The VeM Voyage


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The journey to a state wide learning community. Presented at the Learning Technologies conference, Mooloolaba, Queensland 16th November 2007.

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  • The VeM Voyage

    1. 1. The VeM Voyage Journey to a Statewide Learning Community Presented by Mark Jones and Simon Brown TAFE Queensland
    2. 3. Extending the network In 2006, Dianne successfully tendered for Learnscope funding, as part of the state VeLearning Network project, planning to set up a sustainable, collaborative network to mentor staff in blended and distributed learning practice. Dianne asked the eChampions to brainstorm strategies. Originally, the focus centred on a few metropolitan TAFE institutes. However, with videoconferencing facilitating ‘virtual presence’ and avoiding excessive travel, it was easier to ‘think big.’ Because Videolinq connects TAFE Queensland, then so too could VeM. VeM
    3. 4. The initial videoconference The early committee pulled very strongly on eChampion connections. With the focus on teaching and learning, the ideal skipper was veteran WebCT teacher Dan Hodder. VeM also had a teacher who had run mentoring programs - Bernadette Squire - and a teacher pushing web technologies boundaries in the trade skills classroom, Simon Brown. With Mark Jones the chief petty officer, having Toastmasters’ meeting and programming experience, and Dianne Brennan as pilot, VeM weighed anchor.
    4. 5. Action Learning Journey: The Road to VeM Initial face-to-face workshop November 2006 The face-to-face workshop at Bracken Ridge provided an opportunity for a score of members to plan how to develop the network, and how members could mentor each other. This meeting engaged remote participants via videoconferencing.
    5. 6. Action Learning Journey: The Road to VeM Filling group roles Several videoconference meetings and discussion postings in EdNA followed the initial face-to-face workshop, scaffolding the VeMentoring network. VeM members voluntarily filled committee roles. The committee decided upon a 3-part educational platform. The first plank in the platform specified weekly videoconference presentations to build content knowledge, professional dialogue and connectedness. Secondly, the model specified weekly committee meetings held immediately after the presentations so that administrative detail did not disrupt the main videoconference, enabling committee members to segue into their business from the main event. Face-to-face workshops, building practical skills based on examples highlighted in the videoconferences, completed VeM’s educational model. This model worked well, and the network continued to gather momentum. Nevertheless, had VeM really succeeded?
    6. 7. Action Learning Journey: The Road to VeM
    7. 8. Action Learning Journey: The Road to VeM Second face-to-face workshop March 2007 The second and third face-to-face workshops focused on developing technical skills showcased in the weekly videoconferences, as well as building collaborative skills required to maintain the network.
    8. 9. Continuous Presence & Videostreams via Videolinq <ul><li>Used new technology to be more interactive </li></ul><ul><li>Streamed presentations using mediasite </li></ul>And someone shouted &quot;Back to basics“ Discussion focused on the need for Learning within eLearning Sue Todhunter, Manager Learning Technologies and Toni-Maree Pettigrew Consultant Learning Technologies Username: videolinq Password: mediasite
    9. 10. The Digg Revolt : user power in action Fascinating case study into democratic share site named Digg, and its remarkable crash due to user behaviour. James Croft, Multimedia Developer BNIT Username: videolinq Password: mediasite
    10. 11. Blended/Distributed Delivery - feel the fear and do it anyway. Exemplary presentation on developing a blended and distributed delivery program. Kerry Russo, Community Services Teacher BRIT Username: videolinq Password: mediasite
    11. 12. Copyright Changes & BDL Looks at how the new copyright regulations relate to educational delivery. Includes some interesting questions and answers Robyn Austin, Copyright Officer & Ilona Baronayte, Principal Legal Officer Legal and Administrative Law Branch Username: videolinq Password: mediasite
    12. 13. Third face-to-face workshop 2007 The face-to-face workshops also provided VeM members with a chance to refresh their tangible presences after periods of ethereal contact via videoconferences. At the Bremer TAFE workshop, Sandra Lawrence, Susan Todhunter and Wayne Knack formed the “The Panel’, addressed the lunchtime gathering and affirmed VeM as a leader in innovation, comprised of leaders in innovation. Technical Skills Workshop September 2007 Action Learning Journey: The Road to VeM
    13. 14. Establishing a presence What made VeM successful? Good, personalised development in blended and distributed learning remains a far from satisfied need. TAFE Qld staff wants personalized development opportunities, and VeM enables those that have the expertise, to share it. Weekly, presentation content varies, and always contains something for practitioners to take away with them. As examples, some outstanding productions included: The interactive videoconference of the first face-to-face workshop Gold Coast’s presentation showing how blended learning could work, and work well, with impressive statistics and pie charts to back it up Kerry Russo’s presentation on “Blended Learning : Feel the fear and do it anyway” notable for its sheer professionalism Annette Winch’s video presentation on teaching massage via Blended & Distributed Learning, just to prove that anything is possible
    14. 16. Videolinq VeM’s major technology component has been Videolinq’s videoconferencing and subsequent videostreaming services.
    15. 17. Sites VeM is a collaborative work in progress reliant on a structure: a core supporting and mentoring team in each TAFE Qld Institute, providing a blend of practitioners supporting the TAFE Qld team both locally and globally.
    16. 19. The Continuing Voyage <ul><li>Discussion points </li></ul>