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Pirates costumes


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Pirates costumes

  1. 1. Pirates CostumesHalloween Pirate Costume CanadaSkip to contentHomePirates CostumesHalloween 2012 For Pirate CostumeLovers!Posted on August 28, 2012 by piratescostumesHello pirate lovers! The seasons are changing and it willsoon be time to unfurl your sails and begin to think aboutwhat you’re going to wear for Halloween 2012. We’ve beenscouring the Seven Seas for the finest in pirate costumebooty and are happy to report that we had a verysuccessful voyage. In the interest of helping you decidewhich pirate costume will be the one you wear thisHalloween, we are happy to present our very favourite2012 Halloween pirate costumes!First, we’ll start off with the meanest, scariest piratecostume of all: the dreaded Blackbeard.
  2. 2. BlackbeardIncluding the coat, jabot, belt, and hat, this costume issure to strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest men.One glare and they’ll be jumping ship. Don’t want to dressup like a movie star pirate this Halloween? Then dress uplike a real one like Blackbeard.Looking for something with a little less scurvy and a littlemore sexy? Check out the Sexy Swashbuckler costume,which features a detailed, authentic looking top andbodice. Take a look at the video below to see how thecostume looks at sea.
  3. 3. Looking to showcase your sense of humour while stillrespecting your pirate roots? Then the Mega-Matie PirateParade Costume is for you. With its enormous head andgiant hat, anyone who sees it will be rolling on the deckwith laughter. There’s even a secret mesh eye-hole in thehat, so you can clearly see everyone smile as you walk inthe room.The Mega-Matey CostumeMany of these costumes are available at online retailer OyaCostumes.Make sure to check back here again as we’ll be setting sailsoon on another mission to bring you our favourite pirateHalloween costumes from the web.In the meantime, check out some cool pirate links we’vedug up:How To Apply Pirate Make-UpNational Geographic’s Pirate QuizPirate Recipies
  4. 4. Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged halloween pirate costume ideas, piratecostume parties, pirate costumes, pirate theme costume | Leave a commentPirate Costumes for Parties and EventsPosted on July 7, 2011 by piratescostumesCaptain Jack Sparrow - Pirates Of The CaribbeanAngelica Deluxe CostumeThe triology “Pirates of the Caribbean” has made pirates
  5. 5. popular characters to be seen in cotume parties. Piratesare now back again to the party circuits in a big way.People of all ages are now very interested to look likedreadful pirates who once ruled the oceans. Even kids liketo pose themselves as Captain Jack Sparrow by wearingHalloween pirates costumes. Adults too love playingJohnny Depp in pirates costumes for men. However, it issomehow difficult to find believable pirates costumes.Pirate Cutthroat CostumePirates never wear clothes that are supposed to lookwonderful, new and tidy. They spend weeks, months, evenyears at a time on their ships at sea. Their ruggedappearance is is meant to be intimidating to their vicitmsand show off their masculinity. Pirates used to plunder inthe seven seas and thus their costumes can have severalvariants according to their places of origin. Most of thetime, pirates prepare their costumes from the clothing thatthey loot from others, although these days most costumes
  6. 6. look a bit more polished and stylish.Tavern Wench Pirate Women CostumeBut you don’t need to loot anyone to get your piratecostume. There are a number of online stores from whereyou can buy these pirates costumes. These stores offer ahuge range of pirates costumes – from pirates costumesfor men to women pirates costumes and kids piratescostumes.
  7. 7. Ahoy Matey Pirate Costume
  8. 8. Princess of the Seas Pirate CostumeIn recent times, costume parties have become verypopular. Men, women and kids all love to be part of suchan enjoyable get together. And pirates have become afavorite guise for all of them. Surprisingly, there is a widerange of pirates costumes for women are available to givewomen those ghastly looks. Young girls love to wear girlspirates costumes while grown up ladies amuse others inthe party in their female pirates costumes.Sexy Pirate Wench Costume
  9. 9. Rogue Pirate Plus CostumeDressing up in a pirate costume has become popularamong men, women and children alike. Famous orinfamous pirate tales are behind this inspiration thatencourages even a beautiful girl to dress in gory piratescostumes for girls. But not all girl pirates costumes are tolook fierce and violent, some make them appear sensuousas well. There are sexy pirates costumes or piratescostumes for adults for women to wear in fancy dressparties. So, if you are more concerned about your sexyfigure, try some pirates costumes adults. All eyes will stopon you only when you will enter a party wearing one ofthese sexy womens pirates costumes. Lady piratescostumes are truly versatile with a large range of design,color and style possibilities. If you have a costumecompetition in your kid’s school, think of giving you childa look of a little pirate. There is a wide variety of piratescostumes for children available in the market and gettingone for your kid is not that difficult. You can visit any local
  10. 10. kid’s garment store and they will show you a largecollection of childrens pirates costumes.Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged halloween pirate costume ideas, piratecostume parties, pirate costumes, pirate theme costume | Leave a commentGet the Right Pirate Costume for YourNext Costume PartyPosted on July 7, 2011 by piratescostumesCaptain Jack Sparrow - Pirates Of The Caribbean
  11. 11. Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume Plus CostumeWho can forget amazing Johnny Depp in “Pirates of theCaribbean”? This Hollywood movie with its whole brigandof pirates allowed the masses to get a glimpse of pirate’slife. Pirates have always been curious characters for peopleto look into. This is the reason why pirates makewonderful topics for men and women of all agesfor costume parties and get-togethers. Pirate costumes notonly appeal young kids but even grown-up and elderlypeople also want to go as a theme and get into a costumecompetition in Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow style.
