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Crawfish Boil


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Crawfish Boil

  1. 1. Øystein’s Crawfish Boil May 2008
  2. 2. First you rince them a lot...
  3. 3. It’s optional to rinse the hostess and some guests too...
  4. 4. It’s optional to rinse the hostess and some guests too...
  5. 5. Then you chuck them in large pot og boilingwater and spices.
  6. 6. Pretty advanced equipment, gas heated.
  7. 7. Here the first batch is served. Yes, you just pour them on the table and then is plain hands-on-job. And very very messy!
  8. 8. Some examples can have pretty impressive size. Vera and Irene admiring a large example 
  9. 9. And eating continues. So does beer. Here Lise-Lotte and Mike...
  10. 10. Yummie!
  11. 11. Yummie!
  12. 12. Yummie!
  13. 13. Yummie!
  14. 14. The night is still young. And warm!
  15. 16. One crawfish somehow managed to escape the boiling pot and heading towards the pool...
  16. 17. He is still heading to the pool. He was captured and granted freedom in a nearby lake the following day. Vera and Erik in the hot tub watching the renegate.