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How 2 Grow Your Income


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2, 3, 5, 10 Times Over and More in Just One Year

You Can Get A Clear Plan That Will Help You Grow Your Income Several Times Over!

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How 2 Grow Your Income

  1. 1. How to Grow Your Income 2, 3, 5, 10 times over and more in just one year Get a clear plan that will help you grow your income several times over Make your Future. Online
  2. 2. 2 International School of Investment and Finance
  3. 3. How to Grow Your Income How much do you plan to grow your income by over the next year? Just imagine what you could do with twice or three times as much money! How would that make you feel? What could you do for yourself and your loved ones? Do you know people who work in the same business as you but make several times more than you? How are they different than you? What skills and habits do they possess? You can learn them too! Here’s a very IMPORTANT SECRET: you can learn how to grow your income! Just like you can learn to make money, you can learn to grow your income. We’re offering you a step-by-step educational plan from experts and trainers of leading business schools whose instructors are some of the most successful entrepreneurs and speakers from around the world. We will teach you everything you need to know, all our secrets and invaluable experience that will allow you to achieve unprecedented success in your professional and personal life. But first answer this one question. Are you prepared to invest 20 to 40 minutes and a few dollars each day over the next year in order to earn several times more than you’re making now in just 12 months? If your answer is a firm “Yes”, just wait and see what kind of a person you’ll become in just a year’s time. This is because your earnings are directly linked to the value that you bring to the market. And your value is directly related to what skills and knowledge you have. Go Pro! Become an expert! Become the best in your field! This enables you to benefit from large numbers of people and earn a much higher income. International School of Investment and Finance 3
  4. 4. Plan of how you can grow your income many times over Training by Robin Sharma: “Become a Leader of Your Life“ The dynamic training sessions • Work out strategies for by Robin Sharma, acclaimed attaining Success as the №1 mentor on questions • Achieve your desired goals of Leadership throughout the • Achieve high productivity and world, will help you to become better the quality of your life. Leader and achieve matchless Success, independent of what The training sessions by Robin business you are in. Sharma are able to help you carry out your life at a new high level, Weekly in this upcoming year just as they have already helped you will receive laconic video hundreds of thousands of others lessons which contain only the across the world. most important information and specific exercises. You will learn: • How to re-evaluate your potential Webinars from Leading Entrepreneurs and Teachers of the World The priceless experience of inclusion of famous mentors the teachers at ISIF who have from different points of the climbed to matchless heights in globe. their business, career and life will Personal Finance, Investments, help you enter into the elite club Marketing, Success, Business, of the rich and successful. Planning, Oratory skills, Image Your environment has an and many other aspects of influence on you, so the financial success is brought successful trainers at ISIF from to you from successful a dozen countries in the world entrepreneurs, talented top- will help you to better the managers of leading companies number of skills and abilities of the world and currents that you have which will have an trainers and orators. immeasurable impact on your In a live broadcast you have level of income. video and audio sources of The webinars are a form of live knowledge which are able to education which is brought to increase you market value ten you through the Internet once and one hundred fold! every fortnight with the live 4 International School of Investment and Finance
  5. 5. Plan of how you can grow your income many times over Video Master Classes from Leading Entrepreneurs and Teachers of the World Thanks to video master classes investment management and from ISIF you will be able to also many other themes will be study the Increase of Income uncovered for you in the video from trainers and great modern master classes of ISIF. orators. People who have already It gives you the opportunity to achieved Financial Success will experience dozens of specialist be your mentors and guides for training sessions and master at least the next year. classes which you will be able to watch every week. Perfection and personal growth, secrets of how to get money, success and motivation, skills for creating and leading your own business, personal finance and “Master of Success“ course This course will tell you about your own viewpoint how to create a Successful life. • To be a disciplined and driven The course will present you with person the knowledge and skills that • To deal with unlucky will give you the confidence you situations in the correct need for a successful personal manner life. • To motivate yourself and You will learn: others. • To plan, set out and achieve goals • To manage your resources • To be a leader and manage people • To inspire people and create a team • To move up the career ladder • To manifest a good working relationship and formulate International School of Investment and Finance 5
