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You Can Meditate draft borderless

Same interior as Day Tripper. This version has all new artwork.

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You Can Meditate draft borderless

  1. 1. You Can Meditate Easily and Effectively
  2. 2. Dedicated to my Lord and my God 2017 The Day Tripper “I was blind, now I see.” Amazing things to do with your eyes closed.
  3. 3. Imagine Imagine that moment when the lights go off in the theatre and the screen is empty. You have no preconceived notions or ideas about what you will see. This is where you begin.
  4. 4. WHAT? Easily you say?
  5. 5. When I was only 18 years old I was hypnotized. I had suffered with stomach problems. A man I knew worked with a guy who suggested I go to a person he knew. This person was a new hypnotist and he said he could help me. They told me that hypnosis was good for ailments like stomach troubles. I agreed to go. I remember the night like it was yesterday. My appointment was for 8:00 p.m. I’m from the city and had traveled by bus and train for many years. At this point in my life there was never a time I had traveled across town in the dark by public transportation alone. It seemed eerie, too quiet. I was used to the hustle and bustle of the day and this made me nervous. At night there were very few people at my bus stops and train stations. I made it safely to his newly opened office. It was small with dark wood panelling and even darker trim with a tiny light which dimly lit the room. His name was Norm. He was a big bear of a man, as large as they come. Norm was about 6’ 6’’ with a deep melodious voice. He brought me into another room where he had a large chair which somehow reminded me of a large dentist’s chair. It was a huge recliner and I settled in. He spent a short time relaxing me and bringing me down deep into a hypnotized state. Once I was hypnotized I was told to walk down a long path. I can still hear Norm’s voice in my head as I write this. I could see the path. Then I was told to see water along the side of the path and I saw a beautiful pond. He then told me to see a house. I could see a beautiful white home standing at the side of the path just up a small way from where I was standing.
  6. 6. He told me to walk up the path to the house and I saw a front porch with stairs going into the home. He told me to walk up the stairs, open the door and walk into the house. As I did these things the clarity I saw them with was almost more than lifelike with vibrant colors and even sounds, like when I heard the screen door close behind me after I entered the house. I looked around and I knew I was in my grandmother’s house but it looked different than it did when I lived there. The furniture was more old fashioned than hers. I saw a wonderful comfy looking couch with old fashioned material which was brown with small pink flowers and ruffles along the bottom. I could see the rays of sun entering through the windows with the specks of dust floating on the currents. It was beautiful. Everything was perfect. Norm asked me to walk into the bathroom which I did. I could see the white wooden door. As I walked into the bathroom I noticed the white porcelain wall tiles. He asked me to turn to the left and to look into the mirror on the wall. I sincerely thought I would look at the mirror and see myself. I did. Well, that isn’t what happened at all. What happened next has haunted me for 38 years. It seemed like I turned my body before I turned my head because somehow I was already standing and facing myself when I turned and saw the mirror. I expected to see my face. I was expecting to see me. I screamed.
  7. 7. I saw a charred stump of a molten body. There was no way that it could be recognizable as a human body. It was burnt beyond belief. There was a slight indentation to differentiate between the head and the rest of the body but that is it for the possibility of knowing this was a figure. The flesh was melted. I screamed. When I came to I was laying flat back on the recliner with good ol’ Norm completely on top of me restraining my arms, at the wrist, above my head. I’m dizzy just writing about this. He said it took him 45 minutes to calm me down and get me out of it, 45 minutes. He told me,“I took you too far.” I went home, traumatized. Through the years I often wondered what this man may have done in those 45 minutes. I continually thought about how horrific this was. How off the rails I could have been. How horrible he was to have taken that long to bring me out. Truly, I wondered if he touched me. At the time I was a first degree black belt and I went into the situation with false confidence. I was also confident with the idea that the hypnotist was a professional who came recommended.
