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Irish national cuisine


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Irish national cuisine

  1. 1. Irish nationalcuisine:traditions andculturalidentity
  2. 2. Whether it is veryunique?The Irish diet is similarto that of otherNorthern Europeannations. There is anemphasis on theconsumption of meat,cereals, bread, andpotatoes at most meals.Vegetables such ascabbage, turnips,carrots, and broccoliare also popular asaccompaniments to themeat and potatoes.
  3. 3. 1) BreakfastThat took placein the morning,before a long ahard day andhad to be heavy2) dinner (themidday meal andthe main one ofthe day)3) tea (in early evening,and distinct from "hightea" which is normallyserved at 4:00 P.M. and isassociated withBritish customs)4) and supper (alight repastbefore retiring).
  4. 4. Because of the growing importanceof new lifestyles, rashness ofmodern life consumption of frozenfood, take-out, and processed foodsis increasing.Nevertheless, some foods (such aswheaten breads, sausages, andbacon rashers) and some drinks(such as the national beer, Guinness,and Irish whiskey) maintain theirimportant gustatory and symbolicroles in Irish meals and socializing.but
  5. 5. In the past pubs hadtwo separate sectionsbar,LoungeThe public house is an essentialmeeting place for all Irishcommunities, but theseestablishments traditionallyseldom served dinner.
  6. 6. There are fewceremonial foodcustoms. Largefamily gatheringsoften sit down to amain meal of roastchicken and ham, andturkey is becomingthe preferred dishfor Christmas(followed byChristmas cake orplum pudding).
  7. 7. In Ireland, aselsewhere, the exactconstituents of a fullbreakfast vary,depending ongeographical area,personal taste andcultural affiliation.
  8. 8. Traditionally, the most common ingredientsare:• bacon rashers, sausages• toast and fried tomatoA full Irish breakfast may beaccompanied by a strong Irishbreakfast tea, often servedwith milk.• white pudding• black puddingWhitepudding isverysimilar toblackpudding,but doesnotincludeblood.It is bloodsausage, madeby cookingblood or driedblood with afiller until itis thickenough tocongeal whencooled.
  9. 9. • Sauteed mushrooms• baked bean• liver• brown soda breadFried potato farlboxtyalternative to brown soda breadquick bread in whichsodium bicarbonate(otherwise known asbaking soda) is usedas a leavening agentinstead of the morecommon yeastPotato bread, akind of bread inwhich potatoreplaces WheatBoxty is a pancake,made of potatoes
  10. 10. The "breakfast roll",consists of elementsof the full breakfastserved in a FrenchrollIt has become morepopular in recenttimes due to the factit can be easily eaten
  11. 11. Ulster fryBangers and mashFish and chipsSausages andCreamedPotatoesIt is rather similar to the Irishbreakfast. Traditionally, itcomprises bacon rashers, eggs,sausages, vegetable roll, thefarl form of soda bread, boxtyor potato bread and wheatenfarl.