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Billboard magazine cover analysis


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Billboard magazine cover analysis

Published in: Design
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Billboard magazine cover analysis

  2. 2. This magazine cover is very interesting as it goes against regular conventions of a magazine cover as it simply has a greyscale image of Eminem with the title in the background, 2 articles in the magazine in an extremely small font next to the title of the magazine and the artists name and the tag line in front of him. This will catch a readers eye for numerous reasons. One of these reasons is that because the magazine is so different to what a reader would expect a magazine to look like they will likely be intrigued as to what the reasoning behind it is and so will pay more attention to the magazine than they would if it was the same as normal. This will mean they will be more likely to buy it as they will know more about what is in the issue than they would if it looked like most other magazines.
  3. 3. The use of colour on this magazine has been used very well. The background is a deep red, which has many connotations, which can contrast quite a lot. For example its positive connotations are of power and love, and its negative connotations are of danger and anger. As well as this because the image of Eminem is in grayscale it makes the magazine stand out more because of the contrast between these colours and the red background As well as this because they have Eminem on the front cover it will attract more attention to it as Eminem is an extremely well known artist then a lot more people will recognise him than if they had put an indie artist on the front or an up and coming artist. Because of his widespread fame more people are likely to know and enjoy his music than the other examples given, and as a result, will mean more people will buy the magazine.