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Java server faces


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JSF Slide Presentation

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Java server faces

  1. 1. Java Server Faces
  2. 2. What is JSF? JavaServer Faces technology is a framework for building user interfaces for web applications
  3. 3. What are the benefits of JavaServer Faces technology? Ease-of-Use Standardization Device Independence
  4. 4. What are the benefits of JavaServer Faces technology? (cont.) proving reusable UI components making easy data transfer between UI components enabling implementation of custom components managing UI state across multiple server requests wiring client side event to server side application code
  5. 5. Who are the intended users of JavaServer Faces technology? developers and web-page designers Page Authors : who build the UI using JavaServer Faces component tags from within web pages, such as JSP pages. This set of users will most likely be the primary users of the JavaServer Faces custom tag library. Application Developers, who write the application code, including the data-access, eventhandling, and business logic. Component Writers, who construct reusable UI components, and will take advantage of the extensibility of the UI component classes to build custom components that can be targetted for a specific client. Tools Vendors, who build tools leveraging JavaServer Faces technology to make building a user interface with JavaServer Faces technology even easier.
  6. 6. JSF Deployments In the Real World Advertising Portal :
  7. 7. JSF Deployments In the Real World E-Commerce:
  8. 8. JSF Deployments In the Real World Government:
  9. 9. JSF Deployments In the Real World Services:
  10. 10. JSF Deployments In the Real World More : ks
  11. 11. PROJECT DEMO