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5 Ways Children See the World Differently to Adults


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Find out how children see the world differently to adults, and how we can benefit from being more like our kids.

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5 Ways Children See the World Differently to Adults

  1. 1. childrenseetheworld differentlytoadults 5Waysinwhich worryingaboutwhatotherpeoplethink1 When you are a kid, anything goes! There’s absolutely no rule that tells you that you cannot ask more than 5 questions at a time, or that you cannot wear a mask or crown to the mall, or that you cannot wear one polka dot sock and one blue sock. Children are proud of the things that they do and they couldn’t care less about who catches them in their ‘silly’ moments. As adults, on the other hand, we tend to get embarrassed and shy when people catch us doing the silly (and harmless) things that make us happy. Without realising it, we’re constantly worried about what other people think of us. When doing the things that we love, we should follow our children’s examples, and be less concerned about other people’s opinions of us. usingYourimagination 2 Children’s imaginations are not limited by logic. They don’t care what’s real – if it is in their mind, it’s possible! In adult life, you have to be able to think things through logically in order for them to make sense. We should adopt a More Imaginative mindset – especially when it comes to pursuing our bigger goals. We should train our minds to believe that anything is possible. Children’s imaginations are often mind blowing! Exploringtheworldaroundyou3 Most of the time, children are excited about life. They ask millions of questions and they can run around for hours. They are just natural adventure seekers. Adults, on the other hand, tend to be less inquisitive and more oblivious to the wonders of the world around them. We should realise that children see the world through fresh eyes, which means that they can help us to notice the small things that make life meaningful, but that we so often overlook, or take for granted. 4 WhoYoumakeFriendswith As scary as this may sound, children will befriend anyone who gives them attention and seems friendly. As adults we tend to know that not everyone has our best interests at heart. Sometimes, this means that we don’t make an effort to interact with those around us. Instead of striking up a conversation with the person behind us in a queue, for example, we’re much more likely to turn to our smartphones. Yes, we should teach our children about the dangers of talking to and befriending strangers, but we should also learn that it’s sometimes beneficial to interact with others as we go about our daily lives. Toddlers, for example, would often quite happily go up to a stranger in the grocery store and ask why he or she is buying one flavour of ice cream instead of another. MakingaMessofThings5 Getting dirty is one of the most enjoyable things to do when you are a child. They love getting their hands and clothes dirty. when last have you had the chance to go to the beach and build a sand castle? Or when last have you driven to a park and enjoyed going down the slide? As adults, we always feel that we have ‘more important’ things to do. We can learn a thing or two from children about the importance of taking the time to do what we enjoy. Find out more about Takingachildcarecourse at