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Brokerage firm for stand alone and professional Employer organizations that specialize in payroll, HR, Workers compensation, Employee Benefits, and State unemployment taxes Come visit us at www.ownersoasis.com

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Owner's oasis intro

  1. 1. Owner/Broker Wesley J. Snyder IV Office (336) 422-1562 Fax (336) 270-2892 Email wsnyder@OwnersOasis.comOwner’s Oasis is a brokerage firm that specializes in selecting the very best Professional EmployerOrganization that will best serve our clients needs. A Professional Employer Organization brings thepower of pooling many companies together in order to increase purchasing power and significantly lowerwhat your company will pay in Employee Benefits, Workers Compensation, Human Resources, StateUnemployment Taxes and Payroll. A PEO company is the only type of company that can truly loweryour costs in all of your employee related expenses as well as guarantee that your costs will not arbitrarilyincrease.EMPLOYEE BENEFITS – GROUP HEALTH PLANSIn today’s market its essential to have a competitive benefits plan to attract and keep quality employees.Professional Employers offer a wide array of benefit plans than can be tailored to your company’sindividual needs. They can help you design a benefits package that will enable you to compete withFortune 500 companies for the best employees. Many PEO’s will fully administer the benefit plan so youand your employees can relax and enjoy the rewards, while the PEO takes care of all the details.WORKERS COMPENSATIONUnlike your current stand alone workers compensation policy the PEO is able to create a much largerworkers compensation policy in order to buy down the rates for you. This then spreads the risk of all thecompanies together and guarantee’s your rates will not increase should you have a claim while using theirmaster workers comp policy. Along with seeing increased coverage and claims management, the policy isPay-As-You-Go and you will never have to worry about another yearly audit again.STATE UNEMPLOYMENT TAX RATEIf your State Unemployment rate has increased over the past few years because of claims, you will nowpay at the lower rate of the PEO Company and not your own. All future unemployment claims will goagainst the PEO and not your company’s record. If your company already has a very low rate, we willcontinue to use your lower rate.MULTI-EMPLOYER 401K PLANCompletely eliminate most if not all service and administration fees you are currently paying yourretirement plan provider as these plans come with almost zero cost to you as they are already having to dothe administration on the plan whether you use it or not, and the plan is also made up of 1000s ofcompanies so the fees are virtually pennies to you for administration.Allow the purchasing power of pooling to be working for you today to lower your costs, and especiallythe liability employee expenses place on your company. It’s time to... “DO WHAT YOU DO BEST, LET US HANDLE THE REST” www.OwnersOasis.com