What tourists should know before going to puerto vallarta


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What tourists should know before going to puerto vallarta

  1. 1. BusinessWhat Tourists Should Know Before Going To Puerto Vallarta
  2. 2. BusinessIf you are looking for a place to vacation in, consider travelling to Vallarta. This city lies on thePacific Coast of Mexico, and it is a preferred holiday destination for individuals who want to restor indulge in various outdoor excursions.How to get thereThe majority of tourists opt for air travel to get to the city. The Gustavo Diaz Ordaz InternationalAirport can be found at the north of the city proper and many major US airlines have flights toand from the location. From there you can opt to use a cab or use pre-booked private vehicle.Buses are also not hard to come by. Vallarta’s yachts for rent, boats and water taxis can bringyou to various gorgeous beaches.Points of interestVallarta is among Mexico’s most cosmopolitan resort destinations. One of the most remarkableareas in the city is the Banderas Bay, which is believed to be one of the largest and deepestworldwide. Vallarta also has a steadily rising number of cultural destinations. The Museo delCuale in particular has attractive pottery and clay figurines. If you are a nature lover, youritinerary should include a trip to Jardines Botanicos de Vallarta. This nature park housesnumerous types of orchids and wild palms, and it is not uncommon to see butterflies andhummingbirds flitting by once in a while. If you just want to relax, Vallarta provides mile-longstretches of pristine white sand beaches.Things you can do
  3. 3. BusinessThe city has got in store a number of activities and excursions to keep you occupied anddelighted. You can try whale-watching, go on nature trips, visit the Sierra Madre, and experiencedifferent aquatic sports. If you are looking for thrill, the city is also offers canopy walks and ziplines. There are also several dining and shopping establishments to choose from. Differentoptions to unwind are also readily accessible. Spas, for example, are a common sight in the city.Places to stayAccommodation facilities in Vallarta cover anything between popular international hotel chainsto more economical bed and breakfasts. For long-term stays, you can also choose from the cityscondos and apartment villas. A number of these accommodations can be reserved on the internet.To know more about puerto vallarta please visit this website.When you should goPeak season is December through April so expect costlieraccommodations during that part of the year. The perfect time tovacation in Vallarta is between late June and October when hotel feesfall as much as 40% and there are fewer people in different touristlocations around the city.Accepted currencyThe majority of businesses in the city take US dollars as readily as they accept the local Peso.Understand though that the exchange rates available at money changers are lower than what areavailable from the banks.
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