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Owasp Summit 2017 - Keynote


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Keynote presentation delivered at Owasp Summit 2017 (day 1)

Video is at

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Owasp Summit 2017 - Keynote

  1. 1. • Toilets are at the back, next to the registration desk • No fire drills are expected. If an alarm sounds it will be for a genuine incident. Please await announcements • Should you have a medical emergency or injury, please find any member of staff and a first aider will come to help you • Smoking and vaping are only permitted in the allocated smoking areas outside of the venue. Please ensure that you put your cigarette ends into the cigarette bins. Housekeeping
  2. 2. Everything to be released under an Open Source or CreativeCommons-By License
  3. 3. Welcome to the 
 OWASP Summit 2017
  4. 4. Let’s start with a question
  5. 5. Who are we?
  6. 6. See video at
  7. 7. We are the crazy ones
  8. 8. Who think we can change the world
  9. 9. And who will change the world
  10. 10. This Summit is our opportunity to create something amazing
  11. 11. Look around this room
  12. 12. Everybody is here to collaborate and share their knowledge
  13. 13. This is unique and very special
  14. 14. We have the opportunity to create amazing outcomes
  15. 15. Use this opportunity to learn and to solve hard problems
  16. 16. In the next 5 days 
 our actions will create a lasting legacy
  17. 17. But for that to become real
  18. 18. We need to focus 100% on the outcomes of your Working Sessions
  19. 19. Each Working Session has to create a tangible outcome
  20. 20. That is how we will measure the success of this Summit
  21. 21. We have an amazing Summit team that is focused in making you productive
  22. 22. Please help them as much as possible
  23. 23. Thank you for being here and for believing in the Summit
  24. 24. Now is the time to deliver
  25. 25. Now it’s your turn
  26. 26. Monday’s Schedule