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Waterresourcespresentationpp 120820151731-phpapp01

  2. 2. OPENING I consider it ridiculous in the 21st Century to see helpless citizens especially women and children carrying buckets of water on their heads or searching for water. This is an unlikely phenomenon in Western Europe and North America. There is abundant surface water all the year round in Oyo State but the problem is how to harness it for the use of the populace. As said in the RHYME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER, “Water, Water everywhere but not enough to drink” It will therefore be most appropriate within a four year term frame to work assiduously towards providing potable water for all.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVEProvision of potable water throughout Oyo state all year round within the next 4 years.
  4. 4. MAJOR CHALLENGESDISTRIBUTION NETWORK The major problem at the moment appears to be the distribution network. If water is produced in huge quantity but without adequate distribution network, the effort will be in vain. The Osegere Water Plant near Asejire has long been completed but there is no distribution network to supply places like Erunmu, Lalupon, Ejioku, Lagun, Monatan, Olode and environs.
  5. 5. MAJOR CHALLENGESPOWER SUPPLY: Provision of potable water cannot be efficient and effective without adequate and constant power supply i.e. 24 hours a day, seven days a week and fifty-two weeks in a year. Erratic power supply affects production and supply of water by Water Corporation. A minimum of 18 hours uninterrupted power supply in our Waterworks and Booster Stations across the State is imperative.
  6. 6. SHORT TERM GOALS Change the old galvanized and asbestos pipes to modern UPVC pipes that can last for between 50 and 75 years around the state. Overhaul and maintain existing power generating sets in all the water works state wide. Activate the distribution network at Osegere Water Plant near Asejire.
  7. 7. MEDIUM TERM GOALSREACTIVATION OF DAMS In Oyo North and some parts of Ibadan suburbs there are some dams already completed by OYSADEP but they have either gone into dis-use or broken down. Some have no water treatment plants. They are at Ago-Are, Ilero, Okeho, Iganna, Irawo, Ogboro, Oje- Owode, Ilua, Sepeteri, Ofiki, Ikere. Sanusi in Oluyole Local Government, Alabata and Pade both in Akinyele Local Government. It will be necessary for Government to install and complete water treatment plants on these dams in order not to let the initial investments waste.
  8. 8. MEDIUM TERM GOALS – cont’dIMPROVED DISTRIBUTION Awe, Akinmorin and Ogbomoso road have no water supply. The major problem here is distribution. Pipes will be laid appropriately to solve this problem.MINI WATER WORKS In Ogbomoso zone, Iresadu, Ajawa and some satellite towns are not served with water at all. Mini water works will be constructed at such locations. Mini treatment plants will be created on Omi river and some identified locations such as Sanusi in Oluyole Local Government, Alabata and Pade both in Akinyele Local Government where OYSADEP dams exist.
  9. 9. MEDIUM TERM GOALS – cont’dPROVISION OF BOREHOLESIn communities where it is not too economical to have mini treatment plants but with up to 500 people bore holes would be constructed.
  10. 10. MEDIUM TERM GOALS – cont’d PUBLIC/PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP Government should shift grounds on solely participating in water production and distribution. Private participation can be brought into areas of water production and distribution in Ibadan and other urban areas as we progress. Government can hold on to Dam maintenance and Quality Control. This arrangement apart from engendering efficiency will bring in more revenue as Government will be generating revenue from those who operate the schemes without recurrent expenses on chemicals, diesel and electricity. The case of NITEL and G.S.M. operators is more relevant here. If this move is supported, Government will only need to expand and reinforce the distribution network and then stay back to collect revenue from the Operators. Public/Private participation in water supply is being operated in Abidjan, Accra and Lagos. This action if actively pursued will change the face of provision of potable water in the State within twenty-four months.
  11. 11. LONG TERM GOALSIRRIGATION The Ikere Gorge Dam is the biggest source of Irrigation in the State, sadly enough it is not well harnessed. Government should go into serious negotiations with Ogun-Osun River Basin Authority with a view to putting the Dam into proper use and it can serve up to Ilora and Akinyele Local Government to encourage dry season farming.CONSTRUCTION OF DAMS Other rivers will be identified in the state to facilitate irrigation farming.
  12. 12. LONG TERM GOALSCHANNELISATION Major rivers within the state will be channelised for guided flow to prevent flooding.
  13. 13. LIST OF DAMS CONSTRUCTED IN OKE-OGUN/IBARAPAAREA S/N. DAM CAPACITY (mcm) CONSTRUCTED REMARKS 1. Ago-Are 0.41 OYSADEP No Treatment Plant 2. Kisi 0.555 OYSADEP Treatment Plant provided 3. Igbetti 0.518 OYSADEP Treatment Plant Provided 4. Igboho 1.20 OYSADEP Treatment Plant Provided 5. Ilero 0.30 OYSADEP Treatment Plant under construction. 6. Okeho 0.818 OYSADEP No Treatment Plant. 7. Iganna 0.170 OYSADEP No Treatment Plant. 8. Irawo 0.60 OYSADEP No Treatment Plant. 9. Ogboro 0.319 OYSADEP No Treatment Plant. 10. Oje-Owode 0.290 OYSADEP No Treatment Plant.
  14. 14. LIST OF DAMS CONSTRUCTED IN OKE-OGUN/IBARAPAAREA 11. Ilua 0.123 OYSADEP No Treatment Plant. 12. Ago-Amodu 0.080 OYSADEP Treatment Plant provided. 13. Ayete 1.134 OYSADEP Treatment Plant under construction. 14. Sepeteri 1.5 OORBDA No Treatment Plant. 15. Ofiki I 0.60 OORBDA No Treatment Plant. 16. Ofiki II 1.03 OORBDA No Treatment Plant. 17. Saki 0.67 W.C.O.S.Treatment Plant provided. 18. Ikere Gorge 565 OORBDA No Treatment Plant provided.B. OTHER OYSADEP DAMS NO. DAM CAPACITY (mcm) REMARKS AREA 1. Sanusi 0.624 No Treatment Plant Near Idiayunre 2. Alabata Under Construction Near Moniya. 3. Pade 1.74 No Treatment Plant Near Olorunda
  15. 15. PRODUCTION CAPACITY OF WATER CORPORATION TO CITIES AND TOWNS IN OYO STATE ON DAILY BASIS WHEN ELECTRICITY IS AVAILABLEater Local Towns & Source/ Year of Type ofpply Govt. Villages Type of Commission Treatment Remarkseme Served Served Damre Ibadan Ibadan River Osun 1972 Conventionalse I) North Egbeda Earth Dam 82,000 24 hours Ibadan production N/East Ibadan N/West Ibadan S/West Ibadan S/East Egbedare Ibadanse 2) North River Osun Ibadan Ibadan Earth Dam 1996 Conventional 24 hours N/East Egbeda 104,000 production Ibadan N/West Ibadan S/West Ibadan S/East Egbedaater Local Towns & Source/ Year of Type of Remarkspply Govt. Villages Type of Commission Treatmenteme Served Served Dam Iddoele Ibadan Ibadan River Ona Conventional 24 hours
  16. 16.  THANK YOU