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OYM The Final Oriole - December 2013


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OYM The Final Oriole - December 2013

  1. 1. 2 THE ORIOLE Final Edition Oriole-York Mills United Church Newsletter December 2013 Message from Rev. Cindy Message from Rev. Cindy ..………………….…..…....……. 1 Report from Council .………. 3 Ongoing Membership News ................................................. 4 Dear Friends of OYM, I can hardly believe we are about to begin the Season of Advent and that Christmas is just around the corner. A Book and Something to Ponder …..………………..…. 6 Christmas Music …….............7 Thanks to Contributors…....13 White Gift Sunday and NaMeRes ………………. 14 Christmas Word Search ………………………..…....….15 Contact OYM.……..…..….….16 Advent is the season to prepare our hearts and minds to celebrate the birth of Christ once again into our lives. Some of the ways we prepare is through decorating our homes inside and out; buying gifts for the people we love; baking and cooking special favourite festive foods; singing Christmas Carols; watching beloved Christmas movies; gathering with family and friends and attending the Advent and Christmas worship services. All of this prepares our hearts to celebrate the gift Jesus brings to our lives. It is such a wonderful gift that God chose to experience life with us. Rather than guide us from a distance, God chose to be right here with us to experience all of life’s ups and downs. I am ever grateful for the gift of Jesus Christ in my life. I believe Advent and Christmas are the best times to express this gratitude. Newsletter History …….…... 8 Your OYM Calendar…....….16 I always say, “It’s Christmas. AMEN!!” Each year at this time I am inspired by the Spirit of God who blessed us with the gift of baby Jesus. Since God gave us such a precious gift, I in turn feel it is important for us to give a gift of love to those who are in need as we are able. And this year is no exception. As we have been hearing on the news these last few weeks about the incredible loss of lives in the Philippians and devastation due to Typhoon Haiyan, my heart has been breaking and so my response is to offer financial support. Some people say, “Christmas. Bah, Humbug!” They feel it is too commercialized and busy. Instead of enjoying the season, some people complain we only end up gaining a few extra pounds. This Advent Season, I am looking forward to all of our special services as we prepare to receive the fulfillment of Christ’s love, joy, and hope in our lives. All of our Advent and Christmas services are listed within ‘The Oriole’. I hope you and your family will be able to join in our Advent and Christmas adventure. As many of you know, our editor of ‘The Oriole’, Moira Mancer will be moving to B.C. in the New Year so this is our last Oriole. We will
  2. 2. 3 have a combined newsletter with our sister congregation, Centennial-Japanese United Church starting in 2014. I am so grateful to Moira, for her commitment and dedication to producing ‘The Oriole’ over the past several years. Thank you Moira for a job well done! I know the congregation joins me in wishing you great joy, love and fulfillment in the years ahead. With Hope, Peace, Joy and Love, Rev. Cindy Cooper _____________________________________________________________________ Report from Council For many years ‘The Oriole’, our newsletter, has been arriving in our mailboxes with interesting articles and news from members of our congregation. At the November Council meeting, we thanked Moira for her outstanding service as editor of ‘The Oriole’. As was recommended at the August joint CJUC/OYM planning meeting, we will combine the newsletters of OYM and CJUC in 2014. We are grateful that Theressa Takasaki will serve as editor of this new joint newsletter. Bob Graham, our Treasurer prepared a detailed financial update as at October 31. Our operating surplus is $30,000 ahead of last year due to higher rental income and a bequest. The Granite Club no longer rents the parking lot on a daily basis but will continue to use our parking lot occasionally when they have large event at the Club. All committees are managing their expenses to budget. An additional $21,000 was received from the Estate of Les James for “the food bank supported by Oriole-York Mills United Church”. 4 The Mission and Community Service Committee recommended that the full amount be given to the Lansing Food Bank and the cheque for Lansing was given to Moira at the last council meeting. Living into Right Relations has completed its five year mandate and filed a final report. Council thanked Lynn Watt for her outstanding work with Toronto Conference as a member of the Living into Right Relations Home Groups. Lynn travelled extensively and gave generously of her time to attend meeting and events and to report back to us on all that she had seen and experienced. Lynn thanked OYM for their financial support and encouragement. The elevator replacement project continues. The construction boom in the GTA and a three month strike by the elevator union has severely limited the number of responses to our request for quotes received to date. Bob Graham referred us to a contractor and an elevator manufacturer who have worked together on similar projects. Linda Fujita, Pedro and I met with them recently and were encouraged by their interest in working with us to find a cost effective replacement. We expect to have a report on options for a replacement elevator to present to council in January. Carol Maclean Chair of Council ____________________________________________________________________ Ongoing Membership News The passing of Wilhelmina (Willie) Smee and Louis (Lou) Pickering in October causes older members of OYM to reflect on the contributions they and their spouses have made over the years.
