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Oxiem | Search Marketing | Columbus, Ohio


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Oxiem Marketing Technology is an interactive marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio. We help companies large and small with online marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising campaigns, search engine marketing and ranking, driving quality traffic and visitors to your site.

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Oxiem | Search Marketing | Columbus, Ohio

  1. 1. SEARCH MARKETING Search Marketing Drives Your Website And Business To Success. Take your website, and your entire business, to new heights by riding the power of the DEFINITION OF MEASURABLE, web. Oxiem Search Marketing combines organic and paid search capabilities to drive BUSINESS-IMPACT GOALS targeted, quality web traffic for optimum results. All focused on the SITE ANALYSIS, CATEGORY, three-part goals of traffic, quality of visit and conversion. COMPETITOR AND KEYWORD RESEARCH Some websites know the secret of achieving top placement across the range of search engines. They understand the importance of, ORGANIC SEARCH and strategies to, rank at the top of the search results. OPTIMIZATION Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves the practice of PPC/PAID SEARCH modifying your website to allow the search engines to traverse your site more easily PLACEMENT and more thoroughly. Search marketing includes a set of adjustments to your site CPM/ONSITE ADVERTISING to remove the obstacles that search engines encounter when visiting. Often these obstacles are invisible to the visitor, and a trained expert with specialized tools is TARGET CONVERSION STRATEGIES AND required to detect them. MECHANISMS Organic optimization is one component of a search marketing campaign that may also involve Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay For Inclusion (PFI) and Directory Inclusion LINKING CAMPAIGNS components. Our search marketing experts can get the most out of your marketing RESOURCE CENTER/LIBRARY dollars with our managed Pay Per Click programs. ANALYTICS, REPORTING AND We constantly monitor your campaigns to ensure that you are getting the maximum CAMPAIGN TUNING value for advertising budget. We provide you with extensive reporting, allowing you to have as much involvement in the decision-making process as you wish. The Oxiem analytics process involves a comprehensive review of all website statistics to create a concise set of observations and recommendations, as well as provide measurable and actionable information. ABOUT OXIEM. Oxiem brings a fresh approach to effective web marketing for companies large and small. By combining high-performance web sites, effective search marketing programs, social networking and interactive flash media, we take e-marketing to a whole new level. | 937.484.8181