refrigeration circuits
  21. 21. Results since ..• Some disturbing facts: governmental changes, economy low-flight, MSs’ certification-import, sleeping authorities, black market,…but• Persons are on different opinion - preconditions, e-learning of the Fgas assesment,• Certified companies are strongly interested in a proper working system, but some others… not• Operators slowly realize the „need” of doing so and are happy,
  22. 22. Hungarian Monitoring and Certification Body HLH-Monitoring Nonprofit Kft.Petzvál József utca 31-33., 1119 Budapest, Hungary Managing Director: Mr. Attila Zoltán t/fax: +36-1-224-0150
  23. 23. ?????????????????????? Thanks for attention