  3. 3. 5 Willie and Ken Smee came to OYM via Mount Royal United and Sydenham United in the early 1980's along with their children, Cari, Andrew and John. Ken became Chairman of our Office Board from 1989-90. During that period OYM's original Mission Statement was adopted. Willie was a strong supporter of the UCW. Her needlework skills became evident to us when, among other things, she collaborated with Norm Emms to prepare a cover for the communion table still in service to this day. And so when our eyes fix on the communion table we can think of Willie. Willie and Ken transferred their membership to Eglinton St. George when they moved closer to that church. Doris and Lou Pickering and their children, Ann, Mary, Ellen, Robert and James became part of OYM in the early 1960's. They were involved especially in the Mission and Community Service activities at OYM. For example, Lou organized our involvement in the Out of the Cold program during the 1990's. He would schedule us for duty at St. George's Anglican at Yonge and Churchill. The preferred shift was midnight to 3 am. The 3 to 6 am Shift required all of Lou's persuasive manner to come up with the required number of volunteers. In addition, he also volunteered with Don Valley Refugee Resettlers for some years. In the last months at 8 The Donway, Lou decided to attend St. Mark's Presbyterian Church because he could get there by the use of his walker. This is where his funeral was held. One of the hymns we sang was “This is a Wondrous World” to which Lou had provided his own lyrics in preparation. Thoughtful to the end, he requested that memorial donations be made to OYM's Mission and Service Fund. 6 Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Smees and Pickerings at this time. On another topic, we are so fortunate to be teamed up with CJUC. For example they led the charge with the bazaar in October, but some OYM folk stepped up to the plate to help. This year’s bazaar brought in over $7000 of which 30% found its way to OYM. We don't have the "people power" to take on such events but we are there to lend a helping hand! Don Worth Membership Relations and Communications _____________________________________________________________________ A Book and Something to Ponder The book Allah, Liberty and Love – the courage to reconcile faith and freedom, by Irshad Manji. Random House Canada 2011. Irshad aims to create positive change in contemporary Islam and addresses problems of Islamic dogma and honour killings. Through her own faith in the creative capacity of individuals, she aimed to speak respectively to non-believers and believers. She provides evidence of belief in a loving God and lives lived outside rigid control among many faiths - Islam, Judaism, and Christianity – while challenging power-mongers who steal choices from those who submit. Some people contacted Irshad and she quotes their words to make her points throughout her book. Some of these people are
  4. 4. 7 challenging her and others tell of personal problems and of their personal successes. Something to ponder: Irshad closes by asking whether her readers (and she was addressing Muslims and non-Muslims) will take the heat if you have to. To better know yourself and to be more conscious of your choices and how to serve beyond your immediate self, she poses five questions and sentences to complete as follow. 1. What do I love about my community? 2. I disagree with my community about … 3. If I say what I think, the worst that can happen is … 4. If I say what I think, the best that can happen is … 5. Should I say what I think? – I’ve decided that … 8 The teacher for the last term of the school year was a Miss Booth – a grand-daughter of the founders of the Salvation Army! Miss Booth was proud of this. My former teacher had probably given a positive report about me, but I was feeling a great loss. I understood very little about the Catholic Church, but was having difficulties seeing my cheerful athletic former teacher wearing a nun’s habit and kept hoping that she would change her mind and come back. Unfortunately, I could not warm to this new teacher. When my end of term report arrived, my parents were initially startled that although