  6. 6. Plan of how you can grow your income many times over “Master of Personal Finance“ course This course will show you save and increase your how to become a financially savings independent person. • The principles and rules of It will teach you to manage investment your savings and increase them. • How to use basic financial It will reveal basic skills of tools dealing with money in a • Practical skills of financial comprehensible way which planning will give you stability and • The basis of creating and prosperity. managing an investment This course will give you the portfolio answer to the question: “How to • The skills to create a gain financial freedom?” successful investment strategy. You will learn: • How to effectively spend, “Master of Investments“ course This course will teach you how to invest money for profit. • Practical and theoretical Using this course you will be information on technical and able to formulate your own fundamental analysis personal portfolio, choose the • Concrete strategies which are correct investment tools for it used by leading investors all and create a long-term strategy round the world. and minimize risks with the help of the correct means. You will receive: • Practical knowledge and skills of investment in the stock market • The ability to put together a scholarly investment portfolio • The skills and tools of investment 6 International School of Investment and Finance
  7. 7. Plan of how you can grow your income many times over “Time Management“ course* complete tasks on time, get away • To understand what it is from fussing around with your better to focus your attention business and develop a control on of your future. • to avoid situations in which In this way you will receive the you are faced with an unreal knowledge that will help you to work load. change your life. In conclusion, you will be able to The course will give you the become the Master of managing ability to correct your work load your life. and increase your productivity. You will learn: • To effectively plan your time • To optimally spread out your work load With the help of the “Time • To successfully delegate Management” course you will work to your colleagues and learn how to free up time, plan, partners “People Management Skills“ course** under your guidance. productivity of your team You will master the act of • To better the individual effective communication, the importance of members of strength of motivating people, your team and colleagues and the building of first-class • To effectively manage any distribution of authority. changes You will learn: • To define your work style with • To apply techniques of people people and understand how management, to raise the it affects your colleagues and level of satisfaction that your partners. team members have in their This course will give you the work knowledge and confidence • To achieve the best work that is necessary to effectively This course will teach you to results with regards the manage people. achieve the best results in work from your colleagues, partners distribution of authority in business and people who are • To better the work * This course is run by teachers from the business-school of Kaplan Hawksmere. ** This course will be run by teachers of leading business schools or experts who collaborate with ISIF. Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate confirming your attendance. The school has the right to change the subject of the course to something more effective. International School of Investment and Finance 7
  8. 8. Plan of how you can grow your income many times over “Presentation Skills“ course** presentations are becoming • To create a balanced structure increasingly standard practice of presentation even at the in the modern world. planning level With the help of the knowledge • To use techniques to train you will receive, you will be your nervous system and able to concisely address and create a positive directive auditorium with the necessary • To effectively present yourself information in a limited amount in front of the audience, to of time with the desired effect. perfect the skills of public You will be the owner speaking of different methods of • To give an inspiring preparation and presentation presentation which will leave keys which will work a lasting impression on your independent of whether you listeners find yourself in front of an Thanks to this course you auditorium of one hundred will overcome the fear which This dynamic course helps you people or just your colleagues interferes with and hides the to move forward in every stage on the Internet or in your office. information which you are trying of your career as reports and You will learn: to convey to the auditorium. “Negotiation Skills“ course** Thanks to the “Negotiation You will learn: Skills” course, you will be able • To optimally use preparation to fully understand that the time for negotiations and age of direction and coercion deals disappeared long ago and you • To use a variety of techniques will receive the necessary skills to convince those around you with the help of which you will be able to convince those • To identify the more wide- around you. spread traps and tricks which are used in business on This acquired knowledge will time and, most importantly, help you to effectively direct recognize how to act in such meetings and negotiations situations independent of whether the subject matter is about a large- All this will allow you to scale deal or the coffee queue. become a Master in conducting negotiations. ** This course will be run by teachers of leading business schools or experts who collaborate with ISIF. Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate confirming your attendance. The school has the right to change the subject of the course to something more effective. 8 International School of Investment and Finance
  9. 9. Plan of how you can grow your income many times over “Project Management“ course** During the “Project You will learn: Management” course you will • To evaluate the outgoing learn how to organize project conditions of the project work and assign resources which • To concentrate on the key will give you concrete results. elements for the realization of You will be able to receive a the project which affect the priceless experience with the final result help of which you will be able • To better the quality of the to fulfill concrete tasks in the work in the project, both at allotted time and within the the planning stage and at restraints of the budget. the stage of creation and And, most importantly, you management will understand that project • To define the risks and management is nothing more prioritize the tasks of the than a work task which is project controlled by time and resource By doing this course you will management. become a Master of preparation, creation and management of projects. “Influencing and Persuasion” course** Using this course you will • To better understand the master all the necessary skills demands of others and use of influence and persuasion this knowledge to achieve of people which will help you your desired results to develop your business or • To dictate the advantageous successful career. conditions during You will learn the methods of negotiations or daily work influence without the use of • To control any of your mutual aggression or force. relationships using mutually You will be able to persuade beneficial gains those around you during By doing this course you will negotiations, day-to-day work or be able to “pull the strings” in during deal closure. relationships with people on You will learn: your terms. • To set up quick contact with those around you ** This course will be run by teachers of leading business schools or experts who collaborate with ISIF. Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate confirming your attendance. The school has the right to change the subject of the course to something more effective. International School of Investment and Finance 9
  10. 10. Plan of how you can grow your income many times over We guarantee that you will not receive such a high level of education at a lower price. You now do not need to search out and collect all the knowledge that you are going to need: now it is all collected in one place for you. You will study from the best teachers at whatever time suits you best, from any place, which may mean that you don’t even have to leave your work place. You will save time and money by receiving your education via the Internet and therefore not having to spend money on the trip to a business-school. 10 International School of Investment and Finance
  11. 11. Plan of how you can grow your income many times over The cost of a year’s study with the programme “How to grow your income” is – $ 1190 $990* Less than $ 83 a month! Less than $ 3 a day! $ 1190 $ 990 * Just think how much your monthly income could increase over a year! * Not including commission for the transfer of money to the School’s account. International School of Investment and Finance 11
  12. 12. Some of the Mentors and Teachers at ISIF Every month the quantity of teachers at ISIF increases. With their help our School has created multi-media courses, done webinars, given video master classes and conducted full-time study courses. Thanks to their knowledge and experience students at ISIF can find out all the secrets about financial success, realise their dreams and become masters of their own lives with regards to time management, money and health. It is a great honour for us to corporate with such contemporary leaders and learn from them. It is a great joy for us to offer you the services of such trainers and mentors from our School. Robin Sharma Robin Sharma is one of partners. the most acclaimed experts According to a recent in leadership training in the independent poll of the world’s entire world. The majority of leadership gurus held by www. people know Robin as the, Robin ranks outstanding author of some of with the top ten speakers in the the most interesting books ever world, along with Tom Peters, Jack written, among which are such Welch and John Maxwell. international best sellers as The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The