  8. 8. Through things the hypnotist might have said or due to the trauma I became what is called mind blind. I would try to visualize with my mind’s eye and all I could see would be complete black. My right eye saw black with vague shadows only and my left eye was even worse. It felt like it was filled with black, like the blackness itself had mass and filled my eyeball. Following you will find 4 decades of visualization, meditation, dreamwork and prayer brought down to their most basic levels so that anyone can benefit, learn and grow. This book is part of the journey of how I went from being mind blind to being able to see. My hope is that you can learn simply and effectively while improving yourself and having fun at the same time. Oh yes, I almost forgot... the moral of the story: Do not listen to a guy who knows a guy who knows a new hypnotist. Blind
  9. 9. REALLY? Effectively you say?
  10. 10. Before you begin to meditate it is very good to stretch, walk or exercise. This helps you to get rid of that jittery, sleepy or distracted feeling we sometimes can get when beginning meditation. Stretching can be simple and can be done sitting in a sturdy chair, on the floor or on your bed. Stretching helps to tone muscle and eliminate fat. Done regularly your life and wellbeing really do improve. Your body and brain require some form of movement no matter how minimal. Begin with baby steps. Every time take one more step than the last time. Each time gets easier and you are able to accomplish more. Each step brings you further along your journey. Please don’t think you have to be formal or spend hours on end to be effective, you don’t. There is a time when you can delve into meditation, stretching and exercise deeply but the scope of this book is to get you through the beginning and to experience fun, relaxation and stress relief. Move
  11. 11. For 38 years I searched to see something, anything through my mind’s eye. I meditated and I visualized with my mind and might. At best I saw shadows and vague shapes, mostly though, I saw nothing. Through the years meditating I’ve had visions which have been clear and very powerful. For me to purposefully see anything at will seemed impossible however. I struggled year after year to see as clearly as I had before through continual meditation and visualization practices with no success. I knew what I was missing out on though. I wanted that experience again. I remembered how vivid it could be. What happened to me due to this was that my other senses took over. While meditating I began to feel sensations throughout my body and to hear ringing and popping in my ears or knocking somewhere in the room. Sometimes I even heard a word. Meditation became an exciting adventure. At one point I was meditating to the sunrise daily. This is aVERY powerful experience. I also practiced guided visualization. I’ve been meditating since I was 15 years old and have had wonderful experiences. Now when I pray I encounter my Father in intimate and very profound ways. I found these types of experiences to be very different from one another and I learned that it says in the bible we are to pray and meditate. In the next pages I’ll be discussing easy and effective methods that anyone can use with basic, simple guides.
  12. 12. What is Meditation? When you have let go of your thoughts you can anticipate what the cosmos and God have to tell you and show you through visions. When you pray you talk to God. When you meditate you can listen to Him.
  13. 13. Really, what is Meditation? Meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness. When you achieve this state you can begin. This is the goal and the beginning.
  14. 14. Basic Meditation Is this difficult to achieve? No. The only requirements to learn meditation are patience, perseverance and practice. The length of time spent meditating is not as important as your focus while meditating. Short frequent sessions are better than infrequent marathon sessions. You will find your comfort level and adapt as you progress.
  15. 15. Some Benefits of Meditating Decreased need for sleep Pain relief Anxiety relief Bliss Ecstasy Inner Peace A higher IQ
  16. 16. Meditation is Maximum Life
  17. 17. Methods of Meditation There are many ways to meditate. Moving versus Stationary Eyes closed versus Open Silent or Not. How you meditate is up to you. Vary techniques for varied experiences. A long walk in nature can be a form of meditation.
  18. 18. A Basic Meditation Get comfortable. Any position is fine as long as you are comfortable. Plan on falling asleep sometimes if you choose to lie down. I’ve heard that called ‘napitation.’ You can sit relaxed with your back straight, your feet flat on the floor with your hands on your thighs. Your eyes can be closed or open. If open you can use something to focus upon such as a candle or moving clock parts.