my marks were good, Miss Booth had described me as ‘too mature for my age’. Fortunately for me, my parents had also liked my former teacher and were aware of the loss I had felt when she had left and my difficulties with her replacement. _____________________________________________________________________ Christmas Music Most of you have your favourite carols and Cookie Day at OYM is not complete without a few carols. While I edit this last edition of ‘The Oriole’, I have a Salvation Army CD entitled Christmas with the Salvation Army playing. I have been a monthly donor to the Canadian Salvation Army for many years, but I started receiving Christmas Salvation Army CDs since I established annuities with them. My history with the Salvation Army goes a long way back to my schooldays in England and not so favourably. I was in the equivalent of Grade 5 at the time. I was shocked to find that my favourite form teacher who we had had for a second year was leaving to become a Catholic nun. Going back to the Christmas Music, Oh, Holy Night is now being sung and played by a Salvation Army chorus and band and The First Noel is to follow. Happy Christmas to all! _____________________________________________________________________ Newsletter History Newsletter for Oriole United Dode Walker*, a founding member, Alan Parker and Jim Aston had no memory of a newsletter at the Oriole church when contacted recently. They had no memory, but also none of them could they deny it. * Dode Walker was pleased to receive OYM news and she reported that she keeps reasonably well. However, she worries about Cliff, now 94 years old and living in a local Trillium residence. He has fallen a few times and also needs puréed food.
  5. 5. 9 What’s in a Name? ‘The Oriole’ … how our newsletter got its name is unknown. Annual reports in OYM’s early years did not report about a newsletter – there were mightier concerns for a new church to write about. Was our church newsletter named ‘The Oriole’, remembering the Oriole Church that most, if not all, came from? At first the cover of OYM annual reports had a picture of the ‘new’ church. However, after a few years at OYM, a photo of the Oriole church building was put at the top of the cover page and an image of our current church home at the bottom. Perhaps members shared happy memories of their old Oriole church. Perhaps they chose ‘The Oriole’ as the name for the church newsletter from the start. Annual Reporting In the 1975 Annual Report, David Pelton wrote for the Membership Relations Committee as follows: The Newsletter continues to play a vital role in keeping the congregation informed. David had provided a longhand copy of his report. Did Dave write ‘newsletter’? – he is unsure after so many years. Maybe the typist upgraded it to ‘Newsletter’, or maybe not. If Dave wrote ‘newsletter’, it is more likely that it was another way of describing ‘The Oriole’. If Dave wrote ‘Newsletter’, that weakens, but does not negate or confirm, that it refers to ‘The Oriole’. Members’ Memories Further questioning of Robyn Clare, John Cruise, Diane Domelle, Marion Felker, Dave Johnson, Grace and Doug MacAllan, and Sheila White, as well as Dave Pelton about the name of our church newsletter when they first came to OYM failed to stimulate 10 memories of any name. However, all agreed that there was a church newsletter. Header of ‘The Oriole’ Before 1986 ‘A Publication’ and nobody can be sure how long before 1986 it was used. At Last ‘The Oriole’ in an Annual Report It was not until the 1985 annual report that our church newsletter was described as ‘The Oriole’. Lorne Main, chairperson of the Membership Relation Committee reported: Marion Robinson has assisted Lillian Cotton in the production of THE ORIOLE, a quarterly newsletter in which a multitude of activities are publicised. (This assistance set a precedent for the next changeover.) Editorship changes hands The following year (1986) Gord and Carol Laschinger included the following in their Membership Relations report: Our thanks to Lillian Cotton and more recently Marion and Bob Robinson for producing the “ORIOLE” – an informative newsletter that keeps us in touch with events, announcements and activities.