  12. 12. Buccaneer Jacket CostumeThese costumes can make you look like a real-life piratesand are truly versatile and you can simply improvise themwith little cutting and stitching. Make them appear tornand you will look like a pirate coming straight from the seaafter plundering a cruise ship. You can simply buy a tailormade pirate costume and can cut its unwanted part to looklike real pirate attire with a presonalized touch. There areso many extras that you can add to your dress so that evenyour close friends will fail to recognize you when you.Don’t forget to wear beards and moustaches with yourpirate’s costumes for men. There are so many piratescostumes ideas for men and don’t forget those eye patchesthat can give you a real authentic look.
  13. 13. Pirate Captain Cutthroat CostumeYou don’t need to definitely stick to only one option ofCaptain Jack Sparrow. Otherwise a costume party will becrowded with too many Captain Jack Sparrows. You canhave different pirate characters such as Disney’s CaptainHook, the evil pirate from Peter Pan or any other famousPirate as your inspiration. You can even find severalcharacters from videos and comic books. Get photographsof these characters and search for pirate’s costumesbefitting these pirates.You can even imitate the real-life pirates from history. Themost infamous pirate of all time is Blackbeard. You canfind him as the leading character of several videos andcomic books. Go for the dreadful looks of this evilcharacter and get full marks as a pirate. Blackbeard usedto carry several knives in his belt. So don’t forget to getsome long knives and scary arms to appear even moredangerous. Matching accessories are essential for your
  14. 14. dress and pirates are always accompanied with bloodyweapons. So, you too need one or two with you to look likea real pirate.South Seas Siren Pirate Costume
  15. 15. Charming Pirate Captain CostumeWomen and girls aren’t left out, either. There are so manypirates’ costumes for women and pirates costumes forgirls. Yes ladies, you too can get female pirates costumes togive yourself that dangerous look in a costume party. Don’tforget to carry a long knife or hunter to add some power toyour dressing.Johnny Depp has really made the pirate character verypopular and even kids want to assume the role of CaptainJack Sparrow in their school’s costume competitions.Thus, kids pirates costumes are also in great demand. Nowonder, kids look so adorable in even the meanest childpirate costume. Finding pirates costumes for children isnot that difficult, as they have been a popular choice forkids for many years.
  16. 16. Buccaneer Babe Pirate CostumePirate Cutie CostumeYou know, pirate costumes can make you look sexy as well.Not all pirate costumes are all about looking vicious. Thereare several pirate costumes that can be actually sexy
  17. 17. pirates costumes for beautiful girls. Instead of fearingthem, men will get attracted towards them when ladieswear these pirates costumes for adults. There can be arange of pirate costumes adults that beautiful girls andgorgeous ladies would love to wear and enter into costumeparties. All eyes will stop on lovely faces with creativelyadapted pirates’ costumes on them. It’s not necessary thatyou wear pirate’s costumes for adults from a knowncharacter only. You can dress yourself in a uniquelydesigned pirate costume that can make you look evensexier. So, all beautiful ladies, let’s start searching allwomen’s pirates costumes that can make you a showstopper in the next costume party.A costume party with a pirate theme is very popular acrossthe world. And if you haven’t attended such a party yet, itmay be possible that you will be going to attend one verysoon. Although these costume parties are organizedaround the year, they are more popular during Halloweenweeks and during that time your Halloween pirates’costumes can make you a star at these costumeparties. So, get ready for these parties and start searchingfor pirate’s costumes for men or lady pirate’scostumes. Attending a costume party with a right kind ofoutfit makes a huge difference. Such parties are veryenjoyable and your participation with the right kind ofcostume matching the party theme will be appreciated byeveryone. Don’t you want to be cheered by everyone? Ifyes, then get the right kind of pirate’s costumes today. Maybe you will have to attend a pirate themed costume partythis weekend.Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged choosing pirate costume, halloween piratecostumes, pirate costume canada, plan pirate costume party | 2 CommentsPirates Costumes▪ Pirates CostumesPirates Costumes Infos
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