  19. 19. Now focus on your breath. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathe deeply into your diaphragm so that your abdomen feels as if it’s filling with air. Hold your breath. Breathe out through your mouth. The key is to focus. Breathe Deep
  20. 20. Breathe in for a count of four, hold your breath for a count of four and exhale through your mouth for a count of five. Breathe in for a count of five, hold your breath for a count of five and exhale for a count of six. Breathe in for a count of six, hold your breath for a count of six and exhale for a count of seven and so on. If you get lost start over. See how high you can go. Prime Exercise
  21. 21. Tune in When you are counting you can use your heartbeat for your pace. You will slow your breathing as your heartbeat slows.
  22. 22. Now Pause Where are you? Is your mind racing? Let each thought come gently and float by you and away. Clear your mind, peacefully. Is your mind alone without your body? Remember the blank theatre screen? Patient piqued anticipation.
  23. 23. Are you still? Is there silence? Do you feel peace? No? Try this... Tense your toes for a count of five, relax. Tense your feet for a count of five, relax. Tense your legs for a count of five, relax. Still
  24. 24. Continue this until you have included every part of your body, neck, face and head. Now tense your whole body and then relax. Now still. Now quiet. Now relaxed. Are the background noises bothering you? Find nature sounds to play in the background, also meditation tracts. Chant. Find a sound which feels good and repeat this over and over until it becomes part of you. ~Om~
  25. 25. As I said earlier I have visions. Some are clear, colorful and vivid. In one vision I found myself standing behind a man, slightly off his left shoulder. I could only see him from the mid-back and above. He was sitting down. His hair was long, past his shoulders and curly, almost ringlets. He was wet from a shower and we were in a bathroom. When I saw this I wondered to myself, Jesus? No, that’s not Jesus. Then he turned and looked at me. His eyes were black, completely black. Where someone would have white, there was only black. I was shocked and opened my eyes from my meditation. I didn’t understand what I saw and did what most 20th century people do, I went to the internet. I was surprised when I found information on black eyed people right away. One place in particular brought me to a new world; the world of the online bulletin board or forum. I became hooked. I’ve been a regular user for about ten years so far. I even won a year’s membership last Christmas. I’m a happy camper. There you’ll find fast paced news, interesting articles and videos but most importantly, over a million people visit this board everyday. Imagine a million people a day talking about whatever they want. That’s what this place is. I love it and usually can’t get enough of it. 20th Century Communities
  26. 26. One day a man came onto the forum and he called himself the ModernDayMystic. That caught my eye because I had written a book years earlier where I had talked about being a modern day mystic. To me, a mystic is someone who wants to know God experientially. I felt I had found a kindred soul perhaps. I went to his thread to see what he had to say. I am a ModernDayMystic. How can I help you? His second message, Come in people :).Try me out. Then... You never know until you try :) Modern Day Mystic
  27. 27. I must admit I wasn’t blown away by his approach. His name lured me in though. He uses water and a computer program as far as I understand. I asked him if he could help me and he agreed. I talked to him about the various things I deal with and I was very interested in finding out if he could help me see again. I told him what the hypnotist did to me. He said he would try. Unfortunately, he couldn’t help me see but he said the hypnotist put “blocks in” and he would work to take them out. I was grateful for any help and he did amazing things for me in other areas. I talk extensively about him in my book, New Awakenings. Once I met another person who thought they might be able to help me using Reiki. She never did get to it though. I even asked a therapist if she could help. Then I found a man who said he talks to angels and they actually talk back to him. I was very skeptical. I think we need to go to the source for help but for some reason decided to try once again. There is a healing pool and when you sleep you are taken ethereally to be ministered to. I was surprised that I didn’t see anyone saying to him that it was a fraud. I didn’t seriously believe that the angels regularly had conversations with this man. Through the years I had met so many people I had lots of fun trying different offerings and liked to remain open to a variety of approaches.
