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China hpmp preperation status presentation


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HPMP PREPARATION OF CHINA FOAM SECTOR by Sun fangjuan and Meng Qingjun.

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China hpmp preperation status presentation

  2. 2. China Foam Sector - PU Foam  Using HCFC-141b as BLA  9 Sub-sectors:  Reefer vehicles and containers;  Refrigerators and freezers;  Small electrical appliances;  Solar water heater ;  Spray foam;  PU Panels;  Insulated Pipe;  PU foam in automobile sector;  Others.
  3. 3. China Foam Sector – PU Foam  Data collection methodology  HCFC-141b consumption through the use of data from the polymeric MDI (one raw material of PU foam) industry;  Questionnaire and field survey of HCFC-141b consumption in the PU foam sector ;  Estimated consumption of HCFC-141b in the PU foam sector through analyzing the data from the production survey of HCFCs;  Derive the HCFC consumption in PU foam sector based on comprehensive analysis of above data
  4. 4. China Foam Sector – PU Foam  Questionnaire and Field Survey  Questionnaire distributed to where most PU foam manufactures were concentrated. 339 feedback.  Field survey: 117 enterprises were carefully selected to ensure a general balance of enterprise in each region, sub-sectors, and their scale of operation. More attention to large foam enterprises.  Estimate from the survey data, the number of enterprises is about 3500, and the HCFC-141b is 38,100 MT in 2008.
  5. 5. China Foam Sector- XPS Foam  Using HCFC-22, HCFC-142b or blends of HCFC-22/142b as BLA;  Building and construction insulation  Cold storage insulation  Others
  6. 6. China Foam Sector - XPS Foam  Get XPS foam production amount by analyzing the survey data on capacity of Chinese building market and market share of XPS foam in insulation material subsector.  XPS foam:430 enterprises and 34,900 MT HCFC-22/142b consumption in 2008.
  7. 7. China Foam Sector – Difficulties/Challenges  lack of readily available and low cost alternative technologies  Characteristic of China foam sector: majority is medium and small enterprises. Limited technical and management capacity. Lack of experience on alternatives.  the need to maintain quality, market share and profitability  limited capital resources and insufficient funding
  8. 8. China Foam Sector - Phase out strategy  PU foam:  Sectoral phase out, priority subsectors with alternative exist/mature, aim at larger consumption; establish system houses; encourage low GWP alternatives.  XPS foam:  Take technical evaluation; provide technical support; slow down the sectoral growth rate; aim at larger consumption.
  9. 9. China Foam Sector – Progress of HPMP  Considering the difficulties of reduction in servicing sector, to ensure the achievement of the overall 10% reduction target in 2015, the foam sector plan will have to achieve more than 10% reduction from its sectoral baseline.  PU sector plan will be submitted in July 2010, and XPS sector plan to be submitted in Nov 2010.  The new “Regulation of ODS Management” has been issued by the State Council in April 2010 and will be effective on June 1, 2010. This Regulation will serve as a solid legal basis for sustainable ODS phase-out
  10. 10. Thank you!