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Serbia iPIC application and analysis of ods offered through internet


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Serbia iPIC application and analysis of ods offered through internet

  1. 1. Serbia iPIC application and analysis of ODS offered through Internet ECA enforcement network meeting Belgrade, Serbia, 10-13 May 2011 10- Biljana Ninkovic Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning Republic of SerbiaThe key element is that exporting countries check the copy of import licenses
  2. 2. What is iPIC and how iPIC works? The informal Prior Informed Consent on trade of ozone depleting substances (iPIC) is a voluntary and informal mechanism of information exchange on intended trade between the authorities in importing and exporting countries which are responsible for issuing ODS licenses. Main purpose of the iPIC is preventing illegal and unwanted trade.The key element is that exporting countries check the copy of import licenses
  3. 3. iPIC procedure Incoming iPIC Yes Check licensingДА request country sheet No Yes Listed YesThe key element is that exporting countries check the copy of import licenses trader? Contact Response? No licensing office Issue license Trade Yes confirmed? No Do not Issue license
  4. 4. Significant iPIC consultations in 2011Serbia/EU (Slovenia)The Ministry issued an licence for import of HCFC-22.Slovenian authority official informed Serbia and EU about thisimport. The imported product is actually called “RED-TEK 22a”(“RED-TEK 22a” had not been declared properly and “RED-TEK22a” was classified wrong in tariff code 2903 49 11).
  5. 5. EU (Germany)/Serbia The Ministry could not issue a license for import of CTC becauseimport of CTC in Serbia is prohibited from 1st January 2010 inaccordance with national legislation. Consequently, European Commission did not issue an export license. Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbia identified illegal export of CFC-113 to Bosnia andHerzegovina without export license. After considering thefacts, inspector decided based on Law on Economic Offenses thatthis export will not be treated as economic offense. Serbia/EU (Germany) The Ministry has not issued a license for import CTC standardbecause European Commission had not received any application forthis export.
  6. 6. Serbia/ChinaThe Ministry has not issued a license for import of HCFC-22.Export license provided by importer was issued for HCFC-22 forexport to United Arab Emirate, not to Serbia.Deadline for issuing import license was expired so Serbian importer has to submit new application for an import license.
  7. 7. China is one of the main producers of ODS as well as main exporterin the world There are around 80-100 ODS registered exporters NOU China listed in iPIC only main exporters, not all exporters Remaining companies may be included in China iPIC in the future If company not included in iPIC, China licensing office should beconsulted
  8. 8. Others companies which offer ODS for sale on Internet Jinlier International ( Zhejiang Zhonglan Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd.( Mr Refrigerant Co., Ltd. ( Jin Ju Chemical Co., Ltd. ( Refrigeration Manufacturer Group ( Silva Refrigeration Products Co., Ltd.( Mansson Industrial Co., Ltd. (http :// Techsun Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd. (http ://
  9. 9. Illegal trade in ODS has been prevented in several cases as a result ofthe application of the iPIC mechanism because licensing officersconsult each other before issuing import or export licenses.I would recommend that all countries check the iPIC sheets of theexporting country or consult the NOU before issuing an import orexport license.