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Powerpoint presentation

  2. 2. October in the Italian app stores  Free vs. paid apps  Changes over time  The European context What’s driving Google Play growth?  The Italian smartphone market  Top app categories  Android gaming  Influence of new apps  Distribution of downloads Future of the Italian app market  Revenue trends OUTLINE
  3. 3. • Total of 40.4 million apps were downloaded from Google Play, 36.3 million from iOS App Store. • 1.96 million paid apps were downloaded from the App Store (5%). • Google Play received 394,000 paid app downloads (1%). PAID VS. FREE APPS Total downloads from app stores, Italy, October 2012
  4. 4. • Revenue to iOS publishers in October - 3.81 million. Google Play only delivered $1.02 million. • Significant growth in revenue from Google Play in Italy throughout 2012. • Google Play revenue more than quadrupled in 2012. • Over the same time, revenues from the App Store grew only 25%, but still well ahead. Revenue per month ($)
  5. 5. • January – October 2012, app downloads from Google Play in Italy increased by 61%, whilst iOS app downloads increased by 11%. • The largest growth in downloads for iOS coincides with the release of iPhone 5 and iOS 6 (both September 2012). CHANGES OVER TIME % Change in monthly app downloads
  6. 6. • At the start of the year, downloads from Google Play were only 56% of downloads from the App Store, increasing to 78% in June and finally to 110% in October. • Given this pattern, it seems likely that Android’s dominance of app downloads in Italy will keep growing. THE EUROPEAN CONTEXT • In almost all European markets where Google Play downloads are tracked, Android has made gains relative to App Store downloads in 2012. http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/iOSAndroidratioEuropeanMarkets/Sheet1?:embed=y&:display_count=no Ratio of monthly downloads - Google Play:iOS
  8. 8. THE ITALIAN SMARTPHONE MARKET • If the current distribution of sales continues, Android will have a substantial advantage in terms of installed user base. • Italians listed a good operating system as the second most important factor when choosing a new smartphone. 57% smartphone sales are Android 31 million smartphones in Italy
  9. 9. TOP APP CATEGORIES • Every one of the top 10 Android categories in October experienced growth in 2012. • In the App Store, most of the top categories for October experienced relatively substantial decreases in downloads from January to October 2012. • No single category was responsible for the relative gains for Android in Italy. Downloads per app category, Italy, October 2012
  10. 10. ANDROID GAMING • Games are the most used non-phone application for smartphone users in Italy, with 52% of smartphone owners using them for games. • At the start of 2012, game downloads from Google Play were only at 52% of those from the App Store. • Android game downloads increased 73% between January and October, while game downloads on iOS dropped by 18%. • Android downloads now exceed iOS game downloads by 10% (as at October 2012). % of total game downloads (iOS + Google Play) in each app store
  11. 11. • Strongest growth throughout 2012 has been in the casual gaming subcategory, but growth exceeded 80% for the year in four of the six subcategories tracked. • The cards subcategory finished with a weak October, but all others remained strong, giving a positive signal for future growth in Android gaming. % change in Google Play gaming subcategories, Italy 2012
  12. 12. • Worldwide, revenue from Google Play and iOS gaming is approximately 4 x gaming- optimised handhelds. • In Italy in October, games amassed 48% of all revenue from Google Play, despite only making up 38% of app downloads. • In the App Store for the same month, games comprised 40% of downloads but amassed 51% of revenue. • Revenue from games in the app store recently made massive gains, increasing 54% in just three months.
  13. 13. • Despite the building momentum, Google Play games have a significant way to go before dethroning iOS games in revenue generation. • Revenue per game downloaded grew steadily for iOS throughout the year from $0.13 per download in January to $0.19 per download in October. • This advantage is likely to dwindle with time as downloads of Google Play games grow more rapidly in Italy. Gaming revenue per month ($)
  14. 14. INFLUENCE OF NEW APPS • In the last 8 months more new apps made the top 100 most downloaded apps in the App Store than in Google Play. • For the month of October, 282 new apps released in the App Store had made the top 100 downloaded apps, compared with 250 in Google Play. • It is not so much compelling new apps that are driving growth in Google Play downloads, but rather a gathering momentum for the platform itself. No. of apps released in 2012 reaching top 100 ranks in each month
  15. 15. INDIVIDUAL BRILLIANCE? • Top apps by downloads indicate that the iOS App Store was more reliant on a single app. • YouTube app on iOS was downloaded over 50% more times than WhatsApp Messenger on Google Play. • Apps in positions 1 to 10 in Google Play all exceeded downloads of Podcasts (position 2 in iOS). Difference in number of downloads in top 10 ranks
  16. 16. DISTRIBUTION OF DOWNLOADS • The estimated daily downloads to reach the number 1 rank in Google Play is significantly lower than for iOS. • Top position in the App Store required 2.2 times the number of downloads for the top position of free apps in Google Play. • Outside the top position, a greater proportion of total downloads were required in the Google Play store to reach any given position. Estimated daily downloads for ranking positions in Google Play Estimated daily downloads for ranking positions in iOS Difference between app ranking distributions
  17. 17. FUTURE OF THE ITALIAN APP MARKET • Significant increase in revenue for all top publishers in Google Play. • 2 of the top 3 publishers in revenue are based in Europe (although none are local to Italy). Top publishers by revenue, Google Play, Italy, Oct 2012
  18. 18. FUTURE OF THE ITALIAN APP MARKET • Based on the trends over this year and around Europe, it seems likely that app downloads from Google Play will continue to lead. • Overall, the market is showing positive signs for developers in the Android market with increases in revenue and price per download. • iOS App Store remains well ahead for revenue generation, so it will be interesting to see if the situation changes in the future. Revenue ($) per download in 2012