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OYM The Oriole (newsletter) November 2011

  1. 1. THE ORIOLEOriole-York Mills United Church Newsletter November 2011In this issue: Message from Rev. CyndyMessage from Rev. Cyndy .……………………..….....…..1 On behalf of Centennial-Japanese United Church, I would like to thank the membersMessage from Rev. Val ...... 3 of Oriole-York Mills, for your graciousCouncil News ……………..…. 5 welcome. From our first service of worshipOYM + CJUC = Never a on September 11th, you have opened your Dull Moment ……………..….6 hearts and made us feel at home. Thank you so much for allowing us to make Oriole-Living the Apology ...........…. 8 York Mills our church home over the next? M&S Forgotten ..…………. 9 few years!Cookie Day 2011 ………......11 I am grateful, too, for the leadership team ofPrunes and Low-fat Carol MacLean, Brian George and Lynn Baking ……………………....11 Watt who helped to develop the workingRecipe for Christmas All details between our two congregations. Year Long …………...........13 They diligently listened to our needs andWhite Gift Sunday and graciously responded to our requests and North York Women‘s together we created a mutually acceptable Shelter .……………..……..13 agreement.Christmas Word Search ….14 The leadership transition teams continue toThanks to Contributors .…..15 meet, and one of our goals is to help ourWays to Save Trees congregations build community. We have and Money …………..….....15 two events planned this Fall to helpContributions and facilitate this: one (just over as you read Suggestions …..….………..15 this) is the Congregational Gathering onYour OYM Calendar .…...…16 Saturday November 26th where we willContact OYM .……..….…..…16
  2. 2. 2enjoy a delicious Greek dinner, play a few games and get to know oneanother better through guided conversation. Two is the joint venture ofthe ‗Turkey Lunch‘ held on Sunday December 11th following theChristmas Cantata. It is a joy to see the congregations working togetheron this project.I also feel personally blessed by the greeting you have given me. Yourkind words of appreciation and support after worship services has trulytouched me. Thank you for the warm welcome. I am gradually getting toknow some of you and I look forward to getting to more members as theweeks progress.The first time I visited your church I felt right at home. I recognized thepicture of your first minister, Rev. Don Amos. He was one of my ministersin the 1970‘s at my home congregation, Grace United Church inBrampton. I remember when I was 13 or 14, going to Rev. Don‘s officebefore the service to meet with him because I was the scripture reader. Itwas my very first time reading scripture in church. He said to me in hisstrong preaching voice, ―Read it with strength, courage and conviction forit is the Word of God. Don‘t be afraid of it.‖Well, I‘m afraid all his words of encouragement did not help. I was anervous wreck. I was a shy young person who never liked to speak infront of people. As I read, I‘m sure people could hear my knees knockingtogether and I know my voice was shaky and high pitched…But, I havealways remembered Rev. Don‘s words; ―read the scripture with strength,courage and conviction, for it is the Word of God.‖ And so to this day,when I read scripture I always speak knowing this is the ‗Word of God‘that has inspired, uplifted, comforted and given me hope in my life. I praythat you too may feel the power and encouragement of God‘s Word inyour life, today and always.I look forward to sharing ministry with you. God Bless you, Cyndy Cooper
  3. 3. 3 Welcome to OYM’s Oriole Rev. Cyndy!_____________________________________________________________________A Message from Rev. Val …In June you welcomed me to this OYM community of faith as yourMinister of Pastoral Care. On June 12th Pentecost Sunday, we celebratedthe Sacrament of Holy Communion where our youth members served thisfaith family. This time will indeed remain a tremendous privilege andmemory for me to co-celebrate Holy Communion with Rev. Chris, just asit will stay with you as a special time. We also bid a happy and deeplyrespectful farewell to Rev. Chris and Marg, as they began their journey toenjoy retirement together. Rev. Chris has left us with many inspirationalmemories of how we can continue to celebrate and discern deepermeaning and growth in our journey of faith and we are grateful.As the Season After Pentecost continued we were happy to join with theCentennial-Japanese congregation at their Church Picnic and Julyservices led by Rev. Cindy. In August we enjoyed worship with the seniorresidents at the Outdoor Sunday Service at Cedarhurst. WorshippingGod in nature helps move us closer to a deeper felt experience of ourCreator, and enriches how we join as an extended community of faith.The folks at Cedarhurst appreciated this worship so much they hoped forone more summer service and have expressed a desire to support thistradition for future summers to come!September marked a new and exciting beginning for our OYM family aswe began joint worship services with our brothers and sisters in faith fromCentennial-Japanese United Church led by Rev. Cindy. These servicespresent times of growth for us to discover an enrichment in worship that isinclusive and celebrates living united in faith, especially through theinspiring and dynamic musical talents of our joint choir, the combined
