Co financing opportunities and case study on halon


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Co financing opportunities and case study on halon

  1. 1. Czech Republic’s experience on co-financingopportunities and case study on replacement of halon 1301 by inert gas IG 541 (N2, Ar, CO2) Jana Borská Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic Department of Air Protection
  2. 2. The Žižkov Tower• Built in 1985 – 1992• The highest construction in Prague (216m)• Broadcasting technology (digital televisions, radios)• Cell phone operator transmitters• Army of the Czech Republic• Joint rescue service• Restaurant, Observatory cabin• Owner České radiokomunikace a.s.
  3. 3. Contemporary fire protection system• Installed in 1989 by Total Walter company• Protection of 16 fire areas, pressure vessels directly located in fire areas• 2300 kg of refrigerant halon 1301 (CF3Br)• ODP = 10• GWP = 80• Extinguishing concentration: 3,5%• Highest installation: 190-216 m• Lowest installation: - 10 m
  4. 4. Contemporary fire protection system
  5. 5. New fire protection system• Project in 2011 - 2013• LPG producer• Extinguisher inert gas IG 541 (52% N2; 40% Ar; 8% CO2), mixture of natural gases from atmosphere• 3562 kg• ODP = 0• GWP = 0• Extinguishing concentration: 35 – 47,5%• Principle – oxygen reduction under 14,5% (fire goes out) – above 10,5% (not evacuated persons can survive)
  6. 6. New fire protection system• Pressure vessels of 140l or 80l volume• Stored in a gaseous state at a pressure of 300bar• Extinguishing agent discharged from all nozzles installed at a time• Protected areas must be adequately sealed• Right concentration for 20 min ensures a perfect extinction
  7. 7. New fire protection system• Trigger mechanism operated electrically and pneumatically• System is backed-up from and independent source for 24 hours• Placing on the position of contemporary vessels + new installations in reconstructed areas
  8. 8. Extinguisher Comparison IG 541 Halon 130152% N2; 40% Ar; 8% CO2 Composition CF3Br 0 ODP 10 0 GWP 80 Life in the 0 years 80-150 years atmosphere• Fast extinguishment• No adverse effects
  9. 9. Servicing company ESTO Cheb s.r.o.• System installation + servicing• Recovery of halon 1301 from old fire protection system• Recycling, reclamation and vessels refilling (device REACHANLAGE by Kidde- Deugra), 12€/1kg• Halon 1301 stored in vessels in the Halon bank of the Czech Republic (ESTO Cheb, s.r.o.)
  10. 10. Co-financing by State Environmental Fund (SEF)• Ozone Protection Programme by SEF in 2010 opened• 4 areas of support – 1. Recovery and collection of ODS – 2. Destruction of ODS – 3. Implementation of alternative technology with zero ODP – 4. Measuring and monitoring of ozone layer• Effectiveness analysis: ODP, GWP and TEWI• Finance from fees payed by producers, importers of substances that deplete the ozone layer (cca 16€/1kg)• In the Žižkov tower areas 1 and 3 supported
  11. 11. Co-financing by State Environmental Fund (SEF)• Total cost of system installation and recovery: 576 360 €• SEF support of 30%: 172 902 € Contact persons: Mr. Milan Kusbach, custodian of the Žižkov Tower Ms. Jitka Brdková, ecologist
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention