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Industry perspective mobile air conditioning India


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MOBILE AIR CONDITIONING India policy workshop

Published in: Technology
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Industry perspective mobile air conditioning India

  1. 1. MOBILE AIR CONDITIONING India policy workshop Industry perspective I V Rao Managing Executive Officer (Engg) Maruti Suzuki India Ltd SIAM
  2. 2. Presentation Outline Indian Automotive Industry Automotive refrigerant evolution The Way forward….
  3. 3. Indian Auto Industry – Vision 2016 “ To emerge as the destination of choice in the world for design and manufacture of automobiles and auto components with 1. Target output of $ 145 Bn 2. GDP contribution of 10% 3. Additional Employment generation of 25 Million What does this mean ? As a result, Indian Automobile production in the world would become… 2006 2016 2006 2016 Contribution to GDP(%) 2 times Passenger 5% 10% Vehicle 11th 7th Employment (billion) 13 38 3 times Commercial Vehicle 4th 4th Revenue ($ billion) 34 145 4 times Export ($ billion) 4.1 35 9 times 2 Wheeler 2nd 2nd
  4. 4. Passenger Car segment growth • India Passenger Car Industry is bound to double by 2015-16. • 7th Largest Passenger car Market by 2016 3.04 Mn • More than 60% sales take place in the Hatch segment 1.51 Mn CAGR: 12 % CAGR: 13.5 % 0.05 Mn
  5. 5. Market Challenges
  6. 6. The Green House Effect  In India Transport contribute to 10% of total CO2 emissions.  Reducing the CO2 emissions is the biggest challenge for all the stakeholders Source: Initial National Communication to UNFCC; MoEF, Government of India Contribution of CO2 emission by transport sector to be reduced
  7. 7. Air conditioning in Indian market Changing customer profile & expectations More of necessity than comfort Non A/C vehicles may opt for an aftermarket fitment
  8. 8. MAC refrigerants Relative emission of MAC in CO2 eq. to other sources
  9. 9. Towards a Greener Tomorrow Customers Environment Regulators Auto Refrigerants Industry industry Greener Vehicles Greener Refrigerants
  10. 10. Regulation roadmap Technology Maturity & Cost - Key issues for Work on alternative adoption in India refrigerants as CO2, HFO etc India Asia Future legislation ?? Systems with Estimated improved sealing NA-CARB legislation timing - to ensure low New refrigerant leak rates EU New type approval Refrigerant GWP<150 Changeover EU Low leak rates EU CFC---> HFC Changeover to HFC - Performance & India Changeover Technology maturity 2003 CFC---> HFC 1990s 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 Technology maturity & adaptation is critical for India
  11. 11. Indian experience of CFC replacement 1. Indian auto OEMs changed from CFC to HFC in 2003 Changeover required lot of design efforts & enhancements Huge effort on the part of OEMs & Aircon system suppliers Addition of infrastructure to handle both CFC & HFC in the market 2. Pro-active phase out of ODS like CFCs on August 1, 2008, 17 months prior to the agreed schedule Withdrawal of CFC & related infrastructure from service industry Provision of retro fitment kits for the after market
  12. 12. The way forward.. The proposed solution should take consideration of: Reduce total environmental footprint thru’ lifecycle of vehicle Low impact on weight & Fuel efficiency Safety of occupants Global applicability irrespective of the climate of the region Ease of serviceability / Retro fitment for existing fleet Cost to OEMs /consumer
  13. 13. Improved R152a R134a HFO 1234yf CO2 TEWI?? ??