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Review mop decisions & oewg discussions


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Review mop decisions & oewg discussions

  1. 1. Review of Decisionsof the Parties to the Montreal Protocol and Discussions at 31st OEWG Meeting Meeting of the Regional Ozone Network for Europe & Central Asia (ECA) Belgrade, 10-13 May 2011 10- Ozone Secretariat Sophia Mylona Monitoring and Compliance Officer
  2. 2. Content of presentationHighlights from 22nd Meeting of the Parties (MOP)Bangkok, 8-12 November 2010 8- Key decisions Other relevant informationKey issues for the 31st Open-ended Working Open-Group (OEWG)Bangkok, 1-5 August 2011 1-
  3. 3. Memberships of Government Representatives No seat for ECA/CEIT countries in the Executive Committee this yearHowever, Serbia has a seat as Vice-President of the MP Vice- Bureau Armenia still has a seat in the Implementation Committee this year (Decision XXII/23) The FYR of Macedonia is a member of the steering panel for the evaluation of the financial
  4. 4. Decision XXII/2: Evaluation of the Financial Mechanism Parties agreed on the terms of reference for an evaluation of the financial mechanism of the Montreal Protocol. The agreed group of Parties (steering panel) reviewed bids for the study in March and the selected consultant, ICF, will begin work on the study this year. The ICF Report will be submitted to the Parties next year (24th MOP)
  5. 5. Decision XXII/3: Replenishment of the Multilateral fund for 2012-2014 2012- Parties agreed terms of reference for a TEAP study on the level of funding needed from 2012-2014, 2012- including indicative figures for 2015-17 and 2018-20. 2015- 2018- The study is to be distributed in June 2011 OEWG will discuss this in Bangkok and it is likely to request TEAP to do more analysis Parties will decide on the agreed level of funding when they meet in Bali in November (23rd MOP) Negotiations in the replenishment contact group are hard - you may wish to consider representation
  6. 6. Decision XXII/7: Laboratory and analytical use exemptionNon-Non-A5s have had this use exempted for more than a decadeand have worked to develop alternatives for almost all suchuses. Since there are alternatives for almost all uses, TEAP hasrecommended removing the exemptions for all but three uses. The Decision allows Article 5 Parties to deviate from the existing bans only until 31 December 2011 – the issue to be revisited at 23rd MOP Parties are also requested to investigate domestically the possibility of replacing ODS in lab uses and report progress to the Secretariat by 30 April 2010. Do any of your labs use ODS to perform testing? Do you still need to use ODS? You should check. TEAP is to analyze the needs of A5 Parties – its report to be reviewed in Bangkok
  7. 7. Decision XXII/8: Use of control substances as process agentsProcess agents are chemicals used as catalysts in the productionof other chemicals/products (e.g. chlorinated rubber andendosulphin). Often, most ODS is destroyed in the process. Decision XXII/8 called for the TEAP to report process agent uses by country – and noted that only a couple of A5 Parties have such uses Decision XXI/3 asked for all Parties to ensure that they have reported, at least once, to say they do not use ODS as process agents. The Secretariat sent out a letter on that with a form for you to fill in – it is important that you complete it and send it back.
