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SharePoint 2013 Hybrid Solutions - SharePoint Saturday Phoenix - Nov 2013 - Owen Allen

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SP2013 Hybrid SPSPhoenix2013_owenallen

  1. 1. Owen Allen owena@bluerooster.com
  2. 2. » Owen Allen » Seattle, Washington » owena@bluerooster.com » @owenallen » Big Fan of ˃The Amazing Race ˃Guerilla Marketing ˃1:1 Personalization ˃SharePoint and Partners
  3. 3. »Hybrid »Change Management »People »Applications »Now »Why »Content »Processes
  4. 4. » User Directory » Access Management and Permissions » Synchronization
  5. 5. » Where will Applications run? ˃ Anywhere and Everywhere. » » » » What level of access will they need? Farm Solutions, Sandbox Solutions WCF API, REST API Javascript API (Client-Side Object Model (or CSOM))
  6. 6. Budget Speed Functionality
  7. 7. » » » » Base-Level SharePoint - TeamSites, MySites, etc. Shared Services for SharePoint Configurable Site Collections Complete Customizable Tenants! » Separate Functionality from Platform
  8. 8. » Content Hierarchy, Information Architecture ˃Partition by + User Type + Workload + Organization + Date » Content Migration » Shared Source » Replication
  9. 9. »Governance ˃ Corporate Governance ˃ National Governance ˃ Security Classifications for content ˃ How can we make the most functionality available to our users without sacrificing governance?
  10. 10. » Which environment is best to host the search? » Which environment has the most content? ˃ i.e. Federating search results from the smaller to the larger » Which environment has the most restrictions on usage / user access? » Think about a geo-distributed search farm – the rules are almost all the same. » Synchronize best bets » Synchronize search settings and configuration between instances.
  11. 11. » » » » » Workflow Site provisioning Business Intelligence and Reporting Big Data Processing and Analytics Collaboration Models in Enterprise
  12. 12. » » » » People Applications Content Processes » » » » Authentication Navigation Branding Site lifecycle
  13. 13. » There will be a need for change management approaches to help here. » When is Change Management == Governance? » When is Change Management <> Governance?
  14. 14. » How does your gut react when you hear a friend say they have SharePoint at the office? » Do you want your Employees to Associate your Completed Collaboration and Social offering with the word “SharePoint”? » DON’T CALL IT SHAREPOINT!
  15. 15. » SharePoint Hybrid has a Technical Side – we’ve been talking about this » SharePoint Hybrid also has a Business Side » Change Management is also an IT issue ˃ BUT It’s Not ONLY an IT Problem! » The Last Mile Problem
  16. 16. » Is Microsoft only going to Cloud? » How much investment will Microsoft make in On-Premises software? » Can we trust that Hybrid is a Real Scenario?
  17. 17. » Can we trust our eyes and our ears? » How can we distinguish what is really going on? » It can be difficult to listen to one thing and observe something else. » Be aware. Be vigilant. » Always weigh what you see and hear against Your Requirements.
  18. 18. » “My point here: Microsoft's recognition that hybrid environments will remain a major factor for at least the next 5 years (and I predict much longer) should be security that SharePoint as an on premises platform is not going anywhere. That doesn't mean Microsoft will change how their people are measured and paid, or how they will market their software. Their eye is on the growth opportunities in front of them -- which means the cloud. But Microsoft as a company is not stupid: they know how much money will continue to come through enterprises (and a lot of SMBs) via on premises software. The opportunity is in recognizing the difference between the marketing and the needs of your business (or your customer's business).” » http://www.buckleyplanet.com/2013/10/deciphering-the-sharepoint-onprem-roadmap.html
  19. 19. create. build. experience.