ASTD CPLP Certification Preparation - Owl's Ledge CPLP Mastery Series


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This combination workshop is specifically designed for ASTD Certified Professional in Learning & Performance Professional (CPLP) candidates who need CPLP Knowledge Exam preparation and CPLP Work Product submission training AND a refresher on ASTD Competency Model fundamentals. It entails three consecutive days of training, 10 weeks of online CPLP Knowledge Exam study preparation support, and an optional 5 weeks of online facilitated CPLP Work Product sessions.

June & July 2013 in-country, in-classroom worldwide locations include:

- Hong Kong
- Johannesburg, South Africa
- Memphis, Tennessee USA
- Chicago, Illinois USA

Workshop Registration:

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ASTD CPLP Certification Preparation - Owl's Ledge CPLP Mastery Series

  1. 1. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.1461CPLP® Mastery Series:Certification PreparationVersion 1.0Updated: 1 June 2013from Owl’s Ledge –The CPLP® Certification Experts
  2. 2. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.1461Definition of Need2Organizations who choose CPLP are interested in:Modeling professional development best practices with their ownlearning & performance professionals.Developing their learning professionals‟ competence and confidencethrough adherence to a professional competency model andcredentialing.Equipping their learning & performance professionals with tools andsupport to develop individual roadmaps for their own professionaldevelopment.Providing their learning & performance team with professionaldevelopment opportunities using the ASTD Competency Model.Ensuring their learning & performance team consists of experts whohave validated their skills & knowledge against a professionalstandard.Supporting their learning professionals‟ commitment to staying currentwith industry trends and drivers by building a culture of life-longlearning and on-going professional development.Establishing a culture of learning & performance professionals whocan strategically respond to human capital and talent developmentneeds by producing consistent, measurable results by utilizing skills-based, a multi-disciplinary approach that goes beyond traditional“training & development.”
  3. 3. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.14613ASTD CPLP®CertificationThe ASTD CPLP® - Certified Professional in Learning andPerformance - is the new global credential for the Learning &Performance Profession.For example, just as the accounting profession has the CPA(Certified Public Accountant), the American Society for Training &Development (ASTD) is able to distinguish its expert practitionersand learning leaders by assessing them against the professionalstandard outlined in the ASTD Competency Model™ via the CertifiedProfessional in Learning and Performance (CPLP®) competency-based certification process.CPLP® enables you to validate your expertise, stay competitive, andadvance your career in learning and performance.The ASTD Competency Model equips you with the tools to be thebest in the field and the CPLP® certification demonstrates to othersthat you have real-world, skills-based, practical, professionalexpertise.
  4. 4. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.1461Eligibility• Minimum three (3)years of industry-related workexperienceǂKnowledge• Computerizedmultiple-choiceKnowledge ExamPerformance• Work Productsubmission that meetsASTD requirementsǂǂCPLP®Certification*Candidate mustpass all threephases to achievecertification.4ASTD CPLP®Certification PhasesTests & assessment ofcompetence areadministered and scoredsolely by the AmericanSociety for Training &Development (ASTD)ǂ Five (5) years highly recommendedǂ ǂ Candidate must have work samples that meet ASTD requirements*Recertification activities are required by ASTD to maintain CPLP®credential, post certification success.
  5. 5. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.1461CPLP® StudyPreparation SolutionOwl’s Ledge offers the following Certified Professional in Learning &Performance (CPLP®) study preparation solutions:5Owl’sLedgeCPLP®MasterySeriesIn-ClassroomCPLP®KnowledgeExamWorkshopParticipation in an Owls Ledge in-country, in-classroom workshop provides an end-to-endoverview of the ASTD Competency Model andis a great way to launch your team‟s studypreparation process and expose them to otherlocal candidates‟ experiences and expertise.CPLP®KnowledgeExam OnlineSelf-Study(Bundled)Learning & performance professionalsparticipate in online, facilitated workshops asthey prepare their personal study plans andbegin the CPLP® certification process bystudying for the CPLP® Knowledge Exam.Candidates have access to a variety of studypreparation materials to support a variety ofinformation processing, learning preferences &styles.CPLP® WorkProductOnlineWorkshop(Additional)Candidates participate in a series of online,facilitated sessions.Candidates can also listen to interviews,review sample materials from CPLP® WorkProduct submissions, read articles on tips &tricks – support materials are meant to helpcandidates to understand CPLP® WorkProduct requirements so they can improvetheir scores on their CPLP® Work Productsubmissions.
