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Basics of Web Marketing for Small & Local Businesses


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Basics of Web Marketing for Small & Local Businesses, as presented to the Reynoldsburg Chamber by Oxiem Marketing Technology. Topics include basics of good websites, search marketing & seo techniques and social media marketing strategies.

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Basics of Web Marketing for Small & Local Businesses

  1. 1. OX I E M | C O LU M B U S & S P R I N G F I E L D | T: 8 6 6 . 4 3 2 . 8 2 3 5 | OX I E M . C O M
  2. 2. Engaging Branding | Top Technology | Easy Manageability > Sites that perform & convert visitors into customers Holistic Web Marketing | Organic + Paid + Quality Metrics > Continually managed, for traffic and conversion Connect | Convey | Converse with Audiences > Active dialog that creates a bond and advocacy
  3. 3. California Beef Council
  4. 4. We’re “Doing Web Marketing”
  5. 5. Big Little Thing Thing Brand Ease Successful Website
  6. 6. • Your website captures and communicates an emotional benefit to the visitor Brand • An immediate connection is made when the visitor enters your website • Is consistent with your overall brand and communication strategy • Creates a beautiful, highly-functional experience
  7. 7. The key elements of your website that carry the weight when it come to success of the Big website. Many times, these are the 2-3 things that top your list when thinking what Things you want out of your website Big Things • Calendar of events • Live streaming of social media content • E-commerce • Video integration • Photo galleries • Alert system • Blog • Maps • Partners • Menus • News
  8. 8. These are the little touches to your website that will potentially have high impact on Little how your visitors perceive and interact with your website. This is what separates your Things website from other cookie cutter sites. Little Things • Navigation structure • Font selection • Creative copy • Image selection and editing • Icons
  9. 9. This includes both the easy of use for the visitor, but also manageability for the management to control and add website Ease content. User Ease • Well organized and intuitive navigation structure • White space – avoid adding too much to the homepage • Multiple ways to access one piece of information Management/Staff Manageability • High-functioning Content Management System (CMS) • Ability to make edits and updates to your website without the need of an IT expert
  10. 10. PAID ORGANIC
  11. 11. Active placement, negotiation and management of online marketing programs measurably drive website traffic, quality of visit and conversion • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The process of enhancing a website’s content and code, along with off-site positioning, that improves its visibility and ranking within search engines. • Paid Search Marketing (PPC) Paid placement of ads (Sponsored Links) for select search phrases, day parts and/or geographies when pre-defined keywords are typed by a visitor • CPM Advertising Paid display advertising on news, entertainment, information or reference sites (i.e. banners, towers, etc)
  12. 12. 1. Participate in directories 2. Get lots of people to link to you 3. Know and use your keywords 4. Have good content that people want to read and share 5. Pay attention to your site analytics 6. Capture sales leads 7. Have opportunities for customers to take action 8. Make sure Google can see your site : no “gunk,” clear URLs
  13. 13. Q. What do you need to look at to know your site is performing well? 1. Average time on site: 3-4 min. is good 2. Bounce/Abandonment rate: Less than 40% is good, less than 30% is great 3. Visits: Steady growth is important 4. Pages per visit: At least 3
  14. 14. Targeted Traffic Generated Quality of Conversion Visit
  15. 15. • Buy now! • Take a quiz! • Fill out a form • Ask a question • Watch a video • Download a brochure or whitepaper • Request more info • Contact us form
  16. 16. Building a Keyword List • Think like a customer • Include spelling mistakes and variations • Include plural and singular versions • Cast a wide net. Refine, refine, refine. • Long tail theory Tools:
  17. 17. Key to Success: Fresh, high-quality content! Tactics: • Blog • Whitepapers • E-books • Sharable content on your website
  18. 18. Title Tags Title tags are the descriptions located at the top of the visitor’s web browser, and they’re a strong indication to Google what each page is about. Heading Tags Heading tags are typically the biggest lines of text found toward the top of each page H1 H2 H3 H4
  19. 19. • • • Yelp Business Account •
  20. 20. Tips: • Engage people in conversation • Share news • Establish your expertise • Be a real person • Show personality • Be interesting
  21. 21. Tips: • Have a fan page • Post contact information • Seed discussion questions • Share blog posts • Post photos, tag them • Let friends share what they love about your business
  22. 22. Tips: • Share your expertise • Recommend people • More formal, business-oriented • Join groups • Participate in discussions • Make it easy to contact you • Link to your site • Connect people – and see who you know, knows.
  23. 23. • 80% Personal, 20% Business • Be a resource and share interesting content • Find ways to take the relationship offline • Think long term!
  24. 24. Oxiem Marketing Technology thank you 614.488.1812 Connect @sparklegem