Robin often makes appearances Saint, The Surfer and The CEO on TV, and has often worked and Who Will Cry When You Die. on stage with such people as Bill Clinton, Jack Welch, Ken Microsoft, General Electric, Nike, Blanchard, Stephen R. Covey British Petroleum, FedEx, IBM, and many other outstanding NASA, Yale University and The personalities of our time. Harvard Business School have often invited Robin Sharma to meet their employees and Adrian Furnham Professor Adrian Furnham Money? is a Doctor of Psychology at Adrian Furnham regularly Oxford University. He was writes for the Sunday Times and educated at the London School the Daily Telegraph, and appears of Economics and at Oxford on international radio and University. television shows. He has been He is a teacher at Pembroke a consultant to many multi- College at Oxford University, national corporations, including and works as a professor of Cathay Pacific Airways, Barclays psychology at the University Bank, Marks & Spencer, Air New College of London. Zealand, Channel Four, Boots Adrian Furnham is the author and Hotels Ritz. of many best selling books, The British Psychological including Culture Shock, The Community has called Adrian New Economic Mind, The Furnham the second most Psychology of Money, The People productive psychologist in the Business, People Management in world! Turbulent Times, and Just for the 12 International School of Investment and Finance
  13. 13. Some of the Mentors and Teachers at ISIF Don Failla Don Faila is a professional building MLM teams. business coach, who has helped According to experts, Don is more than one million people one of the leading multi-level to build multi-level marketing marketing gurus in the world. organizations (MLM). He is the author of the best selling books Don Failla has a degree in The 45 Second Presentation That sociology from the University of Will Change Your Life and The Washington. System: The 3 Steps to Building Today, Don Failla is helping a Large, Successful Network millions of people around the Marketing Organization, which world to become masters of have been printed in over their own lives through special 20 languages and have sold training courses and seminars. millions of copies. Don Failla is the creator of the Own Your Life concept, and has over 42 years experience in Philip Hesketh Philip Hesketh is one of the zero to billings of £48 million. best professional and most Among Philip Hesketh’s grateful popular speakers of our time in clients are the employees and Great Britain, and author of the leaders of various companies, international bestseller on the such as Hoseasons Holidays, F&C psychology of persuasion, Life’s A Management Ltd, Mölnlycke Game So Fix The Odds. Health Care, Willowbrook, The Philip Hesketh is a psychology Explorer Group, HSBC, Johnson & graduate from Newcastle Johnson, Ronseal, BP International, University, and gained invaluable Royal Mail, TNT Express, Chelsea experience working at one of the Building Society, ACP Media, Bristol world’s biggest companies, Procter Myers Squibb, Danisco NZ Ltd, QBE & Gamble. Insurance, Hawkins Watts and In 1986 Philip became one of Vodafone NZ. the founders of Advertising Principles in Great Britain. He took his advertising agency to 17 consecutive years of growth from International School of Investment and Finance 13
  14. 14. Student Testimonials I’ve learned more useful information in just one month of studying at ISIF than in the last 5 years of my life! I used to have to spend a ton of time and money trying to gather all the information I needed from various sources. ISIF brings all that information together for me. Sergey Krichevsky, 27 years old, entrepreneur Haifa, Israel ISIF is an amazing school that combines Success and Freedom. The instructors at ISIF are real professionals who can explain the complex world of finance and the elements of successful and creative life in simple language. Alex Drobyshevsky, 37 years old, lawyer Riga, Latvia ISIF makes me move forward every day. Thanks to the webinars and trainings of Philip Hesketh I have increased my income from 20 600 to 73 000 roubles in only half a year. I have started to travel not in my dreams, but for real. Robin Sharma opens up a news side to Leadership every week and gives excellent lessons. Vitaliy Zaitsev, 26 years old, entrepreneur Moscow, Russia 14 International School of Investment and Finance
  15. 15. Student Testimonials What I like best about ISIF is the teachers, all the news things you can learn, and the assignments. ISIF has changed my life. Now I know how to achieve my goals! Natali Hauser, 29 years old, accountant Hamburg, Germany At ISIF I gain the knowledge and experience I need to run my own business. ISIF is for everyone, without exception. At ISIF, you can study topics that you knew nothing about before. Katerina Smachova, 35 years old, sales director Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic What I like best about studying at ISIF is the freedom. I travel a lot, but I can still watch and listen to lessons whenever I want and wherever I want. ISIF is a group of successful trainers, and when you join, you can’t help but become successful yourself. Alexei Tolkachev, 24 years old, tourism industry worker Ufa, Russia International School of Investment and Finance 15