  6. 6. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.14616CPLP® Knowledge Exam Study Preparation IncludedInstructor-led 3-Day CPLP® Knowledge Exam Workshop(in-country – multiple locations available – contact us for details) End-to-end overview of the ASTD Competency Model, includingall nine (9) Areas of Expertise and three (3) FoundationalCompetencies10-weeks CPLP® Knowledge Exam: online, ongoing study prepsupport Access to 10-week CPLP® Online Recordings and Live WeeklyFacilitated Sessions Readiness Assessment Tools & Techniques Individual CPLP® Study Plan Template Customizable Study Guides 24/7 Access to Owl‟s Ledge Learning Assets Owl‟s Ledge CPLP® 400+ Flash Cards (Online / Mobile /Printable) Owl‟s Ledge CPLP® Online Practice Exams (250+ Questions)Industry Terms & 30+ Word Puzzles Online Learning Games Study Preparation Tips & Tricks Weekly interactions with CPLP® designees and candidates fromaround the world Owl’s Ledge CPLP® Mastery Series?What isIncluded
  7. 7. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.14613 Day CPLP®Knowledge ExamWorkshop Description7Jumpstart Your Certified Professional in Learning & Performance(CPLP®) journey with Owl‟s Ledge – the CPLP® Certification Experts!This 3 day workshop is an instructor-led, in-classroom CPLP® studypreparation program that provides an integrated learning approachmixing real-world CPLP® exam study strategies with an immersiveoverview of the topics represented in the ASTD CompetencyModel™ and featured on the CPLP® Knowledge Exam.This dynamic workshop is designed to get you started on yourCPLP® Knowledge Exam preparation in a fun and effective mannerby modeling the very knowledge, skills, and abilities assessed on theexam!In addition to unique games and activities, there are exercises andtechniques designed specifically to increase both learning andknowledge retention, giving you not only the knowledge you need toprepare for the exam, but also to become a better learningpractitioner.As a participant, you complete assignments and accelerated learningactivities to interact directly with all Areas of Expertise to internalizekey concepts , and use a structured approach with a variety of inputsto create your own individual Study Plan for your certificationsuccess. You will leave this workshop with a personal ReadinessAssessment, individual Study Plan, and feeling eager and energizedto get the process started!
  8. 8. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.14613 Day CPLP®Knowledge ExamStudy Materials8Study Materials – to Get You Started• Overview of the CPLP® certification process.• Tools and templates for conducting your personal ReadinessAssessment and creating your own individual, personalizedStudy Plan• Techniques for finding gaps in your workplace learning &performance knowledge and skills• Tips & tricks for maximizing your study time• Study strategies for consuming large amounts of content• Tips for taking the CPLP® Knowledge Exam• Tips & tricks to help you understand how the CPLP® questionsare written• Tricks and traps – understanding why people fail the exam andhow you can avoid making the same mistakes• Games, puzzles, mnemonics, and exercises to help you getstarted in understanding, conceptualizing, and applying theinformation you need to practice to boost exam performance
  9. 9. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.14613 Day CPLP®Knowledge ExamObjectives9Upon completing the workshop, you will be able to:• Follow a structured approach to start (and ultimately complete)your CPLP® Knowledge Exam study preparation.• Complete a Gap Analysis to identify personal areas of strengthand weakness in comparison to the competencies in the ASTDCompetency Model™.• Conduct a Readiness Assessment to determine your personalstate of preparedness to take the CPLP® Knowledge Exam.• Use a variety of inputs to create and execute your ownpersonal Study Plan to help you prepare for the CPLP®Knowledge Exam.• Apply test-taking tips and Exam Day strategies to your CPLP®Knowledge Exam study preparation.• Define the key terms, knowledge areas, and industry termsfeatured in the ASTD Competency Model.• Interact with your facilitator and peers to leverage others‟experiences & expertise - and share your own.• Strategize how to best prepare for your CPLP® Work Productsubmission by applying what you review during the CPLP®Knowledge Exam study prep.
  10. 10. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.14613 Day CPLP®Knowledge ExamPrerequisites10This bundled program (workshop & online support) is designed forthose who are prepared to enter the CPLP® certification programand who meet the following prerequisites:• Delegates with 3+ years (5+ years recommended) hands-onexperience in the learning & performance profession, withbroad exposure to many of the Areas of Expertise outlined inthe ASTD Competency Model.• Delegates committed to becoming CPLP® certified andscheduled to take the CPLP® Knowledge Exam within the next3-6 months.• Delegates ready to make pursuit of CPLP® certification apriority and invest in the required time, focus, and energy toachieve CPLP® Knowledge Exam success.• Membership to ASTD and access to (Required toaccess ASTD CPLP-related materials.)WORKSHOP ONLYOption available for attendees to participate in the 3 Day CPLP®Knowledge Exam Workshop (only) as an introduction to the ASTDCompetency Model™. Please contact us for details!