  28. 28. When I went to meditation classes or visualization sessions I would always try to see. For four decades I have closed my eyes often with the hope of seeing even just a color with no luck. One evening I was telling my friend how I try all the time to visualize and I see nothing. I explained how this should be something simple and natural but I was blind in my mind. She was half listening since she was concerned with her troubles that evening. I told her,“Try this, close your eyes and see if you can see a red ball.” She closed her eyes for a second and said, grumbling,“No, didn’t see a red ball.” Trying to save the conversation I said to her,“Close your eyes and just wait and see what pops up. See anything.” Begrudgingly she tried. “No, I didn’t see anything.” She got up and left the room for a few minutes to get us something to drink and I decided I would try the technique on myself for the fun of it. I closed my eyes with the intention of seeing a red ball. Immediately I saw a red ball. It was there right when I closed my eyes. I opened my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. It was a 2D transparent red circle but I took it. That was a red ball for me. I closed my eyes again this time with the intention of letting anything pop up. Immediately I saw a dragon. It was a greenish, gray dragon. I could see the head and a massive front wall of a dragon. It was ornately decorated. I opened my eyes in amazement. I couldn’t believe it! After all those years of being blind, I finally could see. The first thing I could see was a dragon, an amazingly beautiful, massive dragon, in color! I was beside myself with joy. Excited, I closed my eyes again and saw a massive wall of a mountain in front of me. All I could see was a massive cliff. It had trees growing on the face.
  29. 29. I was in the martial arts for many, many years and I worked for a tenth degree black belt, at that time. He’s since moved on and become much higher. I used to call him by his last name, Mr.Villari. That is all I called him for more than 15 years. I had him in mind when I called out in my vision. “I see a mountain! I can see it! Master I can see a mountain!” I was just so amazed to see this vision before me. Then, amazingly, from behind me and down below my right side I heard him say,“Climb it.” Immediately, I began climbing. Then I thought to myself, I have a dragon! I flew up to the clouds. I felt the clouds whoosh past me. I told him the clouds were going past me. He said,“Go past them.” I flew forward. Then I could see a galaxy swirling in the distance with two bright lights beyond. I said I see a star. I see it! He said follow it. Then I heard another voice from above my head and to the left say it was a spaceship. It wasn’t coming back, there was no return. I thought, I on it! I’m gone! Then I heard hermetically sealed. At that point the vision was over. All of that happened in the space of about 3 minutes. I’ve heard the term hermetically sealed before but I actually had to look it up to see what it was exactly. Believe it or not, it would work in space. I feel like I’ve passed a test of some sort. I wondered why I could see for the first time in 38 years. The only difference? Angels. Angels
  30. 30. When my friend came back I told her about the vision quest. She really just wasn’t into hearing my adventures at that moment with her mind on other things. Her interest was not piqued. A few days later I visited my friend once again still very excited by my experience. Her mom came to where we were sitting and I talked a little about it to her. She said she had loved it when she meditated and saw beautiful vibrant colors. She said she kind of fell out of meditating and was sad she couldn’t see the soothing colors any longer. After a while she got up and left. My friend, with an earful of me talking about visions and now her mom, relented. “Alright I’ll try this.” “See if you can see a red ball.” I said. Instantly she had a reaction. “Did you see it?” She pursed her lips and never answered me. Then I said,“Close your eyes again.” She closed her eyes and waited to see what she might see. In just a short time she said,“I see a chili pepper!” Shortly after, while at home, I was talking to my roommate. I told her about seeing the dragon and my quest. I tried the exercise with her. She didn’t see a ball. I said look and see if you see anything at all. Surprised, she said she saw a boy. From her reactions I could tell she was truly seeing. Talking to another friend on skype one day, I asked him to try it out. This time I added a simple instruction. Close your eyes and see a blank movie screen in front of you. You are waiting for the movie to start but you don’t know what movie it is going to be or what exactly you might see. At first he tried to add to what he thought might be in the scene by putting the velvet curtains onto the screen. I asked him to just wait and see what pops up on it’s own. He waited and he saw a light. He got it. It is as simple as that.
