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How to Respond in a Childcare Emergency


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Whether you are a parent, au pair, or childcare professional, knowing how to respond in a childcare emergency is one of the most important things you need to know!

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How to Respond in a Childcare Emergency

  1. 1. In the past 5 years, 3000 children in SA died as a result of drowning alone. How to Respond in a CHILDCARE EMERGENCY 1 RESPOND APPROPRIATELY2 Be prepared for any emergency! The child, his/her parents, and other children who witnessed the incident may require emotional support and/or counselling to deal with the incident. Do this as soon as you have done everything you can to help the child. If necessary, call the emergency services before calling the child's parents. OXBRIDGEACADEMY.CO.ZA/COURSES/CHILDCARE/ NOTIFY THE CHILD'S PARENTS/PRIMARY CAREGIVERS PROVIDE THE NECESSARY ASSISTANCE AFTER THE INCIDENT AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: 3 4 Such as when a child: Ingests a toxic substance, sustains a burn wound, chokes, or drowns (2012) SO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IN AN EMERGENCY? Did You Know? STAY CALM AND ASSESS THE SITUATION Determine how serious the situation is, and what your options are. For example: If a child is choking, provide the necessary First Aid. Where possible, make sure that any other children present are under the supervision of another adult.