  6. 6. 11 Header of ‘The Oriole’ from 1986 to December 2007 It continues as ‘a publication’. 12 * Beth’s daughter, Glennie remembers no mouse stories as a child and assumes her mother created Willie York to help the young people understand her messages. Glennie is now a mother of two and a great-aunt through her older brother Ian’s grandchild. Bob Robinson reports his time as editor this way …. In 1986 Don Worth invited Marion and Bob Robinson to take over the church newsletter from Lillian Cotton. They undertook to produce five or six issues a year of six or eight pages for the newsletter – The Oriole. Rev. Glen Mattinson was our minister at that time. Marion initiated a last page ‘Did You Another Newsletter Know?’ feature that was very popular During Bob’s early tenure and Bob developed brief biographies as editor of The Oriole, a of board chairmen (and women) and second newsletter was pickup controversial and thoughtproduced intermittently at provoking theological opinions from OYM – the Christian various periodicals. OYM librarian Education Newsletter. Marnee Scott provided material on the Connie Wells and Mary Girard were editors. latest books while Beth Mercer reported on the adventures of Willie York *, our church mouse. Many members cooperated by writing about ‘What the Church Means to Me’. Marion and Bob kept The Oriole lively for more than 20 years. Following a precedent In the summer of 2007, Bob Robinson had prepared another edition of ‘The Oriole’, but Jean was not in the office. Not knowing Marion Robinson had helped Lillian Cotton in 1985, Moira Mancer offered to help with copying, folding and envelope stuffing. Bob and Moira spent a pleasant morning together putting the latest Oriole into envelopes and chatting about various topics. Quite unexpectedly, Bob suggested that Moira take over the editor role for ‘The Oriole’! Bob Robinson Retires as Editor In to the 2007 Annual Report, Chair, Gerry Cooper included the following in his report: Among major changes this past year we saw the retirement of four long-serving members of OYM leadership team, namely: Ron Bloor as Council Co-Chair, Al Burnes as Rental Manager, Bob Richardson as Director of Music, and Bob Robinson as Editor of the Oriole. … Bob has informed, entertained and stimulated us with his wit, his perceptive and caring observations, and his provocative musings on matters of interest to The Oriole’s readership. Under his stewardship, The Oriole became a ‘must-read’ publication capturing the mood and vitality of life at OYM.
  7. 7. 13 14 Editorship in New Hands From the beginning of 2008 till this final edition of December 2013, Moira Mancer has been editor of ‘The Oriole’. In that time, each edition of ‘The Oriole’ was made available on OYM’s website and some members received ‘The Oriole’ by email in pdf format. Header of the Oriole as a Newsletter from 2008 THE ORIOLE Oriole-York Mills United Church Newsletter February 2008 Final Edition of ‘The Oriole’ Since nobody stepped forward to edit ‘The Oriole’ in the future, this is the final edition of a newsletter for Oriole-York Mills United Church. _____________________________________________________________________ Thanks to Contributors Thanks to the following faithful contributors for this issue: Rev. Cyndy Carole MacLean Don Worth Bob Robinson Message from Rev. Cindy (page 1) Report from Council (page 3) Ongoing Membership News (page 4) Oriole Reminisces (page 11) _____________________________________________________________________ White Gift Sunday December 15th Na-Me-Res Christmas Wish List Back Packs Socks, Gloves, and Underwear Sleepwear and PJ’s Sweat Tops and Pants Towels, Face Cloths Rain Ponchos Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap/Body Wash and Deodorant Hand Sanitiser Shaving Cream and Razors Toothpaste and Toothbrushes Gift Bags, Coffee Cards
  8. 8. 15 16 Your OYM Calendar Christmas Word Search Coming Sunday Worship Services and Events Sunday December 15th Sunday December 22nd Tuesday December 24th Advent 3: White Gift Sunday and Choir Cantata Advent 4 Sunday December 29th Sunday January 5th Christmas Eve Service: carols, drama, scripture and candles with food to follow Carol Service Epiphany Sunday Sunday January 12th Sunday January 19th Wednesday January 22nd Sunday January 26th Sunday February 2nd Regular service, then UCW meeting CJUC Outreach Sunday OYM Council meeting @ 7 pm Communion Sunday Regular Service Sunday February 9th Sunday February 16th UCW Service Family Day Service Sunday February 23rd Black History Service Words go up, down, across and diagonally. Source: Contact OYM: Oriole-York Mills United Church 2609 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON, M2L 1B5 Phone: 416-447-5941 Email: Website address: