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  • The Geriatric setting seems like a good setting to work in.. In your presentation it states that in Geriatrics aquatic therapy is done. I never would have thought that aquatics would be performed in this setting. Your presentation was very helpful and gave me a lot of information on this setting.
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  1. 1. Kim Oyen
  2. 2.  Define geriatrics  Find out the % of PTAs that work with geriatrics  Salary range for geriatric setting  What type of patients are found in LTC or SNF  Type of treatments used  Advanced skill obtained to work in the setting
  3. 3.  The subdivision of medical science concerning the diseases and problems that affect aged people.
  4. 4.  Nationally, 7% of PTAs work in a nursing home.  The most popular type of setting is working in a hospital.
  5. 5.  PhysicalTherapistAssistants who work in a nursing home make an average of $52,700 a year.  Compared to: ▪ Offices of other health practitioners – $46,910 ▪ General medical and surgical hospitals – $47,000 ▪ Home health care services – $60,360 ▪ Offices of physicians – $44,120  Nursing home facilities rank near the top in salary.
  6. 6.  The majority of patients that are seen in long term centers or skilled nursing facilities are elderly.  However, not all residents are elderly.There can be residents that have a long term illness or have a long road to recovery after a major surgery.
  7. 7.  There is a large variety of treatments performed in geriatrics.  Aquatic therapy  Ultrasound  Exercises (physical activity)  Orthopedic
  8. 8.  Aquatic  Beneficial for improving: ▪ Function ▪ Balance and coordination ▪ Flexibility ▪ Muscle strength  Ultrasound  Used for reducing swelling and pain
  9. 9.  Some of the exercises used for residents are:  Stationary bikes  Step stairs  Weight lifting machines (pulleys, free weights)
  10. 10.  Required after a surgery on a bone or joint  Restore function of the muscular skeletal system  Types of surgeries that require orthopedic therapy:  Hip replacement  Torn ligaments
  11. 11.  There are specialists who work together as a team to provide sufficient quality of care.  Communication  Aspects of therapy ▪ For example, if a patient had a stroke both the PT and OT would have to work with nurses and doctors to utilize their unique specialties.
  12. 12.  A PTA can get a Geriatrics Certified Specialist (GCS).  To receive a GCS:  Pass the exam  Demonstrate specific procedures  Complete over 2000 hours of geriatric clinical practice