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15 Things Every Student Says At Least Once


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Everyone who has studied - whether at a university, or a distance learning college - has had those universal student experiences that makes studying a very unique undertaking.

Likewise, here are some of the things that every student has said at least once during their studies.
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15 Things Every Student Says At Least Once

  1. 1. After exams I’ve been sleeping for days Was that due today!? This is sooo easy! Until You Get Your Marks Back! Just one more episode! While watching a series When you need to study Guess I’m not going to class today! If I round this mark up I’ll have an A! When YOU ALMOST MAKE IT Your worst nightmare When it starts raining Early in the morning ...or late at night Need... more... coffee... As you write another essay Where am I going to find another 451 words? When you Decide to Start Taking it seriously I’m going to begin working harder - starting now! During Exams MAYBE YOU should have studied via distance learning! Find your distance learning courses at Can’t we have class outside? When You miss the most important Lecture of the semester I won’t miss anything if I skip class just this once. Can we get an extention just this once? before every deadline Will this be in the exam? During semester Exams I haven’t slept in days During semester classes I forgot to study this chapter! No Classes. No Classrooms. Just studying. Student SAYS 15 at least once Things Every