  31. 31. I thought everyone can know it, anyone can do it. I decided I needed to start classes which show people this simple technique of visualization. Everyone can take a Day Trip!
  32. 32. Day Trip What is a Day Trip? A Day Trip is a small meditation or visualization. Takes minutes of time. Can be done almost anywhere. Can be done almost anytime.
  33. 33. I was sitting at my desk one day. I tried to visualize. When I do, I sit straight up with my eyes closed. Most of the time I wait to see what comes up and often I see Jesus. Sometimes I honestly believe I see the outlines of His face. I tried while I was writing this book. I had been thinking of the sections I will do on meditation and prayer. I thought about a book I had already started on meditation and how it is perfect for this book already. Then I wondered about prayer and what the section on prayer would be like. I thought, I’m certainly not qualified to teach about prayer. It was at this point I closed my eyes. Immediately I saw the outline of a face. I thought to myself and I wondered, is that Jesus? I can’t just wonder if it is Jesus I told myself. If it is Jesus it will be clear that it is Jesus. I saw Him bowing his head over and over again. I opened my eyes, frustrated. I thought for sure Jesus wouldn’t just bow His head over and over again like that. I closed my eyes and this time I saw clear, sharp lines which made up a scene with Jesus to the left of the vision. He bowed his head again and I thought He must be telling me to bow my head so I did while keeping my eyes closed. He placed His hands in front of Him in a praying fashion and I thought, He wants me to put my hands into this position. Then he knelt down. I knew at this point He was showing me how I was supposed to pray. I knelt down. As I looked and waited for Him to do more He got up and walked away. Prayer
  34. 34. My Promise Jesus showed me how to begin my prayers. Can you believe that? I will promise you one thing, I would not lie about Jesus or God. Imagine the wrath I could bring down on my own head. The best advice I can give as far as prayer is concerned is to talk to your Father intimately and without ceasing. Also, take moments which are set aside regularly.
  35. 35. Meditation for Pain How to relieve pain. Meditation plus visualization can get rid of pain and disease. Once in the meditative state isolate your pain down to it’s core. Focus on the pain and it’s release from your body. Picture it being taken away.
  36. 36. At one point I was meditating and I localized pain in my chest. A friend and teacher recommended physically taking the pain away with my hand and then dropping it. When I did this my hand felt as though the weight was too great and my hand started hurting where it had touched my chest. I decided to visualize it squeezing out like a massive tube of toothpaste. As I ‘squeezed’ it out I felt the pain lessen. I knew exactly when to stop because that pain left. Amazingly, under that pain I felt a different type of pain. As my mind got close to the pain I learned what the pain was caused by and through each level of hurt I went from broad pain in my chest to localized pain in my heart. Eventually I pictured myself being flushed of all pain. The pains which I have experienced daily, at any stressor, are now gone. Pain Release
  37. 37. Dreams Lucid Dreaming Look at your hands throughout the day and you will continue this practice in your dream. You will become aware and lucid. You can then control your dream and do whatever you want, even fly! Dream Journals Keep a journal, pen and light by your bed so that you can write down your dreams right away before they’re forgotten. Dream Interpretation There are many ways to interpret dreams. There are books and online resources. Certain people and even psychologists try to interpret dreams.
  38. 38. Remember the charred figure in the mirror? While writing this book I experienced a vision which let me know this man was killed by a massive wall of fire in the basement of a home. I was told the name over and over again so that I would remember it. I have come to peace with the event. My past self was Cooper Bennett who died in a fire. Cooper Bennett
  39. 39. Find your bliss.
  40. 40. I realized one of my biggest wastes of time is my tendency to argue with myself on a consistent basis. You know that voice in your head that says to check on someone or something or to do something? I argue with it. All the time. Well, now that I think about this... I don’t think that is arguing, isn’t that just a second guess?
  41. 41. Now, close your eyes and see.
  43. 43. DAY TRIPPER MERCHANDISE Bag, Metal Tumbler and Floor Mat