  4. 4. 4efforts of our musical directors and soloists. We worship God with heartand voice!September also marked the beginning of Monthly Worship Services andongoing pastoral visits with the seniors who reside in Amica, Lifestylesand Cedarhurst. Our senior members appreciate the services as theyenjoy singing well-known hymns that offer inspiration in worship. Weappreciate the wonderful musical talents of Elda Scott and Derrick Lewis,especially during the World-Wide Holy Communion, Thanksgiving andRemembrance Day Services where Meri Dolevski-Lewis joined withDerrick for the Cedarhurst worship. It remains an honour and pleasurefor me to lead worship along with Marie Cruise and David Johnson. Welook forward to the upcoming Advent Communion Services. A Mid-Monthly Bible Study at Don Way Place has begun, held at 2pm on thethird Wednesday of each month in the first floor craft room – please comeand join us.Please know that I will be available for any urgent or ongoing pastoralvisits when needed; feel free to drop in to see me at the Church Office onWednesdays from 9:30am – 1:30pm. Please call 416-417-4439 to reportor request any pastoral concerns or visits.As we begin our Advent journey, let us remember that God calls us toreflect on how we live our faith daily, to enrich others and ourselves, forwe long to celebrate anew Jesus birth, our Prince of Peace. ―Come, thoulong- expected Jesus, born to set thy people free, from or fears and sinsrelease us, let us find our rest in thee.‖ (Charles Wesley, 1744)May God Bless You!Yours in Christ‘s Service,Rev. Val_____________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. 5Council NewsIt has been heartening to see the warmth and fellowship on Sundaymornings as we began worshipping with our friends from Centennial-Japanese United Church (CJUC).At the September meeting, Council welcomed our ministers, Rev. Cindyand Rev. Val. We have been blessed by their efforts in building andcaring for our joint congregation. To implement joint services with CJUCfor the next two years, Council along with many committee members andstaff are working to strengthen this unique relationship. Here are someexamples of this.The Joint Worship Committee is co-chaired by John Brooker from OYMand Christine Abe from CJUC. The committee members from bothcongregations, under Rev. Cindy‘s leadership, coordinates elders,ushers, greeters, readers, and elevator monitors for each service. Ideasand traditions from both congregations are discussed as each service isplanned. Add to that our joint choir and two music directors and you get adepth and range of worship experience that is outstanding, each andevery week.During the service three young groups leave for classes. The youthgroup is led by John Egger, a doctoral student at Emmanuel College.The kindergarten and Sunday School classes are led by volunteers fromeach congregation.The Finance teams from each church have developed a system to reportshared costs monthly. The count teams for the weekly collectionseparate the envelopes for OYM and CJUC and divide the loosecollection. Following that, each church records and deposits theircollection as they have in the past. A letter from our Treasurer to updateyou on our financial situation has been sent along with this edition of theOriole.
  6. 6. 6Pedro, Juanita and Jean have been outstanding in helping CJUC relocatefrom Lansing over the summer. In June council approved a number ofupgrades to our facilities. In keeping with our green environment values,the property committee installed a dishwasher so that we could continueto use our china cups for coffee time. More chairs and tables will beadded in Fellowship Hall to welcome everyone downstairs for coffee afterworship.A turkey lunch is planned for December 11th following the choir‘spresentation of the Christmas Cantata, Winter‘s Grace. A joint committeefrom OYM and CJUC is planning for this event and it is a greatopportunity for more people from our congregation to become involved. Ifyou are interested in helping, please speak to Don Worth or me.The Mission, Community Service & Outreach Committees of bothcongregations collaborate on congregational projects. For White GiftSunday, both congregations will support OYM‘s tradition of collectingdonations for the North York Women‘s Shelter. In the coming year, bothcongregations will support a CJUC project during Lent.As the season of Advent begins, we invite all to join us in worship duringthis season of joy!Carol MacleanInterim Council Chair_____________________________________________________________________OYM + CJUC = Never a Dull MomentOur Jewish friends have it right. The year really begins in September andnot in January. What a beginning it has been for OYM!! The jointworship services with Centennial-Japanese United Church (CJUC)commenced on September 11. On arrival at 2609 Bayview Avenue forthe 11am service (not the usual 10:30 am) it was good to see so manycars in the parking lot. Then entering the narthex and experiencing the
  7. 7. 7heightened pre-service activity was an even better experience andpleasure. The bible says ―that wherever two or more gather …‖, andindeed it is heartening to have both congregations worshipping in ourOYM sanctuary.Our tradition welcome back lunch was held in Fellowship Hall on the lastSunday in September. CJUC supplied and served the hot dogs and OYMprovided the ice cream cones (104 of them). The ice cream was servedby the young people under Andrew Maclean‘s supervision.The customary CJUC practice is to sit together for sandwich lunch andcoffee following the worship service. The sandwiches are made by theladies and sold for $5.00. Coffee (decaffeinated and regular) sells for 50cents. Proceeds go to fund CJUC outreach projects. At OYM‘s Councilmeeting it was voted to join in on the CJUC practice. What better way toget to know people than to share a meal together.The last worship service in October was an Annual Memorial worshipservice (based on CJUC past practice). Rev. Cindy had sent a specialinvitation to families who had experience the loss of a loved one this pastyear. For OYM this included the families of Ruth Main, Isobel Domelle,Tony Read, Don Fleming, Jean Hall, Harvey Clare and Marian Robinson.As the Oriole goes to publication, the planning for a Sunday December11th turkey lunch – another CJUC tradition – is underway. This togetherwith OYM‘s Cookie Day (see Gail George or Moira Mancer), Bridge club(see Norm and Betty Emms), Book club (see John Cruise), Rev. Cindy‘sHappiness Coaching Course (five sessions ending Friday December 2nd),and worship service highlights listed in Sunday bulletins and ‗The Oriole‘s‘OYM Calendar – you will agree that there is never a dull moment thesedays at OYM.Don WorthMembership Relations and Communications_____________________________________________________________________
  8. 8. 8Living the Apology… Lynn Watt walks us through more of living the apology.On October 1st of this year a new United Church Aboriginal school oftheology was born. It is the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre, locatednorth of Winnipeg, near the town of Beausejour, in a beautiful, tranquil,wooded setting on the banks of the Brokenhead River.The school is an amalgamation of the Francis Sandy Theological Centre,formerly located outside Paris, Ontario and the Dr. Jessie SaulteauxResource Centre, located at the Beausejour, Manitoba site, each schoolnamed for its founder. The new school will follow in the path of theoriginal schools in offering study in ministry to Aboriginal people who willbe serving as ministers in Aboriginal communities. The school has beenguided in its creation by the United Church of Canada Apology to FirstNations Peoples and is committed to living out the promise of the apologywith a vision of being, ―a place of spirit where both Aboriginal andChristian spiritual beliefs are respected, shared and understood”.The Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre will serve students from Aboriginalcommunities across Canada. Its spiritual setting and warm atmospherewill inspire and nurture them in the important work that they areundertaking. On behalf of Oriole-York Mills United Church, I extend everygood wish to the school, its staff and its students.The Living Into Right Relations Circle (Toronto Conference) held its fourth―Re-awakening the Spirit‖ event on September 23rd and 24th at the NativeFriendship Centre in Barrie.After a splendid traditional meal on Friday evening, Hector Copegog, whois Anishnabek from Chimnissing (Beausoleil First Nation) offered apresentation on the Seven Grandfather Teachings. The Saturdayworkshop on the Impact of Colonialism and the Residential School
  9. 9. 9System was facilitated by Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, a member of theChippewa of Georgina Island First Nation in Lake Simcoe.The event drew approximately thirty people, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, of various ages and from various walks of life. The hope forthis event, as with the three previous events, was that shared educationalopportunities and dialogue would lead to greater understanding andappreciation, particularly of Aboriginal peoples, their rich cultures andtheir contributions to this country. The Living Into Right Relations Circle(Toronto Conference) continues meeting each month, bringing Aboriginaland non-Aboriginal people together to listen and talk, building bridges ofunderstanding, over lunches brought from home.On June 17th this year, the Francis Sandy Theological Centre held itsannual celebration and graduation ceremony. It was a beautiful day withthe ceremony being held in the open air, under a canopy. It was aparticularly significant occasion as it would be the last graduation beforethe school‘s closing. The ceremony concluded with a prayer which alsohas meaning for the work of the Living Into Right Relations Circle. Thefollowing are lines from this prayer: ―Prophets of a Future Not Our Own...‖ (Words from Bishop Oscar Romero) We plant seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise. We lay foundations that will need further development. We provide yeast that produces effects beyond our capabilities.____________________________________________________________________? M&S Fund ForgottenHave you forgotten about the United Church‘s Missionand Service Fund programs? In this the eleventh monthof the year, your donations to the United Church‘sMission Fund are only just over half last year‘s final total!
  10. 10. 10Please help to top up our contributions so that the wider church‘s $30.2million programs can be funded as planned. Your M&S donations go tofund the following programs.Justice, Witness, and Right Relations 1. Global Mission and Service – Peace and Justice $10.5 million (28%). Core operational and emergency funding of M&S partners around the world – working cooperatively with a range of global partners 2. Community and Justice Work $4.9 million (13%). Support for community and justice ministries, partnering to engage marginalised communities, and seeking right relations across Canada.Developing Leadership in pastoral charges. 3. Theological Education and Ministry Support $5.5 million (15%). Educating and equipping our leaders for the church we are becoming. Ongoing support to ministers and congregations in pastoral charges. 4. Faith Formation $7.5 million (20%). Forming the whole people of God and developing leadership for a broader ministry, e.g., for children, youth, young adults, inter-cultural and other diverse ministries.Funding Priority Work 5. Support to Local Ministries $4.6 million (12%). Short-term support, including loans and capital funding, as congregations grow or undergo transition. 6. Conference Leadership $4.4 billion (12%). Conference staff providing leadership and resources to presbyteries, ministry personnel and local ministries.For more information, please the M&S posters on the notice board on thestairs to the basement and also at:http//www.united-church.ca/funding/msfund._____________________________________________________________________
  11. 11. 11Cookie Day 2011Most readers should know about OYM‘s Cookie Day. Please sign up forbringing cookies on the day and for visiting to deliver the cookies. DerrickLewis has agreed to lead the traditional carol singing.Cookie Day this year will be on Tuesday December 7th starting at 2:00 pmin Fellowship Hall. Please contact Gail George or Moira Mancer tovolunteer or for more information._____________________________________________________________________Prunes and Low-fat BakingDid you know that you can reduce the fat in baked goods by at least halfby using puréed prunes in place of part of the required fat in your bakedgoods1? One cup butter contains 1628 calories and 184 grams fat. Onecup oil contains 1927 calories and 218 grams fat. One cup of PrunePurée contains 304 calories, less than one gram of fat, 8 mg sodium, 948mg potassium, and 12 grams of fibre. Your baked goods will have aslightly fruity flavour when you use puréed prunes, but few will guess why. For Prune Purée, put 2 cups pitted prunes into 1 cup of hot water. Cover and let stand for about 5 minutes until prunes become plump. In processor or blender, process prunes with the water until smooth (about one minute), scraping down the sides as you go. This yields about two cups which can be stored tightly covered in the fridge for up to 3 months, or in freezer for 6 months.Start by replacing about half of the fat with Prune Purée, blending it inwith the fat. You can replace up to two thirds of the fat. Using still morecan lead to top of baked goods getting sticky and texture rubbery. (Forlight coloured cakes, use apple sauce instead of part of the Prune Purée.)_____________________________________________________________________1 From: Mean Lean Yummi by Norene Gilletz, published by Gourmania Inc.1998.
  12. 12. 12Recipe for Christmas All Year Long By Joanna Fuchs Take a heap of child-like wonder That opens up our eyes To the unexpected gifts in life— Each day a sweet surprise. Mix in fond appreciation For the people whom we know; Like festive Christmas candles, Each one has a special glow. Add some giggles and some laughter, A dash of Christmas food, (Amazing how a piece of pie Improves our attitude!) Stir it all with human kindness; Wrap it up in love and peace, Decorate with optimism, and Our joy will never cease. If we use this healthy recipe, We know we will remember To be in the Christmas spirit, Even when its not December. http://www.poemsource.com/Christmas-poems.html_____________________________________________________________________White Gift Sunday (December 18th) and North York Women’s Shelter’s Wish ListThere will be 12 women at the North York Women‘s Shelter (NYWS) overChristmas aged 24 to 58 years (average 34 years). Six of these womenhave their children with them – six boys, aged five months to 13 years,and six girls, aged two to 17 years.
  13. 13. 13We can brighten Christmas at NYWS by granting wishes: 1. giving one ormore items from the list below; 2. giving cash on Sundays December 4thand 11th so we can buy requested gift cards for clothing, shoes, etc.Household good Electronics (one Clothing and Toys *and linens ‘wish’ unless personal * specified) *Cutlery Toaster (2) Shoes, slippers & Boys & GirlsPots and pans Juice maker socks PuzzlesDishes – white (2) Food processor Pajamas & Educational toys & pale green (1 Portable stereo bathrobes Books specified & CD player Body wash Legos others Hair dryer Shampoo Remote control unspecified Camera Body cream cars colour Video camera Perfume, Car race trackMugs including BoysGlasses ‗Chanel‘ & Hockey skatesBed linen sets – ‗Beautiful‘ Video games queen, double, Young people Car2 movie by & single (‗Dora‘ Snow suits, Disney for a child) Pajamas Remote controlTowels Socks and airplaneCrib sheet underwear TransformerBaby dish, bowl, Toothbrush & Girls spoon & cup toothpaste Baby Alive doll Nail polish Dora books & Hair clips anything Dora Hungry Hippo Flash cards* If you plan to donate electronics, clothing, shoes or toys, please callMoira at 416-226-2410 for age, size, and colour preference or for anyother question. Please note that due to extremely limited space at theshelter, they cannot accept used clothing or toys.There will be copies of NYWS‘s wish list available on the Sundays beforeWhite Gift Sunday on December 18th.
  14. 14. 14 Christmas Word Search Puzzle(Luke 2:10-12) But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid; for see – I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people: (11) to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord. (12) This will be a sign for you: you will find a child wrapped in bands of cloth and lying in a manger."Words in a straight line in all directions Y L C H I L D B U T D S W E N A F R A I D N P E O P L E W N L G I S T A E R G I D I L F M U W H O N L S L W Y E M R M F I L E A T D S E A S A G G R I I L S H P I A N O C V U D I T P H A I G A K G B A O E T V R D E Y O U H L D A Y B E D R O L Q C S E L Y I N G D J Word ListBRINGING WRAPPED MESSIAH SAVIOR PEOPLE MANGER AFRAID LYING GREAT DAVID CLOTH CHILD BANDS ANGEL WILL THIS THEM SIGN SAID NEWS LUKE LORD GOOD FIND CITY BORN YOU WHO SEE NOT JOY FOR DAY BUT ALL BE from www.geocities.com/lectionarypuzzles_____________________________________________________________________
  15. 15. 15Thanks to ContributorsThanks to the following for contributions for this issue: Rev. Cyndy First Oriole message (page 1) Rev. Val Message (page 3) Carol Maclean Council News (page 5) Don Worth OYM + CJUC = Never a dull Moment (page 6) Lynn Watt Living the Apology (page 8)___________________________________________________________________Ways to Save Trees and MoneyWays to save trees and save OYM money at the same time continues byreading ‗The Oriole‘ online at OYM‘s website <www.oymunitedchurch.net>,under ‗About OYM‘. The older way, but still a good way, to save trees andsave OYM money at the same time is to receive ‗The Oriole‘ in pdf format.For either option, please send an email to ‗The Oriole<oymoriole@gmail.com> specifying your choice.If not going the online or pdf route, you can help to save some trees byleaving Oriole envelopes for re-use for the next edition of ‗The Oriole‘.Envelopes left from the last Oriole will be used for this edition. Please leaveunwanted envelopes in the box provided in the narthex.__________________________________________________________________________Contributions and SuggestionsContributions and suggestion for future issues of ‗The Oriole‘ are alwayswelcome.Please get your contributions and suggestions to ‗The Oriole‘ by one of thefollowing ways:  sending an email (The Oriole <oymoriole@gmail.com>),  leaving a message in the slot for ‗The Oriole‘ in the office, or talking to Moira Mancer._____________________________________________________________________
  16. 16. 16 Your OYM Calendar Coming Sunday Worship Services and EventsSunday December 4th Holy Communion. During the service place stars Advent II on the Christmas tree in remembrance of loved ones who have passed away over the years.Sunday December 11th Choir Cantata: Winter‘s Grace, by William P. Advent III Martin – then turkey dinner in Fellowship HallSunday December 18th White Gift Sunday – donations for North York Advent IV Women‘s Shelter – please see their wish listSaturday December 24th Christmas Eve carols and candle lighting Christmas Eve 7:00 pmSunday December 25th Christmas Day and a Sunday! CarolsSunday January 1st, 2012 Worship service may be cancelledSunday January 8th EpiphanySunday January 15th Baptism of JesusSunday January 22nd Worship service at 11:00 am as usualSunday January 29th Holy CommunionSunday February 5th Black History themeSunday February12th UCW SundayOther Notable EventsFriday December 2nd Be Happy Course – last session: With Rev. Cyndy 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. entrance loungeFirst Monday of month Bridge Club Session at 1 p.m. in entrance Last in 2010 lounge. Please note January date may change December 6th – call the Emms 416-223-6485Tuesday December 7th Cookie Day 2 p.m. in Fellowship Hall Book Club – call John Cruise 416-445-7375Contact OYM: Oriole-York Mills United Church 2609 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON, M2L 1B5 Phone: 416-447-5941 Email: orioleyorkmills@rogers.com Pastoral care: 416-417-4439 Website address: www.oymunitedchurch.net