Reading Literacy in a Digital World


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Presentation at WISE 2011 in Doha
Workshop: Reading LIteracy in a Digital World
Date: 3 Nov 2011

Published in: Education
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Reading Literacy in a Digital World

  1. 1. Reading Literacy in a Digital World EI WISE Workshop 3 Nov 2011 Øystein Johannessen, Education Impact #WISEW32networked intelligence
  2. 2. eReaders in Kenya
  3. 3. We are a consultancy focusing on ICT in Education and operating WW An independent global Fellowship of some of the world’s leading consultantsfocused on the effective use of information technology to transform teaching, learning and institutional administration.Our customers: Public, Civil and Private Sectors ! Corporations ! MoE’s and Education institutions ! IGO’s , Development Banks, NGO’s Our services for corporates ! Policy & strategy review ! Products & programmes review ! Assist country / customers engagements! Supporting tenders’ responses! Access to a network of networks! Capacity building & training! Market intelligence, market analysis! Delivering seminars & workshopsWe deliver! Bespoke consultancy ! Packaged servicesnetworked intelligence
  4. 4. To learn more about Education Impact ! General information! Education Impact Fellows ! Our services To engage with us and discuss potential opportunities & collaboration ! Philippe Mero, CEO, ! Monika Kavanova, Sales, ! Fred Fulton, Operations, To follow Education Impact Fellowship Blog Twitter - @eifellowship LinkedIn Facebook YouTubenetworked intelligence
  5. 5. Cerpus AS • Norwegian learning tech company founded in 2002 • Main areas of business. – Products and services • Content Development (incl QA and ed. support) • Strategies for ICT and Innovation – R&D --> Cerpus Learning Garden 2012 – International collaborationnetworked intelligence
  6. 6. PISA 2009 Reading Assessmentnetworked intelligence
  7. 7. PISA 2009 Reading Assessment !7networked intelligence
  8. 8. Where are we on the MDGs?networked intelligence
  9. 9. New features of digital texts • From static pages to dynamic windows and frames • From linear arrangement to networking and hyperlinking • From illustrated texts to multimedia and augmented reality • From authored texts to online discussion and social networks !9networked intelligence
  10. 10. The 2011 Horizon Report K-12 Edition !10networked intelligence
  11. 11. Horizon Report: Emerging Technologies • 1 Year or Less – Cloud Computing – Mobiles • 2-3 Years – Game-Based Learning – Open Content • 4-5 Years – Learning Analytics – Personal Learning Environments !11networked intelligence
  12. 12. What is happening around the world? • eReaders in Kenya • Handheld and mobile devices • Subtitling cartoons, songs and movies in India • Digital textbooks in South-Korea • WritingToRead (Norway) • Discussions on how reading on screen impact our cognitive development and reading literacy • In Search for the Knowledge Basenetworked intelligence
  13. 13. Questions for discussion • What is the current knowledge base with regard to reading literacy worldwide? • How can emerging technologies such as mobile and handheld devices facilitate the development of reading literacy among learners? • What are the hallmarks of successful interventions for the advancement of reading literacy among learners with socio-economic disadvantages? • Other questions?networked intelligence