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Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety And Stress


Published on - Stress and chronic disorders reflected in Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) – a powerful diagnostic tool HRV analysis is a straightforward, quick and non-invasive diagnostic procedure which is scientifically
based and recognized. “If a superordinate system controls and regulates subordinate
systems, the operational state of
the superordinate system is the most important parameter for diagnosing disorders!”
What is significant and unique about HRV analysis is its ability to display quickly, in a completely painfree, non-invasive and meaningful manner, the autonomic nervous system’s (ANS) capacity to regulate.

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Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety And Stress

  1. 1. _ e issu l cia pe S q Stress and chronic disorders Analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) q Autonomic nervous system in urgent need of treatment Active Air® therapy proves effective
  2. 2. 2 Messung der Herzrhytmusvariabilität q Heart rate variability “7 Minuten, die mir Klarheit bringen” Stress and chronic disorders Verständlich - Schmerzfrei - Schnell Aussagekräftig reflected in HRV Analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) – a powerful diagnostic tool Wie gesund bin ich wirklich? HRV analysis is a straightforward, This superordinate system is the stress index (SI) and parasympathe- Wie ist der Funktionszustand meines vegetativen Nervensystems? quick and non-invasive diagnostic control and regulatory centre for all tic activity (RMSSD) are the parame- procedure which is scientifically the systems which man is unable to ters which provide meaningful infor- based and recognised. influence voluntarily (immune sys- mation about the regulatory state of Wie kann mein Körper mit Stress umgehen? tem, hormonal system, cardiovascu- the superordinate system. “If a superordinate system con- lar system, digestive system, respira- trols and regulates subordinate tory system, etc.). There are numerous studies which Wie zeigt sich meine chronische Erkrankung demonstrate the direct link between systems, the operational state of im Spiegel der HRV? the superordinate system is the HRV analysis (ECG measurement) the onset and advance of various most important parameter for dia- takes just 7 minutes to display visu- chronic diseases and the declining Liegt bei mir bereits eine Regulationsstarre vor? gnosing disorders!” ally the operational state of the ANS variability of the heart rate. Even if in a manner which both therapist laboratory parameters, CT and MRI Sind meine Therapiemaßnahmen wirksam und erfolgreich? What is significant and unique ab- out HRV analysis is its ability to dis- and patient can understand. The va- rious HRV parameters are deduced scans, for example, do not reveal anything abnormal indicating the play quickly, in a completely pain- from rhythmograms and scatter dia- onset of disease, existing dysfunc- Welche Energiereserven habe ich ? free, non-invasive and meaningful manner, the autonomic nervous sys- grams. Pulse rate (HR), the summary parameter for heart rate variability tion can be detected very quickly and reliably by measuring HRV. Pre- tem’s (ANS) capacity to regulate. (SDNN), regulatory range (CV), cise HRV test results display in easi- Beispiel: eingeschränkte Regulation Example: limited regulation Belastungsindex - 544,36 Rhytmogramm Streudiagramm 50 - 150 1,60 1,60 1,40 1,40 1,20 1,20 1,00 Sekunden Sekunden 1,00 0,80 0,80 0,60 Ruheindex - 6,58 0,40 0,60 20 - 50 0,20 0,40 0,00 0,40 0,60 0,80 1,00 1,20 1,40 1,60 0 50 1,00 1,50 2,00 2,50 3,00 3,50 4,00 4,50 5,00 Sekunden Belastungsindex - 544,36 Ruheindex - 6,58 50 - 150 20 - 50 Beispiel: gute regulation Example: good Regulation Rhytmogramm Streudiagramm 1,60 1,60 Ruheindex - 37,62 1,40 20 - 50 1,40 Belastungsindex - 67,55 1,20 50 - 150 1,20 1,00 Sekunden Sekunden 1,00 0,80 0,80 0,60 0,40 0,60 0,20 0,40 0,00 0,40 0,60 0,80 1,00 1,20 1,40 1,60 0 50 1,00 1,50 2,00 2,50 3,00 3,50 4,00 4,50 5,00 Sekunden Belastungsindex - 67,55 Ruheindex - 37,62 50 - 150 20 - 50 I GH HKOMPASS_ Weitere ausführliche Informationen unter:
  3. 3. q Active Air Therapie 3 ly understood diagrammatic form nervous system is affected by va- They can quickly identify ineffective whether the superordinate control rious therapies. Subordinate systems therapies and replace these with ef- and regulatory system is already and organs such as organ control, fective ones – for the benefit of pa- operating under permanent stress or hormone production, defence me- tients’ health. whether it is well able to regulate chanisms, blood pressure control, the current conditions. Specific rea- energy supply, repair processes, cell Previous practical experience from a dings and the physical effects of regeneration, etc. can only function large number of patient readings stress and permanent stress are diffi- properly once again if the regulatory clearly shows patients’ considerable cult to show with conventional dia- and functional ability of the super- unanimous interest in HRV analysis. gnostic methods. As a result, physi- ordinate control and regulatory sys- The analysis is easy to understand cal regulatory disorders which alrea- tem is improved. and the status quo of the ANS’s re- dy exist, but which have so far gone gulatory ability offers a far better un- unnoticed, may manifest themselves Universities have already been wor- derstanding of existing disorders or in chronic disease, depression, sleep king with HRV analysis for some advancing diseases than was pre- disorders, circulatory disturbances, considerable time in the areas of viously available. high blood pressure, diabetes, burn- cardiology, neurology, diabetology, out syndrome and other disorders. preventive medicine and stress res- It is merely a question of time before Advancing interference fields as earch etc. and their results support all medical practices use HRV ana- well as the likelihood of resulting the tremendous importance of HRV lysis as routinely as taking patients’ complications can be identified well for routine medical practice. blood pressure. in advance once reflected in HRV readings. HRV analysis is now ready to be Silko Günzel, Potsdam used by medical practices as part of HRV analysis for monitoring daily routine. Now all health profes- treatment sionals have the opportunity to dia- HRV analysis shows directly how gnose regulatory disorders in a sim- the functioning of the autonomic ple, quick and effective manner. Autonomic nervous system in great need of treatment Active Air® therapy proves effective Despite the latest developments in as depression, anxiety, sleep disor- immediate health disorders and re- Western medicine, many disorders ders, migraine, muscle tension, vas- presenting a negative influence on and types of ill health which are cular disorders, gastrointestinal dis- the progress of existing disease. connected to a greater or lesser ex- orders, asthma, diabetes and chro- tent with stress are steadily increa- nic fatigue syndrome (CFS) are attri- If we look into the cause of these sing, for example, cardiovascular di- buted to the risk factor, stress. steadily increasing disorders, we sease, hypertonia, cancer, allergies, According to immunologists, there must inevitably turn to the superor- lack of concentration and functional is growing scientific evidence that dinate system which controls the capacity, fatigue and burnout syn- severe chronic stress directly im- body’s regulatory system. Man’s ba- drome. In addition, disorders such pairs the immune system leading to sic functions, respiration, metabo- Ausgabe