  8. 8. Decision XXII/9: HCFCs in preblended polyols Historically, imports of ODS contained in preblended polyols were not counted as consumption under the Montreal Protocol Last year, the ExCom took a decision (61/47) agreeing to fund the phase-out of consumption of HCFCs in phase- preblended polyols under specific conditions - Decision XXII/9 acknowledges the manner the issue has been dealt with by the ExCom. It was understood that the ExCom decision would not affect the historic view that ODS in polyols was not to be counted as consumption. Thus, there is no need to report polyols to the Ozone Secretariat – However, such amounts are eligible for MLF funding
  9. 9. Decision XXII/10: Destructiontechnologies with regard toODS Requests to TEAP: to evaluate and recommend or update destruction and removal efficiencies for ODS, especially methyl bromide to review the list of adopted and emerging destruction technologies, and to evaluate their performance and commercial and technical availability to develop criteria that should be used to verify ODS destruction at facilities Invitation to Parties to submit relevant data to
  10. 10. ODS Bank ManagementOn the broader issue of ODS BankManagement, the MOP did not take a decisionon a way forward; main point of disagreementseemed to be a fundamental difference of views– Some think destruction should be covered infull by the MLF, and others think destruction isnot needed for compliance, so other sources ofmoney should be found, and the MLF shouldonly fund demonstration projects andinformation effortsParties are likely to engage the broader issueagain
  11. 11. Non-Non-Compliance decisions regarding exports to non-Parties non-Decision XXII/13: Non-compliance with the MP by Non-Singapore Singapore, a party to the Copenhagen Amendment, exported methyl bromide to a non-Party non-The decision urged Singapore to refrain from such tradeDecision XXII/16: Non-compliance with the MP by Non- the Republic of Korea The Republic of Korea, a party to the Beijing Amendment, exported HCFCs to a non-Party non-Given measures taken by ROK to stop such exports, thedecision noted that no further action was necessaryBoth decisions called for close monitoring of those
  12. 12. Decision XXII/17: Ratification of the CA, MA XXII/17:and BA by Kazakhstan The decision: noted with concern that Kazakhstan is the only non- non-A5 Party that has not ratified the Copenhagen Amendment noted that this situation prevents Kazakhstan from trading in ODS with Parties to the Protocol urged Kazakhstan to ratify, approve or accede to all MP Amendments so that it can trade
  13. 13. HFC Proposals Two submitted proposals (one by the FederatedStates of Micronesia and the other jointly by Canada,Mexico and USA) called for a phase-down of HFCs under phase-the MP and funding for the phase-down under MLF phase- The proposals would also have the MLF to fundthe phase- phase-out HFC-23 produced as byproduct of HFC-HCFC-HCFC-22
  14. 14. Overview of some additional decisionsDecision XXI/1 : Status of Ratification of the VC, the MP and its AmendmentsParties that have not ratified the above were urged to do so Decision XXII/4 : EUNs for controlled substances for 2011Approved requests for EUE for CFC MDIs for 5 A5 Parties(including Russian Federation – 212.0 MT of CFCs for MDIs)Decision XXII/5 : EUEs for CFC-113 for aerospace CFC- applications in the Russian FederationAuthorized the production and consumption of 100 MT in 2010Decision XXII/6: CUEs for MeBr for 2011 and 2012Amounts approved for 2 non-A5 Parties in 2011 and 4 in 2012 non-
  15. 15. Overview of some additional decisions…cont Decision XXII/14 : Data and information provided by the Parties in accordance with Article 7 Parties were encouraged to report preferably by 30 June each year (Decision XV/15) Decision XXI/19 : Status of establishment of licensing systems under Article 4B of the MP All Parties that already operate licensing systems were urged to ensure that those are structured in accordance with Article 4B of the MP and that are implemented and enforced effectively.
  16. 16. Key issues on the agenda for the 31th OEWG Terms of reference for the replenishment of the MLF for 2012-2014 2012- Proposed Amendments to the MP Amendments to include HFCs under the Protocol have been submitted again this year QPS issues An EU proposal on better management and control of QPS exemption is likely to be put forward this year EUEs and CUEs for 2012 and 2013 Other Exemptions (Lab and Process Agents uses)
  17. 17. Key issues on the agenda for the 31th OEWG…cont TEAP Report on alternatives to ODS feedstocks (Decision XXI/8) ODS bank management Questions and Answers on Panels’ Quadrennial reports Nepal and Copenhagen ratification Nepal (non-Party to CA, MA and BA) has (non- requested to be considered in full compliance with the control provisions of the Copenhagen Amendment pursuant to paragraphs 8 and 9 Article 4 of the Protocol
  18. 18. Dates and venues of upcoming meetings 46th Meeting of the ImplementationCommittee Bangkok, 28-29 July 2011 28- 31st Meeting of the Open-ended Working Open-Group Bangkok, 1-5 August 2011 1- 23st Meeting of the Parties to the MP Bali, 14-18 November 2011 14-
  19. 19. Thank you!