  11. 11. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.14613 Day CPLP®Knowledge ExamWorkshop AgendaDAY ONE• Aligning Learning & Performance to Organizational Outcomes:ASTD Competency Model• CPLP® Certification Process Review• Case Study - Introduction• Improving Human Performance (IHP)DAY TWO• Case Study – Continuation• Measurement & Evaluation• Designing Learning• Delivering Training• Managing Organizational Knowledge• Coaching• Study StrategiesDAY THREE• Managing the Learning Function• Facilitating Organizational Change• Career Planning & Talent Management• Case Study - Close• Transition to On-going Online Study Support11
  12. 12. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.14612013 / 2014Certification Timelinefor Achieving CPLP®CPLP® Candidates – Assessment ScheduleKnowledge Exam:Sep – Oct 2013Work Product Submission:Feb 2014CPLP® Work Product Virtual (Online) Sessions Start[ADDITIONAL] Jan - Feb 2014 (5-weeks Self-Study Online)CPLP® Knowledge Exam Virtual Online Self-StudyJuly to September 2013 (10-weeks Self-Study Online)3-Day CPLP® Knowledge Exam On-Site Workshop(s)June & July 2013 (Hong Kong | Johannesburg, South Africa |Memphis, Tennessee USA| Chicago, Illinois USA)CPLP® Certification Results:Successful CPLP® candidates receive their designationApril 201412
  13. 13. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.1461InvestmentCPLP® Knowledge Exam | Study PreparationIn-Classroom 3 Day CPLP® Knowledge ExamWorkshop (per delegate) plus 10-weeks OnlineSelf-StudyContact Us forDetails ǂCPLP® Work Product | (additional)Virtual (Online) 5-week CPLP® Work ProductWorkshop (Register for our Online WorkProduct Workshop now and SAVE!)Contact Us forDetails ǂAdditional Candidate Fees (Paid Directly to ASTD)ASTD National Membership US$ 199.00ǂCPLP® Certification Candidate Registration US$ 799.00ǂǂ Per candidate• Owl‟s Ledge offers group discounts with 3+ delegatesCPLP® Candidate Registration Deadline:As per the ASTD Certification Institute, the registration deadlinefor the 2013 September / October Certified Professional inLearning and Performance (CPLP®) Knowledge Exam is5 August 201313
  14. 14. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.1461Primary Facilitator14~ Trish Uhl, CPLP, PMP• Founder and CEO, Owl‟s Ledge LLC• International Conference Speaker & Author• 2011 President, ASTD Chicago Chapter (CCASTD)• 2009 / 2010 ASTD International ConferencePlanning Advisory Committee• 2009 Top Trainer Award Recipient, Trainingmagazine• 2005 CPLP® Pilot Pioneer CandidateTrish has worked with ASTD CPLP® candidates to help themoperationalize the ASTD Competency Model™ and be successful inachieving CPLP® since the start of the program in 2005. As a CPLP®Pilot Pioneer herself, being one of the very first – worldwide – toachieve the CPLP® credential, Trish is dedicated to radicallytransforming the learning & performance profession from reactiveand tactical, to strategic and responsive.Trish is a contributing author to two books on the subject oftechnology and teams: ASTD Press “10 Steps to Successful Teams”and Pfeiffer “Fortify Your Sales Force: Leading & TrainingExceptional Teams.”Trish‟s first full book, “Mastering the CPLP: How to Prepare for – andPass! – the CPLP Knowledge Exam” became available in its KindleEdition on as of May 2013.
