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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  1. 1. who? Chief Black Kettle (Cheyenne, Moke-tav-a-to) born :ca. 1803, killed November 27, 1868 He was a leader of the Southern Cheyenne after 1854, who led efforts to resist American settlement from Kansas and Colorado territories.
  2. 2. What?  Chief black kettle was asleep and then the volunteer fighters circled his camp and started to fight and then he woke and stared to fight and then raised the white flag and American flag to surrender and the fighters did not listen.
  3. 3. When?  November 29th 1864
  4. 4. Where? sand creek village in California
  5. 5. Why?  The reason why he raised his flag because men women and children were .
  6. 6. summary