  15. 15. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.1461Renie McClay is a globally recognized author, presenter, and globallearning consultant passionate about connecting with people frommany cultures, on many topics, and on many levels.Renie has managed the training function for several Fortune 500companies, including Kraft, Novartis, and Pactiv (makers of Hefty).Possessing a passion for travel, Renie has been to over 38 countriesand enjoys getting know new cultures. Her audiences have includedpeople across the globe from Australia, Europe, Asia, Middle East,Latin America, and North America.Books by Renie McClay• “10 Steps to Successful Teams” (ASTD Press)• ”The Essential Guide to Training Global Audiences” (Pfeiffer)• Fortify Your Sales Force: Leading and Training ExceptionalTeams” (Pfeiffer)• Interactive and Engaging Training” (Inspired Learning LLC0• “111 Ideas to Engage Global Audience” (Learniappe)Primary Facilitator15Renie McClay, MA, CPLP• Adjunct Faculty for Roosevelt University andConcordia University• Facilitator for American Management Association(AMA)• Masters from Global Talent Development,DePaul University• Honoree of the International Business Award andthe Stevie Award for Women
  16. 16. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.1461Who isOwl’s Ledge16Founded by Trish Uhl in 2003, Owl‟s Ledge LLC is a learning & performance andproject management consulting firm that designs, develops, and deliversbusiness results.We pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to developing learningprograms that integrate a wide range of disciplines, from business acumen, tochange management, to organizational development, to incorporating the best inadult learning theory.Using this approach, we help learning organizations become transformative,global, innovative, and strategically enabled.Which supports our mission:Empowering learning & performance professionals to be ready, willing and ableto address mission critical business needs and face the challenges ahead.A Little History - The Owl’s Ledge Story“Owl‟s Ledge” is an homage to the Uhl family; as the name was originally coined byTrish‟s mother – Karen – back in the 1970s. It‟s a play on words - “Ühl” in old Germanmeans “wise, old owl.”Karen used the name for her own company – a cattery (yes, cattery) – where she bred,raised, and showed Siamese cats. Matter of fact, you can find ads and listings for theoriginal Owl‟s Ledge in old copies of Cat Fancy and Cat Fancier magazines – includingone featuring Trish‟s first cat , Namtaal.Tom, Trish‟s dad, is the artist who created the familiar owl logo. He drew it for his wife.So, in 2003, when Trish was considering names for her new consulting firm, she tookinspiration from her mother‟s battered business card, which she carried in her walletsince her mother passed away from cancer in the late 1970s.Since then, Owl‟s Ledge has continued to attract members of the Uhl family, includingTrish‟s brother, Jason. Jason - a teenager at the time- wrote the first Owl‟s Ledgeslogan – “Owl‟s Ledge: We‟ll take you from computer stumped to computer savvy!”He‟s been Trish‟s Chief Marketing Officer ever since. Owl’s Ledge - Today?
  17. 17. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.146117Testimonials from past Owl’s Ledge CPLP® candidates:• “I am thankful for the Saturday morning classes as they kept me on track to studyeach week. I thought the exam was very difficult but am totally relieved to say „Ipassed.‟“ - Technical Training Specialist, Medical Device Company• “I just wanted to let you know that I PASSED the Knowledge Exam!!! I couldntbelieve it...I think that survey at the end of the exam was the longest survey Ive everdone. I cant tell you both how much I appreciate your help with preparing for theexam. I was completely anxiety ridden, (as youre both aware) and your advice wasmore than helpful.” – Training & Operations, Major Hotel Chain• "Owls Ledge was a great resource for helping find out what I needed to prepare." –Curriculum Development Specialist , National Insurance Company• "The support and information I got from Owls Ledge was invaluable." – CurriculumDesigner, Major Retail Store• “Trish is my colleague, my mentor, and most importantly my friend. Trishsexperience and leadership capabilities are second to none. Ive benefited from all ofthis with our continued work on the ASTD CPLP certification and re-certificationprocess.” - Training & Development Manager, National Eldercare ProviderWe are the CPLP® certification experts – and it shows! Owl‟s Ledge offers themost effective, innovative CPLP® Knowledge Exam & Work Product coursesavailable. Our courses use Accelerated Learning Theory and model AdultLearning Theory to present more content in a shorter period of time and instillmore information and practical techniques than other courses. We are alsoconstantly improving our courses based on input from the candidates we workwith.Our courses are developed in accordance with the ASTD Workplace Learning &Performance (WLP) Competency Model and global learning & performance bestpractices. Owl‟s Ledge CPLP® prep courses are taught by certified learning &performance professionals (CPLPs) who are experienced learning professionalsand highly rated online facilitators.Owl’s Ledge – The CPLP® Certification Experts!Who isOwl’s Ledge?
  18. 18. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.1461Additional InformationAbout the ASTDCPLP® Certification18For additional details about the CPLP® program and Owl‟sLedge certification study preparation, please watch ourinformative recorded Webinar:
  19. 19. Owl’sLedgeTransformingLearning&PerformanceWorldwideOWL’SLEDGEwww.owls-ledge.com630/510.1461Contact InformationTrish Uhl, PMP, CPLPCEO, Owl‟s Ledge LLCWorldwide(630) 510-1461 voicetrishuhl@owls-ledge.comwww.owls-ledge.comwww.cplpcoach.com19